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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valentine089

Mundo-Crittin on their Face

Valentine089 Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Mundo a Crit/Damage Build

Intro- Dr.Mundo Mundo isn't a good tank at all. He can run into a fight and just sit there but a good team will totally forget about you since you can't taunt, stun, or protect your team in any way. For example Shen would be an amazing tank because of his ultimate and his taunt. He can save teammates with his dash taunt which makes him much more useful over Mundo. Because he lacks in much needed tanking aspects he should be build as a strong dps with good survivability.
His passive isn't all that great unless you have a godly amount of hp and even at that point it isn't too helpful. It is definetly something you don't want to build around.
Infected Cleaver is your bread and butter. It helps so much to harass early game and get last hits on creeps. It helps you jungle. Your cleaver for the jungle is amazing because it's based off a percentage of the target's current health with a maximum of 800 damage. With your cleaver at level 5 you can hit lizard or golem or dragon or baron for 800 damage every couple seconds. This gives you a huge advantage while jungling because at level 6 you can solo dragon by yourself depending on your health. The cleaver's hit box is pretty fat so you can hit a champion behind a creep who is straying a bit too far off to the side. So abuse the range and abuse the hit box because it can work to your advantage. Though this can work as a disadvantage where you throw your cleaver down to hit their champ between two creeps but hit the creep instead. It doesn't work to your advantage there on having such a fat hit box.
Burning agony is good because with the combination of cleaver, lizard buff, masochism, and this up, you can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. I normally get this end game or one level early game if the team I'm facing have a lot of CCs.
Masochism is a flat damage increase based off level and thePERCENTAGE of your missing health. People often get confused by with the more health you're missing the more damage you'll do. Well this isn't true. It doesn't matter if you have a 100 health or 1000 you're still going to get the same damage increase.
Sadism is your favorite thing. It lets you lane forever and never having to go back to town to protect your turret. Awesome, right? It also gives you a movement speed bonus to either get away from enemies or chase after one. This helps so much while jungling too because you never need pots or anything if you're careful enough.
Runes and Spells- This build is pretty dependent on crits because of his masochism which gives him a flat and high amount of damage so you get crit chance. His armor penetration is for those guys you don't do much dps on because of their high armor. His cooldown reduction is so you can keep your masochism up all the time while reducing the cooldown for your ultimate too.
My Runes:
  • x9
  • x9
  • x9
  • Greater Quintessence of Desolationx3
I use the skills Ghost and Exhaust but there are some other good spells for him, but I don't really use.
Good Ones:
  • Clairvoyance is awesome because it gives you map control. I use it on a couple different characters, but I don't like it on Mundo as much.
  • Cleanse is awesome if you're getting targeted a lot by their stuns. It can help get you to a specific champ to rock their world or to simply get away. Cleanse isn't bad to consider.
  • I am not a fan of heal at all. Though it is good to save a teammate who has a dot on them or to give you an immediate amount of health instead of a regen. I don't use it but others can and it isn't entirely bad to use.
  • Ignite is helpful to make sure those instant heals don't heal the target you're hitting for as much and it's good a good combo early game to ignite throw a cleaver and run away if they're low health. If they are low enough this will kill them.
  • Only get smite if you plan on jungling. If you're planning on jungling go look at another guide because this one isn't for you.
  • Once again, I'm not a fan of teleport but it's great to get your items and get back to your lane asap.
Horrible Ones:
  • If you get clarity you should go play in traffic because Mundo doesn't use mana.
  • You really don't need flash because of how fast you are. I would only go for flash on a squishy character not Mundo.
  • This shouldn't be picked up by you. This should be picked up by a tank.
  • Promote is just bad.
  • Rally is just bad too. Don't get this.
  • This is so bad. If you get this it's basically saying I'm going to die. Don't ever get this.
Itemization- This build can vary depending on how you're doing and what kind of characters they're using.The reason I have so many items listed is because it's to give you an idea on what you should get in different situations. There are a couple things you always start out with, a doran's shield and a potion are great for early game since spamming cleavers costs some health and the extra health with regen is very beneficial. I would get boots then a spirit visage after those items because a spirit visage is like Mundo's baby in the sense that he gets a lot more regen from this. I usually gets starks ferver because it's just amazing on Mundo. Then I get an infinity edge and from there on out it's very situational. If you're dying a lot I would recommend getting a health item from dying from carries or if you're dying from casters get a Banshee's Veil or a Force of Nature. In general i would go doran's shield with a potion early game. Then get Berserker's Greaves. Then get spirit visage. After get a Stark's Ferver. Then I get my Infinity Edge, and then a Bloodthirster and then a Phantom Dancer. You could get 2 bloodthirsters if the game is dragged out long enough but by the time you get your infinity edge and start working on your phantom dancer its pretty much over. You could even tweak this build a little and throw in a zeal early game for the extra movement speed. You cant ever have enough movement speed. This build has a lot of costly items. The only items that are too costly are his stark's ferver, visage, and boots. Normally a game won't last long enough to get your very end game items but thats ok. Even if you get some of the items you will do massive damage. You probably won't be ganking by yourself once youre level 18 with a couple items so you don't need a black cleaver immediately. You can do without it and you can do without a blood thirster but the main things you would want would be your boots, stark's ferver, visage, an infinity edge and MAYBE you'll have your phantom dancer at this point. The combination of flat damage from masochism and the damage you get from infinity edge gives you near 400 damage and the combination of infinity edge's crit chance and when you crit goes up to 250% of your crit and even more crit chance from phantom dancer makes you a really tough guy to kill. You probably won't get all of these items because they're your very end game items. Mundo is a crit ***** because of his masochism and the combination of his skills and items it makes it so you can deal a huge amount of damage in a small amount of time. I never get stacks in general because it makes you look like a cocky little **** that everyone wants to kill. You will be focused first if you have stacks. I mean who likes to play with a guy who says, " OH YEHHH I GOT STACKS IM A ***********IN GOD! BOW DOWN TO ME!!" I've played with people like this before. Put it this way, I never played with them again.
Playing Style- Early game you won't be doing much besides get a couple kills and harassing people. You can tower dive once you're level 6 and get a kill then too. Mid game you start getting some really nice damage and you can start carrying that ****py pub team that you always dread getting. End game you will probably be targeted because you're wrecking their team so badly. Ideally you want your whole team, but you initiating against theirs and you will have your tank initiate first of course while you come in with the combination of sadism and ghost you come in like a freaking ninja and just wreck their squishy dps and casters. You don't want to be caught in that battle because you want to get in the back to absolutely destroy their carries so you want to come in from another angle to really benefit your team. Of course it doesn't always work out this way but this is what you want ideally. When it comes to farming early game and for the rest of the game you want to have masochism up and last hit with your cleavers. You want to control the whole jungle. Your cleaver is the best thing for jungling. Once you reach later levels you want to keep burning agony up for the creep waves since you regen health quickly enough this really isnt much of an issue. The high cost of items will only be possible if you're smart and get money from killing people by ganking early game and mid game and jungling and creep killing in lanes. You can still do fine with a B.F. sword for an infinity edge but you want more.

To sum it up for items you want this:
  • Berserker's Greaves
  • Spirit Visage
  • Stark's Fervor
  • Infinity Edge
  • Phantom Dancer
  • Bloodthirster
This is full crit and attack speed and a **** load of damage. You can even replace the berserkers grieves with mercury treads and ghost with cleanse to minimize the cc you receive during team fights. If you want a more survivability build with some good damage
you might want to try something like this:
  • Mercury Treads Mercury Treads
  • Spirit Visage
  • Stark's Fervor
  • Warmog's Armor or a Force of Nature
  • Infinity Edge
and pretty much at this point it's over. You will almost never get all of these items because of how expensive they are. Even without making it that far into the game you can still do some damage from mid to late game.
Will add another build to this with more survivability and some good damage.
Pros and Cons-
Pros: You deal a huge amount of damage and have amazing movement speed and survivability.
  • You can make or break team fights this way.
  • You can catch up to that annoying Yi or anyone who is trying to run away and wreck them.
  • You can get away easily.
  • You can throw your cleaver over the wall to slow the enemy and give your friend the kill and you get an assist.
  • This is a difficult build to master.
  • When you start to truck people, generally a team will start to focus you.
  • You don't have that huge amount of health for your sadism to benefit you most.
Summary- This will take a while to get really good at but this can challenge you and make you a better player since a bit harder then lets say, Yii who presses the "I WIN!" button. This is a fun character to play (in my opinion). This can be a costly build but if and only if this reaches very end game where you have every item you can get then you will just destroy people but even with a couple items you can still wreck people. I'm open to criticism. This build does take a while to do well with so give it some time. This build has a little versatility in the sense that you can mess with some of the items and spells to better suit your needs. With that being said I hope you start wrecking people with Mundo.

I will edit this periodically and tweak it a bit. This is my first build to put up on a website so I'll make it better to read over and give the readers a better understanding of what they should do.