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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by hacnet

Mundo does what Mundo wants to do...

Mundo does what Mundo wants to do...

Updated on February 24, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hacnet Build Guide By hacnet 1,940 Views 0 Comments
1,940 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author hacnet Dr. Mundo Build Guide By hacnet Updated on February 24, 2012
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If you are looking for a build that is all about getting kills and "going where you want to go" then look somewhere else. I have been play Mundo for awhile and have found this to be one of the best builds. It helps you tank when you need too, but also dish out the damage as well. If you don't like this build, then hey, you play differently than me, so again, look somewhere else.
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The runes i chose for the simple fact of.... in all honesty you are a Tank. You need the health, armor and mag resist.

The armor means you can sustain longer, against DPS champs, like yi and trynd, while the mag resist allows you to put yourself between morg and an ally.
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Though you are a Tank, i put most of my masteries in the offense tree, so you can still dish out some damage. This is worried more about making sure you can still help out when a team fight erupts, while still having some extra armor and mag resist to keep you alive.
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Ah, the items....

I get the boots off first for the extra chase. Your Q slows your enemies so you have excellent chase potential early game. Along with your passive you can sustain all the way to level 6. Meaning that you have a harder time convincing yourself to port back to get items.

Next i get Boots of Lucidity so you can have a shorter gap between your Q's. This means you can throw more, and chase is easier.

Next up is either a Kindle gem or spirit visage if you can afford it. Again for the cool down reduction, and the added buff on your ult. It means you can run back, ult, then come back 12 seconds later and have next to all your health.

Next up is a FoN so that you have the added movement speed, again for a chase, and then for the added buff on your passive. This means that you can sustain, like a boss, and then help tank some more.

Next is a Warmogs for the health, this means more health cause of your passive (plus your FoN), then your ult heals you more, and quicker too.

The sunfire cape, and soul shroud, again are for the health and defense.

This means that you have insane health, and with the mag resist you have means a madred's bloodrazor doesn't hurt you as much.

Again, this build does not help you destroy people, but it does mean that you can push, and survive a gank when need be.
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Skill Sequence

You want your Q first because of its range attack. Most of the time you will solo top, and your q is you best ability to farm with. You want to max out your Q for the added slow, and chase ability.

You want all your abilities first just for some options.

By late game you should have your W on at all times, just because it shortens all CC on you, and you have the health regen and health normally to overcome its price. Plus with the cool down reduction your ult is almost always ready. Your E also helps you push by yourself, you can easily tank turrets, so if you get one of you damage output champs to come with you, both of you can easily just go push 2-3 turrets easily.

This build is made for the damage, and tank equilibrium. You have the health and armor, plus the damage with your E.
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Summoner Spells

I go with Ghost and Ignite.

This is for the added boost if the off chance your ult is down and you get ganked, or you need to get from top lane to mid for a gank quickly. While ignite is self-explanitory.

But I can also understand a flash/ignite combo, or a "noob" heal as well...

This is designed for a survivabilty till you get your ult, at which point you are likely to never die.
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Again this build is not for people who want to go kill everyone. This build is for those who want to go and tank like a boss.

So is you want to be helpful, then use this build, if you want help... look somewhere else.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author hacnet
hacnet Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo does what Mundo wants to do...

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