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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by furnosaurus

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League of Legends Build Guide Author furnosaurus

Mundo for SR

furnosaurus Last updated on September 8, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Mundo the Sponge

I really like the way mundo can be involved in most fights and walk away and laugh. I know their are probably some holes in this build but it suits the way I play and has allowed me to carry many a game where the carries weren't quite getting it done. This build is obviously quite reliant on farm and so the early warmogs and charging it up are the key to becoming a formidable force in any game.

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mundo needs no introduction... he'll introduce his cleaver to your face and laugh while you try and hurt him

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I've picked this set up because I find that just specking health seemed to be a bit empty .. taking a bit more armour early helped to make sure that you just don't end up being a magic resist tank as I spec more that way.. but this set up makes use of your masochism a bit more with the attack speed... the armour for resilience cd for ulti etc... and flat hp because your mundo in quints..

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I'm quite used to this set up and it seems to work quite well.. by taking cleanse ghost I can typically ignore even more cc and beeline the carries quickly which means they waste more spells on me while my team brings the pain... I realise full well that with merc treads and burning agony and cleanse all this may seem redundant .. but in play I have found it to be quite effective... choose what works for you

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its THE build I use to get the job done most times.. it means I have loads of health to soak up the pain.. magic resist in spades to ignore caster carries and get in their face.... and I get armour enough late game to negate the ad carries which usually become quite nasty only really in the late game...

warmogs is my item with this build .. if you can't farm and rush it ... this whole thing crumbles...

merc treads have mag resist and cc reduction .. lets you ignore everyone even more

spirit visage makes what you do even easier and more potent with the ulti

FON so you can laugh at casters and walk away from 80% of fights ok

atmas for damage and to give you the armour you need late game

it's really either starks.. or aegis to help your team.. really nice to contribute in this area...

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Skill Sequence

I'm all for maxing cleaver real quick.. it's what makes or breaks mundo..
if you can chip away huge chunks of health at squishies and send em back you are laughing...

I'm still undecided as to whether to max burning agony or masochism first but on the numbers and being a mele char .. maso probably deals more damage with starks and atmas chucked in there...

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Summoner Spells

cleanse ghost
appears redundant with his ulti as a sub ghost
burning agony already as cc reduction..
but these two seem to work really well for chasing down kills and denying those crafty buggers who thought theyd stunned you in time so you'd miss your ulti....

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I love mundo..
I thoroughly enjoy playing him this way and I find he can really contribute to a team by just taking up the sole role of being annoying.. getting in their face and making sure they can't ignore you means that you start most fights.. you pick the places and the way things will go down.. you have to lead from the front to play this build and make it viable at all.. yes their are other people who are way more tank than mundo and who contribute in their own way.. but this mundo .. this way .. is just a lot of fun to play...