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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Pyrogod

Mundo goes where he pleases, even the jungle

By Pyrogod | Updated on January 28, 2012

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Hey I'm John, Pyrogod18 in game. I've been playing for about a year now. I bought Mundo a while ago and loved him, but he was really weak, so I stopped playing him. Then he got a long awaited buff and I decided to try him out again as a jungler, and I loved it.
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Pros / Cons

Great ganks ( especially after 6)
Fast jungle
Great sustain
Perma slow

Jungles at low heath
Cant gank at level 4 because of his low heath
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Jungle Mundo has to start with a vampiric scepter in order to survive. After that make it a Wriggle's Lantern for a much safer jungle and precious lifesteal. I get Mercury's Treads, but I could honestly see Mundo using any boots, except for Boots of Mobility and Boots of Speed. Mundo has a massive AD buff so that allows him to focus on attack speed. For this reason I pick up a Wit's End. I get this over a Phantom Dancer because its a lot cheaper, and although a Zeal is cheaper then a Wit's End, Wit's End has more to offer. Spirit Visage is great on Mundo so i get that. I get a Frozen mallet in stead of a warmogs. I do this because between your cleavers and mallet, your enemies aren't going anywhere, and it still gives you a lot of health. I get an Atma's for obvious reasons. Late game you should trade out your Wriggles for The Bloodthirster and trade your Wit's End for Phantom Dancers. You may also wish to trade your Spirit Visage for a Warmog's Armor, but keep in mind that this nerfs your ultimate.
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My rune choices are aimed at keeping mundo safe in jungle, increase his damage, and make him tanky late game.

Flat Attack speed reds to speed up his jungle and help his damage output all game.I don't see any real alternatives, except maybe armor pen, but I much prefer attack speed on Mundo.

Flat Armor yellows to keep him alive in the jungle. I think these are great on Mundo and on any jungler, and I wouldn't replace with anything else, except maybe flat heath, but I think the armor is much much more helpful.

Scaling Magic Resist blues to keep you alive against casters. I'm not even sure what else Mundo would take here.

I go with Move Speed quints in order to go where I please more, but theres alot of good options here, like attack speed, percent health, flat heath, heath per level.
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Masteries and Summoner Spells

These masteries are aimed at being tanky, dealing damage, and jungling, the 3 things that this whole build is here to do. I don't go to 21 in either tree because Mundo does well with defensive stats, but also need offensive stat as well.

Smite is a must for jungling, so thats not even debatable.

Flash is great for ganks and chasing/running. Ghost is a good option, and ignite is always good.
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Skill Sequence

Sadism > Masochism > Burning Agony > Infected Cleaver

So as usual you get your ult at 6, 11, and 16. Get a point in burning agony at level 1, because you'll need it. Max Masochism first to jungle faster and deal more damage. Max Burning Agony second so that you can clear camps with ungodly speed, and shrug off CC. I max Mundo's iconic cleavers last, because this build is about DPS, and cleaver are used primarily as CC, and because they naturally scale.
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First thing you need to know about jungle mundo is that he gets very low on health. Second thing you need to know is that he jungles fast. There are two paths you can take, one for normal jungling and one fr a level 2 gank. If you chose to level 2 gank then get cleavers at level 2.For a normal jungle then use this wolves> blue> wraiths> red> golems> wraiths. For a level 2 gank then go red> gank> golems> wraiths> wolves> blue. Feel free to give away blue buff if you don't need the farm.
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So thanks for reading, any input or feed back would be much appreciated. And dont knock it till ya try it. Thanks again and adios
League of Legends Build Guide Author Pyrogod
Pyrogod Dr. Mundo Guide

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Mundo goes where he pleases, even the jungle
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