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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by EnerGetiK

Mundo Kills Who he PLEASES - A Jungle Mundo Guide

By EnerGetiK | Updated on May 21, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Welcome to a Jungle Dr.Mundo guide! This is my first build guide on mobafire. So tell me how you like the guide! Jungling Dr.Mundo is very strong, although he can be played at top. You can carry your team easily following this easy build/guide. HAVE FUN!!!!
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Summoner Spells

Best summoner spells to use on Mundo while jungling are: Exhaust ( For extreme ganks, use cleaver, then exhaust :D ), and Smite, of course, because you're jungling. You could also use Flash or Ghost with Mundo for escapes, but I don't prefer it since his ultimate grants him movement speed and health regeneration.
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I go with 12/18/0. Weird, I know, but these boosts help Mundo in jungling. Well that's pretty much it for the masteries, nothing to say, just check em' out. :P
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You always start with Cloth Armor and 5 health potions for Mundo. It'll really help you get through the jungle. Grab boots after that for better ganks, and a few more pots if needed. After that, grab a Kindlegem. When you get enough gold, get Mercury Threads then finish off Spirit Visage right after that. Get a few more ganks, then build up a Warmog's. It's really important on Mundo. Oh, and sell of that Cloth Armor after level 6-8, you won't be needing it much. Next you get is Atma's Impaler or Force of Nature, get atma's if they have a fed AD champion or Force of Nature if they have strong/fed AP champion. You should get the one you left off after that anyways, so doesn't matter. After that, you get guardian Angel as your last item. And you finish your build. You're basically unstoppable after finishing your build because you have 3500 + Health, 200 + Armor and Magic Resistance, and you have a revive!!@!@!
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With runes, I reccomend Greater Seals of Resilience (x9), Greater Glyph of Warding (x9), Greater Mark of Desolation (x9), Greater Quintessence of Strength (x3(. These are pretty strong runes. You don't really NEED to get all of them because I know, you won't really get a special rune page for one single champion unless you want to main him or you really love him. Hehe.
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PROS of jungling Dr.Mundo:
- Really quick clear time.
- He's strong early game against other strong junglers like Shaco, Lee Sin, Nocturne, etc.
- Very tanky
- Needs no mana, so blues are for mid
- Ganks are okay, but not that good until level 6 cause he can't dive or chase properly
- Late game = ownage, early game = not so much
- Ignite is a strong enemy against him lol
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Proof that this build works

I went 19/3/14 with him. Can't really show it to you because 1. I don't know how. lol. 2. It's not in my history. But really, i got that score with him. You have my word. :)
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Jungle route

My route throughout the jungle: ( my personal favourite if the jungler does not need blue buff )
- Wraiths (Ask team mate to damage it)
- Red (Ask for a bit harder leash than usual because of the damage taken on wraiths)
- Move on to Wolves
- Blue if you think you need it ( Or just give it to mid, will help him/her a lot!)
- Gank and kick some butt!!!
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Well, this wraps up my Dr.Mundo jungle build. Hope you like it. It's my first build as I mentioned before, give me tips on how to improve the build. And give me feedback!! Carry your team hard!! MUNDO SAYS GOODBYE!
League of Legends Build Guide Author EnerGetiK
EnerGetiK Dr. Mundo Guide

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Mundo Kills Who he PLEASES - A Jungle Mundo Guide
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