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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Xamax321

Mundo - Mundo kills who he pleases!

Mundo - Mundo kills who he pleases!

Updated on August 5, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xamax321 Build Guide By Xamax321 5 4 11,748 Views 2 Comments
5 4 11,748 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Xamax321 Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Xamax321 Updated on August 5, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo


I've been playing Mundo forever and I've tried out every single item build and every single skill level, and even though their are builds I like and don't like, there is always new viable ways to play Mundo.

Check out my website, which is still under renovation at:

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions.
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This build on Mundo focuses on to main roles that he will fulfill, Jungling and Laning. When playing Mundo. Mundo is a very easy champion to get a hold of, but becomes even more valuable to a team if you know what you are doing. In this guide, I will be going over Runes, Masteries, Items, Skills and many more subjects. This guide will work well for both Twisted Treeline and Summoners Rift. Enjoy!
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Pros / Cons

-Tons of early and late game damage
-Abilities are great for all purposes
-Easy jungle and ganks
-A good mix of attack damage and magic damage
-Can get Drag on threes at ANY time with Q

-Shut down by ignite and other healing debuffs
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If you are playing Mundo then I assume that you know his abilities. In this chapter I will explain how to use his abilities and what are the best strategies.

Mundo's Q is a single target skill-shot that is an amazing ability, it can be used for damage, harass, last hitting, and, if you get a revolver, healing. Early game you can use it to check bush and to slow enemies if you are running or chasing. I scale this ability second because it does good damage even when not maxed and only has full potential in late game when enemies have large amounts of health. Use this ability whenever it is off cooldown for whatever situation because the health cost is low and with spell vamp quinces it is even lower.

Mundo's W is his main dps early game, it can be used to last hit because it does an instance of damage this second it is activated. Using this build, once you get to your second Warmogs, that combined with your passive allows you to keep it on forever. Most people think that the aoE damage is the only thing that it does, this is not true, it also reduces the duration of cc effects on you, this is REDICULUS. If you can, activate it if you see a stun or disable coming, like if you see Sion, activate it. Use you Q to slow you enemy in order to get them close to your aoE.

Mundo's E is another awesome ability, it give you a crazy amount of attack damage for a short duration, but the cooldown is relativity short which allows you to chain cast. Please note though, that the health cost is noticeably so resist activating it unless you know you need it to get the kill or because you know you can afford it. Like his W, late game , the ability cost is not even noticeable due to your health and regen. This ability has a wide range of uses, I mostly use it to push towers and to last hit, but if you are going ad Mundo, for some reason, then consider maxing this first due to the insane potential to kick ***.

Mundo's Ult is, in my opinion, one of the best ults in the game, it regens a portion of your health over time for a very long time. This ult is great for staying in the jungle or in lane, or just surviving in fights. If the enemy team has ignite though, be careful because this completely shuts you down, you wont be able to regen your health fast enough and will die. If they have an ignite on their team, wait to get ignited and then get out of the fight and do damage at range with your cleavers, once the ignite is depleted, ult and go in an get a pentakill. At very late game, and in some cases in early and mid, your ult may be use for the movement speed buff but usually the insane heal is what its all about. This ability is the reason why a spirit visage is a MUST on Mundo, it will increase the effectiveness of your ult by 15 percent which is amazing. It is also great for increased cleaver healing and spell vamp.
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With Mundo, runes are pretty straight forward yet can vary depending on what kind of player you are, I will outline different playing styles and also tell about what I look for in Mundo Runes. A lot of people play Mundo as a tank and so, runes for this role would include Health, Armor, Magic Res and other defensive stats. I would suggest Flat Health Quince, Health/Level Reds, Armor Yellows and Magic Res Blues.

If Mundo is ever played like a Carry or Off Carry, he has no need for damage early game due to his E which is a ridiculous damage buff. I would suggest Attackspeed, Movement Speed, Armor/Magic Res and health. For this I would choose Movement speed Quince, Attackspeed Yellows, Flat health OR Health/Level Reds and Magic Res blues.

Mundo has 1 Ap scaling ability and even though it may be possible to build him ap in some way, I would not recommend it.

I build Mundo as a jungler/bruiser, in runes, I aim for damage and defense. For Runes, I use Spell Vamp Quince, Spell Pen Reds, Armor Yellow and Magic Res blues (although CDR blues would be just as good).
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In masteries, I try to shoot for survivability and damage, its not like Mundo really needs either late game but early game, with the right teamwork on the other team, Mundo can be shut down really fast. I use a 9/21/0 mastery page, focusing on health, health regen, damage reduction and Cooldown Reduction (CDR).
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I have to builds that start out different and then merge into one late game.
Laning/3 v 3:
In this build, and like many other builds, I start with boots and 3 pots, the increased movement speed combined with the slow from your cleaver work very well together (SIDE NOTE: If you get your W first, boots is still a fine option because it allows you to keep up with your ally and output more dps. After boots I go for a Kindle Gem which I think is a very important item for Mundo Early game, It gives you CDR for your spells, cleaver specifically, and it also gives you health, which is what you should be basing your build around (This will be used later to create a Spirit Visage). After the Gem I rush a Warmogs, it is good to get this early game so that you can farm it up. Even though Spirit Visage was nerfed, It is still a great item for Mundo, it super charges his ult and makes him un-killible unless they have rediculus dps or ignite.

In the jungle, start out with cloth armor and 5 pots, the armor helps you take less damage from creeps and lets you stay in the jungle longer with the health regen from the pots. Once you have cleared the Jungle, you can go back and get a Kindle Gem, this is where the build rejoins with the laning build.

One of the most effective ways of getting health is stacking Warmogs, just don't stack more than 2 or 3 because there are better uses of item slots.

If the enemy team is high in Physical Damage, then consider buying a Sun Fire Cape or a Frozen Heart. Even though a Frozen Heart gives you mana, I think that it is a good Item for Mundo because of the CDR and Armor. (DO NOT GET A THORNMAIL, even though a thornmail may give more armor, the reflective damage is not good, because if the carry on the other team is doing it right, then they will have life-steal and it will not matter).

If the enemy team has magic damage, then get a Force of Nature, this item is great because it allows you to stay in lane and on the map forever. The health regen combines with your passive you give you crazy health regen. Don't hold me to it but an abyssal scepter may be a good item because it will buff the damage of your W and will increase all of your magical damage output.

If you need more pushing power of just more damage, they get an Atmas Inpailer, this will not only buff you damage like crazy but will also give you armor.

Even though it is not in my build, SPELL VAMP is a great thing on Mundo, if you are not focusing on health. With enough of it, your cleavers will heal you for more than they cost, which is amazing.
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Skill Sequence

Whether you are Jungling or laning, my skill build is the same. MAX YOUR W, even though your Q is your highest damage output late game, this is not true early game. If you are in a 3s or want to be cautious, get 1 point in your q at level on. If you are in a 3s with a stun on your team or are in the jungle, get your w first.

In the jungle after you have gotten to level 2, get your E, you will be maxing it last but the damage early game will allow you to clear the jungle faster and give you more effective ganks. As a jungler and early game, your Q is not meant for damage, it is meant to slow your enemy so that you can get them within range of your W.
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Summoner Spells

Summoner Spell are really personal choice, but I like either FLASH, GHOST and/or IGNITE, and EXHAUST. If you are confident or playing scrubs, you can get both ignite and exhaust, but chances are you are not so you should have a spell that also works as an escape plan, flash and ghost work fine.
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On 3s, Dragon has 0 magic res, which means that Mundo actually does percentage based damage against it. This means that you can get it at any time in record time.
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Mundo is a great, fun champion, I hope this guide has enlightened you on the subject of how to Own Nubs as the Purple Hulk.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xamax321
Xamax321 Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo - Mundo kills who he pleases!

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