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Dr. Mundo Humor Guide by condon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author condon

Mundo: Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo

condon Last updated on August 12, 2011
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
Ability Key E
Ability Key R

Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 0

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 15

Expanded Mind
Blink of an Eye
Mystical Vision
Presence of the Master

Utility: 15

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Mundo: Mundo Mundo Mundo

I: Mundo

Mundore Mundo two Mundo Mundo play Mundo. Mundo a LoL player, Mundo Mundo a Mundo player. A LoL player Mundo look at a situation, consider Mundo pros Mundo cons of a Mundower Mundo, Mundo benefit of Mundo kill gold vs. Mundo time spent recovering, Mundo Mundo number of minions in range Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundower Cleaver. A Mundo player Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo. Mundo.

Guide Top

II: Pre-Game

Mundo want movespeed Mundo health. Runes, masteries, Mundo. Movespeeds Mundo healths. 0-15-15 is how Mundo roll. Mundo Mundo throw in red crit runes if Mundo promise Mundo eat all Mundor vegitables.

Mundo basic goal here is Mundo be as large Mundo as Mundo as possible right out of Mundo gate. Mundo benefit Mundoly from Mundo health, Mundo Mundo don't give a rats *** about CC, so Mundo speed makes Mundo inescapable.

Summoner Spells Mundo love: (Condon's Mundo: Teleport Exhaust, or Tele Cleanse)
Teleport: Mundo Mundo, Mundo Mundo an excellent lane pusher late game. By late game, Mundo mean twenty Mundos in. Mundops. Mundo, teleport is Mundo chicken. It goes Mundo Mundo. Delicious chicken.
Cleanse: "Mundo Mundo, Mundo already have reduced CC" Mundo know whats better than reduced CC? None. Mundo. Between fire Mundo clense Mundo alMundo moving, Mundo Mundo loves Mundo move it move it.
Smite: Early farming, Mundo Mundo Mundo sneaking cleavers in *smite a minion, cleaver Mundo hero hiding behind Mundo* Mundo Mundoly only Mundo Mundo Mundo first ten Mundos or so. Mundo Mundo it becomes moot.
Clairvoyance: Mundo Mundo Mundo jungle cleavers, Mundo Mundoly a Mundo utility spell.
Ghost: Mundo know what sucks? Mundo coming at Mundo at 450+MS. Mundo know whats worse? Mundoer Mundo.
Exhaust: Mundo Mundos Mundo hit squishies. Mundo Mundos Mundo hit Mundom many times.

Summoner Spells Mundo hate:
Heal: Mundo Mundo Mundo need heal.
Clarity: Mundo Mundo Mundo need mana.
Rally: Mundo Mundo go where he pleases, Mundo usually he pleases Mundo go many places.
Flash: Mundo Mundo raMundor cleanse or ghost. Flash Mundo Mundo limited Mundo Mundo Mundo.
Ignite: Mundo needs Mundo fire. He Mundo cleavers. Many, many cleavers.


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Mark of Scaling Health

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Scaling Health

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Guide Top

III: Mundools of Mundo Trade

Mundo Mundo his cleaver, Mundo find Mundo many oMundor items Mundo Mundo apply cleaver Mundo face, Mundo continue Mundo go where he pleases.

Mundoing Mundo, Mundo Mundo Mundo take regrowth pendant, as Mundo spend much of game Mundo bleeding holes all over, Mundo unMundo Mundo View. This Mundo Mundos Mundo deter feeble squishies from shooting Mundoir pointy Mundo at Mundo.

Mundon, Mundo Mundo Mundo upgrade Mundo a warmogs Mundo boots 1, so he Mundo be Mundo large, screaming harbinger of Mundo as Mundo as possible. Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundoe Mundo Leviathan is silly Mundo Mundo Mundo silly Mundo taking it. Silly people Mundo be given cleaver flavored head medicine.

Mundo this, Mundo Mundos his phage Mundo boots of swiftness. Now Mundo move Mundo Mundo wind, Mundo puts real chill in spine of enemy,instead of meta...meda.... pretend one.

Mundon, it is time Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo his Atma's Impaler. Mundo now Mundo all Mundo Cleaver. Mundo. So much, Mundo when Mundo press "E" enemies run Mundo cry Mundo little girls Mundo Mundon Mundo cleavers in Mundo spine. Mundo Mundos doing all Mundo Cleaver.

Mundo this, Mundo Mundo finish his Frozen Mallet, Mundo Mundon build a Guardian angel, or a Mundoce of nature, depending on how Mundo game is going. If things Mundo Mundo, Mundo Munco wishes Mundote, Mundo Mundoce. If things Mundo stabby, Mundo enjoy putting cuts all over Mundo, Mundon he Mundos Mundo Angel. Mundon Mundo Mundo oMundor, or anoMundor warmogs, as Mundo Mundo. Normally Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo this far.

Mundo can Mundo slip a brutalizer in if Mundo have a Mundo killing spree going, Mundo want Mundo boost up Mundo punching beMundoe moving onMundo larger items, preferably Mundo Mundo Impaler.

Guide Top

IV: Cleaver Cleaver Cleaver Cleaver.

Mundo Mundos his cleaver, becaMundo no one else Mundos it. In Mundo face meats. This is where Mundo puts his cleaver. In Mundo face meats, Mundo see.

In order of importance, as judged by Mundo Mundo Mundo:

Cleaver. AlMundo Cleaver.
Masochism. More smashy.
Sadism. More Mundo Mundo Love.
Burning something something. Boring.

Mundo requires many, many cleavers, of a Mundo large variety. He cMundos Mundo Mundo Mundo burny fire until later in Mundo game, when people Mundo foolish enough Mundo Mundo Mundo control Mundo Mundo, Mundo he Mundo enough Mundo meat Mundo keep fire going alMundo Mundo. Masochism gives Mundo Cleaver Mundo a Mack truck loaded Mundo dynamite Mundo angry bees.

Mundo Mundo Mundo simple guide Mundo dead squishies:
Apply cleaver.
Scream Mundo press "E"
Apply fists Mundo headmeats.
Dead thing!

Cleaver Mundo Mundo need Mundo heal Mundo scream Mundo run Mundoer, or set things on fire as Mundo amount of stunny badness increases, Mundo Mundoly speaking ample supply of cleavers Mundo fists applied Mundo face makes squishies fall down.

Special MunMundo about some of Mundo Mundo Mundo's abilities:

Masochism Mundos better when Mundo is more bleedy, Mundo it's got a short cooldown, Mundo Mundos lots of base Cleaver, so Mundore is no reason Mundo Mundo spam it in a Cleaver.

Sadism Mundo some wind up time. Mundo don't just instantly survive when Mundo pop it, account Mundo nukes Mundo Mundo 20% drop in current HP beMundoe Mundo Mundo it.

Sadism Mundo increases speed... significantly. Mundo can Mundo it Mundo Mundo Mundorself Mundo a team Cleaver Mundo Mundo feel bad, becaMundo Mundo Mundo only two emotions: Cleaver Mundo Mundo Cleaver.

Cleaver: So much Mundo lovin'. It Mundo Mundo buggy, Mundo any skill shot, if Mundo Mundo Mundo click Mundor tarMundo. AlMundo lead, or click behind intended cleaver resting place.

Cleaver is on a short cooldown. If it is on cooldown, Mundo should already be selecting Mundo next cleaver tarMundo. Hero? Cleaver. Last hit a creep? Cleaver. Suspicious bushes? Cleaver. Team mate look at Mundo funny? Cleaver. Want Mundo scMundo enemy inMundo staying behind thier own creep? Cleaver. Cleaver? Cleaver.

Seriously. More cleaver. It's Mundo rice. Cheap, easy, Mundo Mundo can throw it at peoples weddings. Cleaver. It's cheap Mundo easy.

Mundo cleavering is Cleaver Mundo Mundo, learn Mundo anticipate player movement, especially around corners. This is super effective against squishy stealMundors Mundo Eve, Shaco, Mundo Twitch, as Mundo can guestimate Mundoir location Mundo give Mundom a cleaver Mundo Mundo face. Mundo Cleaver is more than enough Mundo make Mundom take a step back, especially if Mundoy think Mundo have a Cleaver up.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Guide Top

V: Game Game Game Game

If Mundore's one thing Mundo Mundos, its Purple. If Mundore's anoMundor thing, it's screaming Mundo! at Mundo oMundor team, so Mundoy can Mundo Mundo remember his name later. Many headMundots Mundo brain meats caMundos Mundo Mundo have trouble Mundo such things.

Mundo is versitile. He can solo mid or a side lane, Mundo is fine Mundo a partner as Cleaver. His basic job remains Mundo same: Throw out cleavers Mundo Gordon Ramsay just found out he had ball cancer.

Mundo a partner, an early first blood is simple. Cleaver is a slow. Fists apply Cleaver. Slow plus Cleaver = bleeding. If in a side lane, Mundo should Mundoss cleavers in bushes beMundoe exploring, a satisfying squish is a Mundo queue Mundo enter Mundo bush Mundo scream a lot. Mundo Mundo still scream if Mundore is no squish.

Play safe Mundo a while. BeMundoe Mundo Mundo Mundor warmogs Mundo Mundo a squishy Mundo, Mundo rely on Cleaver placed cleavers Mundo last hits Mundo harassment.

When Mundo Mundo Sadism, Mundo can Cleaver almost as Cleaver as Mundonda*****. "Oh my, a half health purple giant! Let us apply our blades Mundo his posterior! This Mundo only go Cleaver Mundo us!" Mundoy Mundo say, moments beMundoe Mundo gurgling Mundo screaming as Mundoy have a cleaver-ecMundomy. A face cleaver-ecMundomy. Mundo a cleaver.

Mundo can Mundo Mundo it Mundo just Mundo die. Stay in lane MundoMundo. Pitch a tent, make a campfire. Sing a campfire song. Mundo is especially fond of Brown Squirrel.

Mundo Mundo apply fists Mundo Mundower *A simple task, given Mundor staying power Mundo masochism turning Mundo inMundo a Mundower churning machine Mundo unMundo an angry cow* Mundo advance backCleavers Mundo base Mundo Mundor warmogs, Mundo should run around Mundo lanes screaming Mundo throwing cleavers, as long as Mundo can keep up Mundo levels. If Mundoy Mundo playing conservative, continue Mundo farm, as Mundower diving is still Mundo suggested until Mundo have an impaler Mundo ensure Mundo Mundo enemy dies quickly enough Mundo Mundor ult Mundo suck up Mundo Mundower Cleaver.

Later, Mundo can fill any role decently, Mundo should step down Mundo a concentrated initaMundor or tank, Mundo focus on Mundor face-smash-ability quotient. Mundo same order applies from level 1: AlMundo more cleavers.

Co-incidentally, cleaver Mundo makes Mundo an excellent runemob/dragon/Baron thief. Do Mundor best Mundo disrupt Mundo enemys farming, especially in Mundo jungle, as Mundo is extremely Mundo, Mundo difficult Mundo kill 1v1. He is Mundo Mundo boogy man, Mundo instead of showing up at night in closets, he shows up all Mundo time Mundo cleavers Mundo a foaming mouth.

When in doubt, ask Mundorself, what Mundo a 6'6" psychopathic roid-rager Mundo an infected cleaver Mundo an inability Mundo feel pain do? Besides Mundor moMundor, Timmy. Mundo's right. He Mundo throw his cleaver Mundo scream some more, Mundo possibly steal a car. In this case, Mundo car is someone elses face.

Guide Top

VI: Mundo grows tired of this

Late game Mundo is Mundo a cold sore. Mundo don't remember how he got Mundore, Mundo he is annoying as all ****, Mundo Mundo can't Mundo rid of Mundo so Mundo do Mundor best Mundo medicate, only Mundo find Mundo it's one of those really gross ones Mundo just bleeds Mundo cracks Mundo Mundo have Mundo leave it alone, Mundo Mundo can't Mundo Mundoing Mundo pick at it, Mundo Mundon it just Mundos worse Mundo suddenly his four team mates Mundo at Mundor botMundom inhib Mundo Mundo're ****ed.

Only Mundo can push Mundowers Mundo Mundo away scot free, becaMundo if Mundoy don't bring Mundo whole ****-hoMundo Mundo Mundom Mundo sMundop Mundo, Mundo can still Mundo Mundo Mundower Mundo scamper Mundo. By this point, Mundo do sMundoal hundred Cleaver Mundo Masochism on, Mundo can Mundo a Cleaver by dropping an enemy's health by nearly 25%, Mundo Mundo mention a hefty AoE Mundo an inability Mundo die.

People Mundo eiMundor bring all Mundo guns Mundo sMundop Mundo, or Mundo boMundor. Mundo beauty of Mundo is Mundo Mundo can't do eiMundor. If Mundo leave Mundo alone, he eats Mundor Mundowers. If Mundo stMundo Mundo Cleaver, his allies eat Mundor Mundowers, Mundo he eats Mundo.

In team battles, Mundo Mundo cleaver Mundo chunkier tarMundos, while meleeing Mundo squishiest. This ensures maximum Mundo of Mundor cleavers abilities *both Mundo slow Mundo sMundop melee fatties from doing anything, Mundo Mundo percentile Cleaver* while enjoying Mundo benefits of Mundo Mundo spear Mundo duct taped Mundo Mundor face do Mundo go Mundo waste.

Mundo is a match Mundo anyone 1v1, carry or Mundo. 1v2, kill Mundo squishy Mundo run. 1v3, lead Mundom on a merry cMundoe so Mundor own carry can come clean up. 1v4, Mundo pleases Mundo go Mundo oMundor way, Mundo only becaMundo he pleases. 1v5, Mundo screams a lot Mundo makes as many things bleed as he can, while Mundo less Mundo-y allies do important things Mundo kill people Mundo break Mundowers.

If Mundo Mundo having trouble, Mundo Mundor squishy team is Mundoting pushed back, Mundo sneaking out Mundo eat Mundowers. Mundo should be Mundo, thick, Mundo punchy enough Mundo do this Mundoout dying, if Mundo Mundo cMundoful. Possibly while Mundo enemy is distracted Mundo a push, or Mundoing Mundo do Baron *which Mundo can Mundo Mundo Mundo steal, if Mundo have clairvoyance or something of Mundo sort.

Mundo should now be eating nexus, or at least cMundoing squishies around. Mundo cleavers. So many cleavers.

Guide Top

VII: Q & A & Mundo

Q: Oh glorious Mundo, I am alMundo dying, Mundo unable Mundo adminster cleaver flavored treats Mundo peoples faces! What do I do?

A: Play conservative earlier on, Mundo remember Mundo Mundor ult is a heal over time, a decent amount of time as far as teamCleavers go. Mundo Mundo Mundo an idea Mundo Mundo Cleaver output capabilities of Mundo opponent in Mundor lane, Mundo account Mundo any nukes beMundoe Mundoing Mundo Cleaver Mundom inMundo comitting.

M: Mundo Mundo Mundo die silly squishy man. Cleaver is Mundo a flavor, it is a way of life.

Q: I find Mundo Mundo be better as a (tank/dps/private dancer, a dancer Mundo money.) Why shouldn't I play Mundo Mundo way?

A: Mundo can if Mundo Mundo, Mundo my Mundo could beat up Mundor Mundo.

M: Mundo prefers face smashing Mundo staying alive at Mundo same time. Call Mundo old fashioned.

Q: Where Mundo Mundo go when he can't go where he pleases?

A: Mundo Mundo go where he pleases. Period.

M: Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo.

Q: Isn't purple kind of a gay color Mundo a madman?

A: Mundor face is kind of a gay color.

M: Knock knock. Cleaver. Cleaver is Mundore. In Mundor face. This is where Mundo puts it, Mundo see.

Q: I'm having difficulty late game keeping up, I dont seem Mundo be able Mundo take down carries anymore, Mundo eMundo time I run inMundo a team Cleaver I just explode inMundo big wet purple chunks.

A: Hopefully Mundo picked up an Angel Mundon. In eiMundor case, Mundo're an initaMundor who Mundo probably die anyway, Mundo Mundo net Mundor team 3-4 kills, or Mundo should be dancing around Mundo sidelines, going Mundo ranged dps Mundo throwing cleavers. Mundo're quick Mundo Mundo can't be CCed Mundo long, take advantage of it.

M: Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo.

Q: How Mundo Mundo take his cMundoee?

A: We don't give Mundo cMundoee. **** Mundo, Mundo **** Mundor moMundor. No cMundoee Mundo Mundo. Mundo.


Q: Mundo, I love Mundo.

A: Grossy.

M: Mundo Mundo Mundo kind of DocMundor.

Enjoy, Mundo happy Mundoing. Mundo Mundo Mundo Mundo.


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