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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by shendoxjoey

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shendoxjoey


shendoxjoey Last updated on September 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey mobafire users, This is ShendoXJoey and I'm back with another build, this one is for the Tanky DPS hero known as Dr. Mundo.

I like this hero because right away you can ignore just about ANY mana regeneration or max mana items, because he doesn't use any mana...instead he uses his health as a mana supplement, I think that is pretty cool and unique.

A few things I would like to point out about this build, I originally did not make it for myself, instead for my cousin(I was over his house for like 2 weeks and made him a few builds). After watching him play as Dr. Mundo I decided, since he was free when I made this, to try him out so I could make the build even better.

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Alright so as I explained Dr. Mundo is a tanky dps that uses his health instead of his mana, so would that lead anyone to think, "The more health and health regeneration he has would make him better". If you thought that you are correct which is why I did this for my runes.
Greater Mark of Desolation Armor Penetration Reds.
Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction CDR per level blues.
Greater Seal of Vitality HP per level yellows.
Greater Quintessence of Regeneration Health regeneration per level purples.

These will give you your Tanky back up.
The hp per level is just kind of to get you ahead of the game on health early and late game have some decently high health.
The Health regeneration per level is for exactly what it says, to get you health point regeneration boosts every level.
The jut flat hp regeneration is to get you some good regeneration in the beginning.

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Now as a tank you need defense, so I did a 8/21/1 build for masteries.
This means you will have 7 points in the Offense portion, for the ability cooldown primarily(It helps to have spells you can use a lot, especially his cleaver).
The 21 points in Defense is to get that decreased all damage at the end there(Helps a tank if he takes less damage).
The 1 point in Utility is to get the health regeneration(Even though it isn't a lot of regeneration).

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Now we get into the main part of this build, the items:
Alright so your first four items will not be any final items, meaning they will all be upgraded.
Regrowth Pendant: Used to make it so you don't have to recall early game, because if you take damage, then you can just go sit behind your troops for a moment and watch the great health regeneration go.
Giant's Belt: Since this item is expensive you probably won't be getting it until level 4 maybe 3 if you do some jungle farming. But this health increase will be what makes you a tank early on.
Boots Of Speed: Now by the time you get this item in game, you will be thinking, "Man I move pretty slow," well not anymore, you'll get your first tier of boots, which is all you'll need because your cleaver(Q) skill will slow enemies, isn't that great?
Ruby Crystal: Often times I actually skip this item, it depends on how much gold you make, because it is just a filler item to get the first big item of yours. But if you find yourself retreating a lot and waiting for your health to regenerate then i suggest you get this item because it gives you an HP Boost.
Warmog's Armor: The typical tank item, but you know with this guy(Mundo) health and health regeneration are really important, so that is why I get this item first(Even before my main boots). The HP regeneration on this item is spectacular and the overall health boost is great early game.
Mercury's Treads: Alright, in my opinion these are the best boots in the game, because of the Tenacity it gives, basically any Crowd Control spells or stuns are reduced on you, this helps if you get stunned while running away or chasing someone down.
Kindlegem: mainly a filler item to get the item it creates but, ever item helps. The extra health is always good for Mundo, but the ability cooldown reduction is really what this item is about.
Spirit Visage: You probably know what this does, but does it hurt to tel you?, no! So basically this item, on top of more CDR, gives you extra magic resistance and increases all HP restoring effects, even your passive!
Zeal: this item is great because of the enhancement on your movement speed, and attack speed, but it is mainly just for getting you to the enemy to get the kill!
Atma's Impaler: In my mind, a must have for ANY tank because it just makes you a DPS, and the more of a tank you are the more of a DPS it makes you, it increases your attack damage by 2% of your max health(At 3k HP that is 60AD). Also, the extra armor helps even more with not dying.
Force Of Nature: This item is down the same line as the Warmog's so you can imagine how helpful it can be, the main purpose of this item is the extra HP regen so you can keep up your W skill for longer.
Phantom Dancer: By now you should be well into level 18 and everyone should be moving around pretty quick, even with the assistance of your cleaver to slow down enemies after you and enemies you are chasing, you may still not be moving fast enough or attacking quick enough, so this item is just a boost of what you already have(Zeal)

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Skill Sequence

Alright, so the Infected Cleaver is your main source of damage, therefore isn't it important to get it upgraded first? The Infected Cleaver also slows enemies it hits, so chasing in the beginning of the game should be pretty easy.

Next up to be maxed is Burning Agony this is basically your farming skill, jump in the middle of a group of enemy minions and watch the gold roll in, just be careful though, Burning Agony has an effect that makes your HP degen while it is active.

Finally on the regular skill list we have Masochism, this skill, I find, not to be so useful early game, but once you get that attack speed and chasing ability up, this item is great for taking down fleeing enemy Champions.

Your ultimate is a great tank skill, basically Sadism regenerates A LOT of health and gives a bit of movement speed(supposed to be a fleeing skill, but is easily integrated as a tower diving skill or chasing skill) at the cost of a little bit of health. Use it wisely though, early on the CD is decently long.

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Summoner Spells

Alright so in my mind Heal is useless, in that late game it offers NOTHING, do not comment saying, "Well if he is a tank, why not use heal?". I will not dignify it with a response...

Ignite is a great spell to use to get fleeing enemy champions and to get the first kill.

Exhaust, I suggest this spell because you can slow down your enemies(With cleaver as well your enemies will be almost stunned) and get the first kill.

I do not suggest any other skill, except MAYBE smite if you are jungling(Which I don't recommend doing with this build.

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Pros / Cons

You are no where near squishy.
You don't have to worry about MANA(your health is a substitution).
You have really good Cool Down times.
Your enemies will flee, and you CAN catch them, just try.
You are the second best tower diver in the game with your ultimate(Second to Tyrndamere)

You don't do a whole lot of auto attack damage early on(Late game you will though)
You don't have a **** load of move speed(With the use of the cleaver it won't matter and after you get the ZEAL you are set)

The last con is, the above cons could almost be counted as PROS(Think About It)

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Basically this build is to show you how to use Mundo as a Tanky DPS that just destroys. I don't have any screen shots of mine or my cousins scores, but once I have the chance I will try to put a video up. :)

I hope you enjoy using my build, and I hope it brings some wins(whether they be actual wins or just the feeling of winning because you went like 20-5-10).

If you like my build please 1 up it, if not please 1 down it, or post why you don't like it.
I am open to suggestions so just post them in the comments below, But really THINK about your suggestion, otherwise if it is stupid I will humiliate you in front of all the other people who commented, so be careful.