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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by aliuka

Mundo - Spamming Warmogs - Jungle and SoloTop Guide

Mundo - Spamming Warmogs - Jungle and SoloTop Guide

Updated on May 28, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aliuka Build Guide By aliuka 3,279 Views 0 Comments
3,279 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author aliuka Dr. Mundo Build Guide By aliuka Updated on May 28, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo


Welcome to my Mundo build - guide!
It is my first guide on Mobafire so don't say that I am noob or something.
Mundo is nice tank and even more - he is a tank who kills everyone he see!
I didn't make a lane Mundo guide here cus he sux in my opinion... btw he is viable.
Please rate and comment this guide :)
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Pros / Cons

- Great jungle speed and sustainability;
- His ulti and passive makes Mundo UNSTOPPABLE (epic health regen and a little bit movement speed);
- Nice damage by Q and E;
- Hasn't to go b EVER if player knows to play as Mundo;
- Easy to catch an enemy or escape the fight by ulti + ghost combo.

- Epic self-harrass;
- Only one CC ability (Q), it makes ganks harder;
- Very squishy in early game.
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SoloTop masteries (0/30/0) are to play def and hold lane longer.
Jungle masteries (21/9/0) are to jungle faster, easier and safer and to play more agressive.
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Skill Sequence

Our passive is the reason to spam warmogs - more health = more regen!
As jungler, I take W first, cus it's really useful in jungle, then I take E at lvl 2 to deal much more damage by basic attacks and after that I learn and max Q for ganks.
As solotop I take Q first, then learn W and E to make farm easier and as usual max Q.
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Runes give you great bonuses in early game and will help you in mid or late game.
If youre jungling, take attack damage quints, attack speed marks, armor or attack speed seals (I prefer armor for better sustainability in jungle) and magic resist glyphs.
For solotop I take health quints and seals (or armor seals), magic resist glyphs and choice marks (I really don't know which marks are better for solotop).
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Summoner Spells

Teleport - very useful for solotop.
Heal - Most tanks take this spell, but I don't like it. Btw it can help you a lot of times.
Ghost - Great spell for Mundo cus of his ult, Sadism + Ghost combo gives Mundo epic movement speed to escape or to chase some1. Also nice for ganks.
Ignite - I don't take it on Mundo and don't prefer you to take it. I know it's nice to finish enemyes, but I can easy do the same thing by my Q. This is why I don't take ignite.
Flash - Good spell to escape a fight fast or to finish some1, but Ghost is better on Mundo in my opinion. You can try it yourself.
Smite - It's made for junglers. Don't take it for solotop EVER.
I think these are all spells which are useful on Mundo.
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The best starting item to take as SoloTop is Ruby Cristal cus it gives us much more health = more regen, so it allows us to hold lane longer, for about... forever.
Then I buy boots and upgrade them into Sorcerer's shoes after I buy first Warmog's armor or Sunfire cape.
Then I take Heart of Gold for some extra health and bonus gold! Just don't sell it as long as you can and you will gain a lot of gold!
Next I buy Sunfire Cape cus it's passive + Mundo's W is great combo for farming!
After that I buy Watmog's (Warmog's armor + Atma's Impaler) or immediately buy Atma's Impaler.
Then I just spam Warmog's armor.
Frozen Mallet is also viable. It is nice item cus Mundo has only 1 CC ability. With Frozen Mallet you will have 2 CC.

Jungle build isn't much different:
As jungler I start off with Cloth armor and 5 hp pots. It gives me great sustainability.
After a gank I go b and buy boots.
Then I buy my first warmog or cape.
Upgrade boots into Sorcerer's shoes.
After that I take atma.
Then just spam warmogs.

It is pretty easy, isn't it?
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Why do I take Magic Pen shoes?

I take magic pen shoes instead of tanky ones to make our Q deal much more damage!
You can buy armor or magic resist boots, of course, but I prefer magic pen ones.
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Mundo has great jungling speed and nice sustainability, so you have to try him!
I don't prefer jungle Mundo without at least half of rune page. But if you have nice runes, here is the route:

Video will be available later.

Go to wolves first, turn on W and kill the big one, finish the small ones. Use a potion here.
Then kill wraiths, theyre much more easier to kill than wolves. Use a potion here.
Now youre level 2, learn E. It allows you to kill red buff MUCH MORE EASIER than at lvl 1. Use a potion here.
Next go to duo golems camp, kill them with your W and E.
Youre now lvl 3. Heal yourself by potions (2 or 1 potion left) if you wanna gank. Learn Q and gank a solo lane or give 1 more point in E and farm a bit more.
If you wanna jungle more, route is something like that:
(After golems) - Wolves - wraiths - blue buff - gank gank gank...

Gank solo lane AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE or you will lose an early turret or solo laner will even feed enemy(-ies)!!!
Always look for easy kills and gank them.
Always gank lanes where enemies are most agressive.

Ganking is a bit hard as Mundo cus he has only 1 CC spell. It's his Q.
Tell your teammate to be ready for gank so he can let the enemies push a bit.
If youre both ready, leave the bush and run forward enemy's way. Hit him by Q as many times as you can. When he starts running to you, use your W and E and attack him by basic attacks. Don't forget about casting Q as often as it cooldowns.
When you get your ulti (lvl 6) ganks become a bit easier, so you have to gank more often and, of course, kill more.
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Team Work

If youre fed and bought a lot of warmogs, it is easy to do nice things for your team.
Tell your team to stay behind you. Then just enter the fight to make the enemies attack you, use ulti and run around the battlefield hararsing squishy enemies by Q, W and basic attack with E turned on.
If you didn't become fed in early game, you will be a useless peace of meat which runs around the map and feeds enemies in mid - late game... so you must kill from the very beginning!
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Here is the end of my guide and I hope you liked it.
Mundo is one of the best Tanks in my opinion, I prefer you all try him.
This guide is just one version to play Mundo. Btw I think you liked it.
Ty for reading my guide, please rate and comment! Bye!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author aliuka
aliuka Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo - Spamming Warmogs - Jungle and SoloTop Guide

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