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League of Legends Build Guide Author umop episdn

Mundo Tank/DPS

umop episdn Last updated on October 24, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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I've been playing Mundo for a little while and I've come to enjoy playing him. Nearly every game I have the enemy team fearing the sight of me as Mundo. I've found the best way to play him is Tank/DPS, which seems to work out the best for me. Let me go over items and my reasoning for them in sequence.

Item Build

I start of with a Doran's Shield and a HP pot if it's a 5v5, if it's 3v3 I start with a Ruby Crystal. From there I rush Mundo's key item, Spirit Visage, which buffs your Ult and Passive by insane amounts. Depending on the team I get Merc Treads or Ninja Tabi, normally I go with Ninja Tabi though. I rush a Warmogs for the insane Health, which is even better now that it's buffed. After that I grab a Atma's Impaler which does amazing things for Mundo. Armor and about 80 damage as soon as you get it, as well as the crit chance. After that I get Wit's End because it gets us to 1 attack per second, as well as having MR. The Passive on it is just an added bonus. If the game goes on from there, you drop the Doran Shield and build another Warmogs, which will put you around 5k HP with 140 armor and 130 MR. Unstoppable. :D You also should have about 250 AD when you get the 2nd Warmogs, which becomes 350 AD with your E spell, and even better than that if your hurt a little. Half the time I can only build up to Atma's Impaler before the game's over though, which is still amazing. You'll have your enemies crying like Amumu when your running at them. Trust me, Mundo DOES go where he pleases. No matter what.

Early Game

Here you just wanna get situated with your lane mate. No matter who it is, you'll most likely dominate the lane. Also, Mundo CAN go mid, too. Just incase your allies don't want it. You just wanna harass with your Cleaver for now. If they make a wrong move and head somewhere else besides their tower, commit and punish them. When you get to level 6, you can tower dive easily, just make sure their below half HP when you do. If your lane isn't doing well, just back off and last hit with your cleaver, trying to negotiate a gank in the process.

Mid Game

By nwo you should at least have the components for your Warmogs, if not already built it. Here is where you'll start to wreck face. Push your tower hard and go to help other lanes. Noone should be able to get away from you unless they go behind a tower or it's Yi, even then they'll have a hard time escaping. Some little skirmishes or team fights should occur, and you should be on the front lines. Before or during the start of any battle, pop your ult and charge it. Smack your Q and E whenever their up for maximum results. If your team arn't complete idiots, you should be left standing on top of dead bodies, yelling 'MUNDO SMASH!'

End Game

You should have your Atma's Impaler now, and starting on your Wits End. You can take on 2v1s easily and 3v1s, if they arn't CCing you, now. Grab dragon when ever it's up and stick with your team no matter what. You're the initiator and the destroyer, but you'll be dead without back up. By now the other team should be realizing just how big of a threat you really are and they'll start attacking you first, which is what you want as a tank. The biggest problem with many tanks is that they don't have enough threat to actually be focused on so they get ignored and their team behind them dies. No one can ignore a 10 foot tall hulking purple[or green] behemoth throwing meat cleavers around, or they'd simply die. Have you and your team push or hold defence, depending on who's winning until your team can get that decisive Baron. You and one or two other people can handle Baron easily, since your cleaver smacks him hard. When you get it, go for the gold if the other team hasn't surrendered just yet. I'm not saying every game was because of me, but 90% of the games I play with Mundo like this, I win. Hell, I even carried a team of idiots with Mundo once.

Closing Statement

Mundo is one of the funnest champions to play in my opinion, and even better if you can wreck face with him. Just play smart and coordinate with your team to reach victory. Mundo goes where he wants, behind turrents, under barons, even in the opponents fountain to kill anyone who opposes him. GL with the slightly ******ed lump of purple. :D