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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagheenanajar

Mundo- Tank Guide for Ranked

Nagheenanajar Last updated on May 8, 2011
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This is a Mundo guide that I have been building to cover in full scope what build to use for Mundo, and how effective he can be in Ranked games.

Many people don't use Mundo for ranked because they say"the other team will just grab ignite." Well, if you are playing a ranked game, the other team will grab ignite anyways. Mundo is in fact a very effective tank and can do severe damage to other champions while tanking and 1v1.

In this build I will try and cover all the pathways Mundo should be built. REMEMBER!! Building a tank is entirely situational. I will cover the situations that you will come across on how to build Mundo.


This build attempts to build Mundo as a tank rather than a DPS. Ultimately, hes not a complete tank, but rather an offtank with tanking capabilities. DO NOT build Mundo with DPS items! As I will state below, he will as much damage as some DPS offtanks with his abilities, and tanky items will allow him better survivability, which is more important for Mundo.

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Pros / Cons


    Only health to worry about, you will not need to get mana items for abilities!!!
    Low cooldowns
    Tanky, but can also deal out a lot of damage
    Can harass enemies easily

    Easily shutdown with ignite (building more armor and magic resistance will nullify this)
    Must be up close to do most damage to enemies

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The runes for marks, seals, and glyphs I consider absolute for Mundo.

Most people get flat armor yellows for tanks because early game theyre most effective. You should get magic resistance per level blues because early game enemies wont have much ability power as opposed to late game.

You can either get armor pen quints or hp quints if you wanted. I prefer health quints over penetration quints.

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Summoner Spells

Recommended Spells: Exhaust and Flash

Flash is completely necessary to play Mundo. It allows quick escapes while also allowing you to jump into the middle of a team fight with Burning Agony up to deal continuous damage around you even if they snare or stun you.

I like to use exhaust even though the cleaver has slow. Exhaust and the cleaver together will let you destroy any squishy champions at any point in the game. It also allows you to escape easier when used with flash, your ultimate, and burning agony.

Other options:

Ignite will allows you to be a bit more effective at killing, but I dont consider it betetr than exhaust. Alot of Mundos will use ghost, however, i dont really see the point with Mundo's ultimate giving you the speed boost. Finally, I have never been a fan of cleanse, and ever since they changed it, it hasn't been worth it for Mundo.

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Nothing much to say here. All defensive masteries and offensive masteries affecting attack speed, crit chance, and armor pen. REMEMBER Mundo's cleaver does not deal AP. It deals a percentage of the enemy's hp. Thus, getting attack speed is only beneficial.

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Dr. Mundo's passive gives him large amounts of health regen. Don't get the idea however that you can just build him with only health- the enemy will always ignite Mundo when he joins a teamfight, eliminating your health regen's effectiveness.

Cleaver is one of your main sources of damage output. Very effective at harassing enemies and chasing them 1v1. When you are behind your tower with low health, using your cleaver can stop the enemy from taking your turret. Check bushes with the cleaver and use it from bushes to slow an enemy before chasing. It is a skill shot with short range; getting used to the mechanics and the aiming of the cleaver might take a while.

Always activate burning agony before jumping into a team fight. It does okay damage to nearby enemies, so use it while chasing. Do not try building Mundo with AP.

Gives Mundo SO much more damage. Its scaling with damage is amazing, giving you over 200 damage a hit after upgrading to level 5. The cooldown is only .5 sec at level 5 as well, which means you basically have over 200 attack damage late game. You will be able to destroy squishy champions in seconds after activating masochism and chasing. Activate before a team fight and 1v1's.

Mundo's ultimate Sadism might seem lame at first, but is one of the most useful ults in the game. It gives mundo rapid health regen, healing you for most of your health. you should be able to stay in lane until level 6 when you can activate it. If you are conservative, using your ult whenever you are at low health will allow you to stay away from base theoretically indefinitely. You should back when you have a lot of gold!!!

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Skill Sequence

You are going to want to build Cleaver to level 5 by the time you reach level 10. At the same time, level up masochism. I do not level burning agony until level 7 and level it up again until level 13 for two reasons:

    Early game, as in before level 6, your health regen is not high enough, and burning agony will kill you very quickly

    It is not your main source of damage output

I level burning agony sparingly until late game. However, in late game you can activate burning agony without worrying. Your health regen is so high that you actually will not lose health by using it.

Level Mundo's ultimate when you can.

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A lot of Dr. Mundo players like to grab Ruby Crystal early game. I completely agree with these players; his health regen passive will use health very effectively. However, Doran's shieled is a far more conservative option.

It gives you its own health regen, as well as some health to stack with Mundo's passive and some armor to deal with champions who dish out alot of damage early game. Doran's shield is also very effective because Mundo does not use mana. I like Doran's shield over Ruby Crystal because i find it easier to play early game. If you are very skilled and can use Ruby Crystal without needing the Doran's shield armor and health, be my guest and pick it.

Core Build

This is the core build you want for Mundo. I NEVER change this no matter what enemies I am facing. You will notice that the early game for Mundo is highly magic resistance based. Mercury's treads are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!! They will defend him from much of the CC you will encounter. Otherwise, you will get stunned and snared easily.

Spirit Visage is also necessary. Its passive CDR is effective for Mundo's abilities. Its health regen amplifying passive is highly effective on Mundo's health regen and his ultimate.

While i do not change these items, I do consider changing it depending on enemy champions. Let's say the enemy team is composed of entirely DPS champions. If you want, grab a chain vest on your first back to base. Building a tank is fun because they do not require a perfectly monitored build. You can grab any tanky item you want, and if your gameplay is good, you will generally be effective.

After these 3 items, you will have to analyze the enemy team to see what items you will need.

Depending on the enemies you face, you should choose what items will be most effective above.

If I am facing a well balanced team, i generally build in this order shown above. Heart of gold gives you some extra health an a tiny income of gold to help you out. Force of nature grants nearly all the magic res you need, and gives Mundo great health regen. Ending with Randuin's, you will have about 200 magic res and armor each.

However, lets say you are facing an enemy team that is well balanced in AP and AD champions, but has a Tryndamere with 5 kills and 0 deaths. Building Force of Nature won't be beneficial to you! Instead, build Randuin's and then Force. If you want, you could build Negatron and then Randuin's.

Later Items

I enjoy building Frozen Mallet over Warmog's if I am playing extremely well. It gives you health and more DPS qualities. However, Warmog's is an equally viable option. If tend to build these after I have established my armor and magic res.

Finally, ending with Guardian's is always an option that will be effective.

Other Options:

Consider using a sunfires cape if the enemy team is especially tanky or if you want to deal out additional damage.

I don't use Aegis but if you want to be more of a supportive tank it can be useful. I never use Atma's because I don't need the armor, and you will have enough damage as it is late game.

Quicksilver Sash is an item Mundo users pick up. Its active will elimination ignite off you, but I kind of question its usefulness compared to larger items that give more resistance and armor. While it does give magic res, force gives you far more, plus movement speed.

The one option I always consider however, is Thornmail. Many people will never consider Thornmail because they don't want to alter their own builds. I cannot express how annoying this is!! Let's say you are facing an extremely fed master yi. He will kill himself by attacking you even with his lifesteal. Experienced players will not attack you, but running into an enemy team with burning agony active basically forces them to.


Using the above item build tends to be very effective for me. However, as I stated above, you can build tanks pretty freely and still be effective.

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How to play Dr. Mundo/Ranked Play

I'm not going to go into the specific details on how to play Mundo, but I can give some tips.

Remember that Mundo uses health for his abilities. You can buy a few health pots on each back to base to regain health when your ultimate is on cooldown.

Use your cleaver to get last hits early game. Don't worry about losing too much health from his abilities, you should be fine if you play well. Using masochism to gain extra attack damage allows getting last hits on minions easy.

Mundo is an effective harasser as well. Try throwing cleavers from the bushes to stop enemy champions from getting last hits. It applies to all champions that early game last hits on minions will allow you to be effective late game.

Mundo is very effective tank. To initiate, activate your ultimate BEFORE running in! If you do not, you will most likely be stunned and you will be unable to use you ult early enough. You can flash in to catch them by surprise, but most of the time throwing a cleaver and running in does the trick.

Get red buff if nobody else on your team needs it. It couples with cleavers, exhaust, and frozen mallet.

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Final Thoughts/Notes

I know I don't give much gameplay tips in this build, but I expected that people looking for Ranked builds would already know how to play Mundo.

Ultimately, Mundo can be a very effective tank when played correctly. Once again I urge you: Alter your build to fit the enemy team. This is one problem I have with the solo que. Many people I meet refuse adamantly not to alter their builds because they are arrogant or think that altering their builds will make them worse. However, most of the time these people in fact do very badly in game.Dr. Mundo can be played around with.