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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by ZabimaruOwner

Mundo tanks, Mundo kills

Mundo tanks, Mundo kills

Updated on January 27, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZabimaruOwner Build Guide By ZabimaruOwner 6,881 Views 2 Comments
6,881 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ZabimaruOwner Dr. Mundo Build Guide By ZabimaruOwner Updated on January 27, 2012
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Hi LOL fans, this is my first build here at Mobafire and i just wanted to give you guys something i find cool when playing Mundo. This build gives you not only excelent tank capacity but also an incredible damage that gives you the ability to endure fights against powerfull enemies while you do great damage to them. The majority of players play Mundo as the indestructible tank and i find that nice too but if u can tank like a boss while hurting your enemies hard so why not??
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Pros / Cons

Particularly i find Dr.Mundo a really nice champion and well here is what i think of him:

-Lanning isn't hard since you have nice health regen and a low cd powerfull harass;
-He's got abilities that grants you stats like attack damage(really high), tenacity and fast regeneration, and all of them have low cooldowns.
-Gives you the chance to play a tank with high damage;
-Camom he's almost The Hulk, how can someone dislike him??

-Spells have health cost, so at early game if you use them wrongly it can give the enemies a chance to kill you;
-If you know any other cons tell me!!
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This rune set may look a little weird but it is not. Getting attack speed runes gives you nice stats whithout need to buy more attack speed items. In this build the only attack speed item is Ionic Spark and it plus the runes will be everything you need to make this build work amazingly well. About the critical strike damage runes, they work well since you get some critical chance. And the magic resist runes give you some nice resistance that actually work well at early game.
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This Masteries focus on damage role. The stats they give you are really nice and will sinergyze well with the items and runes. Getting poits to reduce time dead is nice. Points in attack speed and critical chance and damage will give you some extra stats that will work well with your items from mid game on. There are some nice posible variations but that depends on the players preference.
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This item build is nothing but perfect for Mundo, since this purple colored Hulk rellies on health and health regen. Mercury treads are excellent, it suits so well since it gives you tenacity that can combo effect by activating Burning Agony, this combination can make you almost immune to disables. Spirit Visage will enhance your regeneration effects, including the innate ability and the ultimate, making this item core for Mundo. Warmog's Armor is another core item for our doctor since it gives you a huge amount of health and health regen. Sunfire Cape is excellent for Mundo since it gives you nice health and armor stats and giving you magic damage aura. Atma's Impaler is THE item that will turn Mundo from a full tank into a hybrid tank/dps since it turns percentage of health into attack damage and this bonus attack damage will sinergyze with Masochism for greater results. And to finish the build, Ionic Spark will complete your dps stats giving extra attack speed and also tha magic damage chains will let you damage more than one enemy and will also give you an alternative damage if you are fighting an enemy full of armor.
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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is prety simple: start with a point in Infected Cleaver then get Masochism Then Burning Agony. After you have the three spells u max Infected Cleaver everytimr you can and when you cant you max Masochism, leaving Burning Agony to max last. And also, of course you max Sadism everytime you can.
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Summoner Spells

This summoner spells focus on agressive and safe play style. Ignite will let you reduce the healing of enemies who relly on life steal, spell vamp or health regen, and it also gives you a weapon to kill enemies that are almost escaping with low hp. Flash gives you mobility to pursue enemies or flee from ganks and dangerous situations, it is highly versatile.
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Dr.Mundo has no problems getting minion kills for gold. Masochism and Burnig Agony can be used to farm really effectively, all you need is awareness of how much hp u can spend with spells without getting in danger.
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Neutral Minions

Mundo's Infected Cleaver is really good to get neutral minion buffs early in the game since it's damage is based in the enemies health. Also Masochism which grants you high attack damage will work well to get neutral monsters kills.
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Team Work

Dr.Mundo can easily initiate team fights by simply going in the middle of the enemy team. Sadism can make him endure lots of damage in team fights and will make him resist that few seconds before the rest of the team join the battle. With this build u can combo Burning Agony, Sunfire Cape and Ionic Spark do deal AoE magic Damage while tanking and physicaly damaging a single target like any fighter/carry. Mundo's Infected Cleaver is one of the most reliable spells in the game since it has very low cooldown and will apply high slow debuff and also magic damage based on the enemy health, that makes Mundo excellent chaser and ganker helping the team to get kills.
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Well guys i hope you enjoy this build and if you like it leave a comment below.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZabimaruOwner
ZabimaruOwner Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo tanks, Mundo kills

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