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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by TheAnnoyingHans

Mundo : The Burning Agony

Mundo : The Burning Agony

Updated on July 12, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAnnoyingHans Build Guide By TheAnnoyingHans 3 5 19,432 Views 3 Comments
3 5 19,432 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TheAnnoyingHans Dr. Mundo Build Guide By TheAnnoyingHans Updated on July 12, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo
  • LoL Champion: Dr. Mundo


This build is for all of you who likes to try a little crazy build but that works very well. You don't have as much hp as a mundo usually has but with your high spell vamp percentage you can still survive. This build is totally aimed for his ''w'' the Burning Agony as it's the only spell that stacks with ability power. You think Ability Power Mundo is worthless ? Then try it yourself, 'cause you're not a chicken right ? While you read the build you could listen to this ! =) YEAAAAAAAAAAAH
My computer is ****ed up so I can't take a screenshot but so you know my scores in ap Mundo games are 14/3/8 and 9/6/12. Also my friend tried this build out and he didn't believe it would work. He got a very nice surprise with 18/11/13. Ability Power Mundo is good on all maps but I think it's best on Summoner's Rift. (The two boots on tanky Mundo is just that if you meet much Attack Damage you get Ninja Tabi and Mercury's Treads if you're against Ability Power or having problems with Crowd Control) I hope you all will find this build helpful and fun to play :) My Summoner Name ----> TheAnnoyingHans
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Summoner Spells

    Exhaust : It's your main spell for slowing enemies down so that you can deal all your damage with that burning agony. Also you can use it to escape or take someone like Jax down in a 1v1.
    Ghost : Ghost is also for catching up with opponents so that you can deal enough damage to kill them or just get to lane or flee quickly.
    Flash : It's a good spell but it has such long cooldown and doesn't last for that long so I think the Ghost spell is worth more in this case.
    Ignite : It's good for picking up those kills when your opponent has that little hp bar and you can't reach him. But with the exhaust/ghost you can deal enough damage so they die and you do not have to use that ignite.
    Cleanse : It's good for getting rid' of those nasty crowd controls but isn't worth it.
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You should always start off with a regrowth pendant so that you can heal up the hp you consume by your abilitys. If you want to rush to rush a hextech it works but your early game will not be fun ...
Get those boots so you can move faster and get in range for your burning agony and after that you get the hextech revolver.
That's the most important item in your build because it gives you heal and ability power so that you can deal more damage with burning agony and also heal up some of that health you consume.
Finish your boots for movement speed to chase up even more.
When you get your ulti you true form will arrive.
You can almost kill anyone and even if you have that burning agony on you just heal up your health.
It also gets you that extra movement speed to really catch up with opponents.
Then get Will of the Ancients for more spell vamp and ability power and after that ANOTHER HEXTECH REVOLVER !!!!!!
Here you ask the question ''why?''.
Well it's because you need that extra spell vamp to insure that you don't die since you do not have that much health.
One infected cleaver will heal you around 200-250 when at lvl 5 with these items. That + burning agony's heal + your ult = almost invincible.
Then get the rylais crystal scepter for that slow with your burning agony so you never have to run behind them making no damage.
The deathfire graps is good because mundo doesn't have that much burst but with that item his damage will increase by a large amount.
Mundo's ability power stack isn't the best and that's why I get the Rabadons Deathcap as my last item.
If you're having trouble to survive against teams with high lifesteal or high burst damage you could get a Thornmail, Force of Nature or maybe a Warmog's Armor.
You could also get a Quicksilver Sash to get that ignite heal debuff away.
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Why I didn't get some items

Lich Bane - It gives you more damage since Mundo only has one stacking ap ability but if you get Lich Bane you have to sacrifice something else and that's not worth it for me. Maybe if you go for full Ap without concerning your health. I use Deathfire Grasp instead of this items because it deals more damage and has a range.

Rod of ages - Well this is just stupid to get. Dr. Mundo doesn't use mana so it's practially worthless except for the health and ability power.

Zhonyas Hourglass - This could be a good choice. It gives you armor and that passive is wonderful but I think the Rylais Crystal Scepter suits better for Mundo with his Ultimate and his Passive.

Abyssal Scepter - It's a good item with a good aura and stats but I don't think it gives so much so it would fill up in my build. But good choice of item when meeting Ability power team !

Void Staff - It has that good magic penetration but I think the boots give enough.
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Pros / Cons

Pros : Can kill almost anyone when at low health.

Cons : Will die instantly when gets focused by the other team.

Pros : Can get down the health on other champions by using the infected cleaver before trying to kill the other champion.

Cons : Will stand still and try to auto-attack the other champion but dies instead.

Pros : Will always assist the team and insuring that he doesn't get focused.

Cons : Run around alone / over extend and then die immidiatly in teamfight.
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Ranked Play

I would not recommend this for ranked games because if you meet a well setup team they know that they can take you down very easy with ignite just focusing you before you get to use your ulti.
You could do it anyway but remember to last hit all the time.
Also you should not waste health on burning agony to take minions you just have to last hit. And do NOT overextend.
Also if you play ranked with this I would switch the Hextech Gunblade to a Thornmail if you meet much AD, Force of Nature if you meet lets of AP or if both you can get a Warmog's Armor, Randuins Omen or a Guardian Angel for survivabilty which is very important in ranked games.
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Team Work / Teamfights

When entering a teamfight you should be second person who goes so you don't die by the other teams high burst damage. when you get low health stick around just a little bit behind and wait until your teammates will be the targets and run in and kill everyone in your way.
Your heal from hextech revolver and your will of the ancients plus that passive your health bar will increase and make you survive.
The other team will think of you as the tanky Mundo who can't die. That's an advantage for you 'cause then they don't attack you and you can deal all your damage when the other team is trying to kill your carry.
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Your teammates will probably tell you not to play this build or that you suck but tell them toSHUT UP and continue playing and they will be proved wrong ...
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Skill Sequence

Your Infected Cleaver will act as your way to harass and slow your enemies. That's the reason I spec that first.
After that I get the Burning Agony for damage and farm and I get that Masochism for maximum damage output even though I'm ap.
Then I try to get the Burning Agony leveled up very quickly so I can start dealing high damage and of course I take Sadism on level 6,11 and 16.
When you maxed your Burning Agony take Infected Cleaver and level it up for maximum slow and damage.
After that take your Masochism, it's the only one left so not such a big surprise ;)
Since you don't autoattack much when using this build Masochism is not worth leveling up.
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If you want to jungle with Mundo start with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health potions.
Choose your Masochism as your first ability so you can deal much damage and take down the minions faster.
I would recommend to start at Blue Buff even though he doesn't need mana but it's easy to take and gives you lots of experience.
Then follow the normal jungle path with Wolfs, Wraiths and then Red Buff.
After Red Buff you should recall/gank because you don't have enough health to kill dual golems.(without armor runes)
Get boots as fast as you can and then follow the build.
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Late Game

In late game you will probably be struggling to survive the your enemys damage and will die more than you kill 'cause your heal doesn't heal fast enough. Then you should switch some items in the build if that happens.
The best items to switch would be the Hextech Gunblad for a Warmog's , force of nature , or thornmail.
Rabadons Deathcap gives you really much ability power and works extremly well with Deathfire Grasp so that's something you should keep.
You could sell the Will of the Ancients for the same items I told you about before unless you own everyone then you should keep with your full Ability Power build since you don't die.
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This is an overall good build if you dare to try it. If you like the build , have tips on how to make it better or just wanna play some LoL add ''TheAnnoyingHans''. If you can't play Ap Mundo good and thinks it's bad add me and I'll play Mundo a game with you ;)
The Tanky Ap build I added is for those moments when the other team has so much burst damage you cannot deal any damage and just die.
Or if you just wanna get a little tanky like Mundo use to.
Thank you for reading the build :) Now get ready to enter the Fields of Justice with the crazy Dr. Mundo ! Don't let anything stand in your way !
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