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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Quiquiro

Mundo The Maniac

Mundo The Maniac

Updated on February 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quiquiro Build Guide By Quiquiro 7,085 Views 3 Comments
7,085 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Quiquiro Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Quiquiro Updated on February 29, 2012
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Ok who is Dr. Mundo? Mundo is a crazy guy who can do almost anything. He can dance(yea he can xD) he can dress well AND MOST IMPORTANT THAT HE CAN TANK!!!!!

His one of a heck of a champion really fun and PRETTY difficult to master so dont rush and get a 10/0/1 on your first game xD he can be dangerous as he can be awfull, but at the end he can do allot more than what everyone thinks.

Most of people usually dont play him because they dont know what is he capable of......
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Mhmhmhmhm were do I start...

I KNOW!!! For a Mundo build you should use Armor per lvl Seals why is this:
maybe your going to say: What armor per lvl seals would help?
Its really simple early game you will need to farm A LOT with your Cleaver you will be able to farm well. As you lvl up you'll very difficult to harras by melee champions.

Same goes for magic resist per lvl Glyph's they wont be able to harras early-mid game.

Ok now comes the Mark's one I chose magic penetration because you will be doing allot more damage than what you think. Your cleaver doing more damage and your burning agony will do more magic damage.

If you dont want magic resist you could get armor penetration or HP regen for more survivability. OR you could get flat health so you can put your passive to work.
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For masteries i went 9/21/0
In offense summoners wrath for exhaust. 3 in brute force so you can hit a little more. Went 4 on sorcery for the extra 4% cooldown reduction with this you can do cleaver a lot more and freely spam your ult. For last in this line Arcane Knowledge that gives 10% magic penetration really nice for burning agony.

Now for the main line for mundo
builded armor and magic resist for first, then went 3 on vigor for more health regeneration. 4 on durability=more health (WHO DOESNT LOVE HP AND WITH MUNDO'S PASSIVE IT WILL HELP ALLOT)then went for veterans scars=more health again xD then 2 on indomitable your tank you should be dealth less damage. Then 3 on cooldown reduction per level(THIS WILL HELP YOU ALLOT LATE GAME)then 3 on honor guard(its 1.5% less damage good mid-late game)And Last But Not Least Juggernaut Increase your maximun health by 3% and reduces the duration of incoming disbales by 10% what else do you want? ITS THE BEST MASTERY!!!!! And with mundo works the best(well with any tank it does)
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Ok for items you should start with regrowth pendant and potion(if your asking for what potion the health one, HE DOESNT USE MANA!!!) or with a ruby crystal. I prefer to start with regrowth pendant but everyone has different likes sooooooo you wish with what to start :) With this you can stay in lane for a long time and farm as well. After farming for a while return and buy boots of speed and another regroth pendant and if you farmed well you can get a negatron cloak so you can build fast force of nature. Then get mercury's treads and kindlegem for health and cooldown reduction. Get spirit visage it will give good cooldown reduction health magic resist and all regeneration eff on you by 14% will be good for your ult, passive, cleaver and the health regeneration on himself by other items(really good item on mundo). Now you will have more magic resist than armor a sunfire capa will be nice it does AoE damage around mundo good with his burning agony, and will give armor and health more health=more regen. Now goes to pure armor, get thornmail this a beast item it gives 100 armor and return a 30% of physical damage done to you. And for late game(maybe you wont need it) you'll buy warmog's armor it will give allot of health allot of health regen beast item late game. Trust me this build wont dissapoint you, you'll get allot of health regen and high to normal armor and magic resist.
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Skill Sequence

You should start with cleaver its an awesome skill the best for mundo it does damage based on the targets health, slows and heals mundo for halve of the damage done. So lvl up cleaver all you can and fast the second skill is difficult because masochism will be used allot more early-mid game because the less health you have the stronger you are sooo late game you will be healing more than 300 in 5 secs sooo late game wont be as powerfull as early-mid game. Lvl up your ult when ever you can you can freely spam it its cooldown is short not so long xD and burning agony is good late game, you will be less targeted for less durations and do allot more damage.
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Pros / Cons

    His unkillable late game
    Good farmer mid-late game
    You can tank anything
    Very durable
    People will LOVE YA!!!!!!
    You'll run all the map in no time.

    You'll be more targatable when fighting alone
    Ignite will ruin your play all the time
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Summoner Spells

I should go with Exhaust more slow and extra damage to target.

And ignite so when you cant catch up to someone just ignite him last last hit him/her/it.
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This is my first guide I didnt put images cause I didnt know how to I hope you guys like. Mundos my main champion I play him really good. This build is very effective late game if well farmed. Sooo plz dont forget to comment and I would like if you guys see something wrong that you dont agree with just post plz and ty for your time.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Quiquiro
Quiquiro Dr. Mundo Guide
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Mundo The Maniac

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