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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author gore

Murder Emperor -**UPDATED!!**--

gore Last updated on December 17, 2010
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OK, I'm finally updating this build! I haven't played Mordekaiser in the manner I have listed here in a LONG time, because I realized finally how bad it was. It had no direction, it had no theme, it worked once in a while, but that was probably luck lol.

Anyway, I have NOW FINALLY updated this build! I have now changed the Items to the ones I actually use, and I have changed the Runes to what I actually use on Mordekaiser, and so on.

Now, this build has a huge 4,000 page text intro and play style; Basically you can forget it or not even read it for the most part (I'm only leaving it up so that I can change it around if need be).

RIOT HAS NERFED SUNFIRE CAPE TO **** AND I DON'T CARE AT ALL!! I'm one of those people who didn't give a **** about it anyway, and now, it DOESN'T STACK!! So to everyone who said I was playing wrong and should use 400 Sunfire Capes; EAT ****! HAHAHAHAHA!

Have fun changing your entire play style, build, and what items you get!

Anyway, this build, is basically a total Hybrid. You start off of course with the Bread And Butter BOOM known as Siphon of Destruction. It's what you'll be using to make Iron Man laugh off damage.

I still refuse to tell you which order to level abilities in. Why? Because there is no reliable way to tell you how to play Mordekaiser in every single situation in this game. And anyone who tells you how to level your abilities in only one way, is probably full of it too.

You should level Abilities, based on what you're up against. That's pure and simple. If you're up against a team or Champion that isn't something I've thought of, than I wouldn't be of much help to you, and I don't want that.

So, for Leveling Mordekaiser -

Do what you think is best. I'm not going to expect even one person to print this out and copy every move. That's stupid! That's using my play style which may not work with YOUR play style. So quite simply, I'd recommend VERY much, that you level what you want.

However, if you'd like to know how I do it, because you'd like to try the build in the manner in which I do it, then, here you go:

The very simple rule of thumb I use when playing Mordekaiser, is this:

I start with Siphon, and then, when I level, I usually get Creeping Death, which I might add, once leveled, does more damage than Sunfire Cape USED TO lol. I suspect people might start respecting my style more now that their capes aren't going to stack.

Anyway, basically, Level Siphon EVERY chance you get, except of course when Children comes up, and take that. If you can't level Siphon, or Children, go for Mace of Spades. And if you're up again a team full of casters and damage dealers, grab Creeping instead.

Now, the Items:

I'm going with Sorcerer's Shoes to Compliment the Magic Penetration Heavy Runes and Mastery point I have for it. Magic Penetration is VERY key to Mordekaiser! His Abilities all do some Damage, and it's MAGIC Damage. So Magic Penetration will help you get through that pesky Magic resistance.

I've also gone very heavy on AP! This makes your Abilities hit harder, as the Magic Pen makes them hit better!

So, Sorcerer's shoes should be your first Item. Also, if you'd like, grab a few Health Potions. This way you can lane longer.

Also, you could try Doran's Shield to help that out too. It's up to you though.

Once you have the Shoes, you start building the VERY BEST Hybrid Item in the ENTIRE game! I'm speaking of course, about Hextech Gunblade! HTGB!! This is probably my favorite Hybrid Item ever. It's VERY good.

I use Hextech Gunblade not just on Mordekaiser, but on Jax, Teemo, Irelia, Kog'Maw, and others, like Twisted Fate. It has good AP, it has good Damage, it has Life Steal, it has Spell Vamp, and it has direct connect 300 Magic Damage that will Penetrate very well with the Runes and Items used.

The next Item, is Malady. This is more AP, and great Attack Speed. Mostly because Mordekaiser Swings slowly.

At this point, you have your shoes, a Hextech Gunblade, and some decent Attack Speed, so, now it's time to get something extra. Something to keep you out there long enough to farm. Force of Nature is that Item!

Force of Nature has basically the best out right Health Regeneration in the Game. It's also great for those people playing a Caster with 800 AP murdering everyone. You get great Magic Resist, and you have amazing Health Regeneration.

Health Regeneration on Mordekaiser is VERY important, because he uses his Health to cast spells. So, why not have good Health Regeneration so he can keep casting?

Now, once you've got this stuff, you're already going to be putting fear into the other team. You'll probably have them trying to gank you too.

This is where the next Item comes in; Rylai's Crystal Scepter! This is a nice chunk of Health and 80 AP all rolled into one! I don't think this needs any explanation.

Now, at this point in the game, IF it's still even going, get Another Hextech Gunblade!!

Once you do that, you're going to have totally INSANE Damage Output. And better yet, you're going to be regenerating Health to the point people will think you're cheating. I'm not kidding. Two Hextech Gunblades is going to give you 40% Life Steal, and 40% Spell Vamp, and a **** ton of Damage and AP.

You should be able to kill the Tank of their team within a few SECONDS. And that's without a Madred's Bloodrazor no less!

Anyway, I have finally updated this build, and I Hope you enjoy it, and I Hope it helps you to win!

MordeKaiser - Murder Emperor - The Emperor of Murder!

Introduction about me, and what I like to do with this / Rant about Builds -

That's actually what his name means in German. Awesome huh? Anyway, I personally don't like builds normally. I think one reason is that I've been playing Magic: The Gathering, since very early 1994, and in Magic: The Gathering, most of us who play well, detest "Net Decker's"; People who go online, find a deck, copy it, and play it.

These people are rarely good at a tournament, because the idea of "Net Decking" where you find a deck online, copy the "Build" and use it, means you basically don't have one VERY important skill in the game; Knowing why EVERY card, all the way down to the last Mana, is in your Deck. If you don't know why EVERY card in your deck is there taking up a slot, you're not going to play "Naturally". You'll have to sit there trying to remember what you do, at what time, and when you should try to do it best, and it's just not a natural play style.

A Natural play style would be you making your OWN build, and knowing why each and every item / card is in your deck! If you do, you not only "flow" better, but you don't have to memorize every single word of the build. Basically, when the Opponent does something your "guide" or "Build" didn't explain, what do you do? YOU LOSE! So, part of me hasn't liked Builds for LoL for this reason, amongst others...

Here is what I have noticed about Mordekaiser Builds -

1. You can count on one hand after stuffing your fist in a wood chipper the "Differences" in Runes....

2. When I first started looking at builds on here, to see how other people played him, I noticed that almost all the builds, used the very same items! I wrote down every item from every build on MOBAfire, and what I have now, is a piece of Paper that has about.... 9 Lines of text on it, separated by lines of ink to make it more readable, and, that's not very many items to choose from.

Basically, I just didn't like it. Don't get me wrong now, I'm no expert, and I haven't been playing for long. League of Legends is the VERY first game I've ever played like this. I HATE WoW, and I don't really like RPGs in general, so I never got into these games.

The only RPGs I've EVER played much, were Magic: The Gathering, both card and Computer versions, and Dungeon Crawl on my Unix machines (And on my Linux boxes). So I didn't know how this game worked at all.

I've only been playing a month or so, and in that time, I've grown to love not only playing, but working out new ideas.

Before this game, I really only played DooM, Ultimate DooM, DooM 2, Final DooM, DooM 3, Quake, Quake 2, Quake 3, Quake 4, the Wolfenstein Series, the Unreal Series, and the Unreal Tournament Series. Probably would have been faster to just say "First Person Shooters from id Software, and the Unreal and Unreal Tournament Series"... Hehe.

Anyway, I still make mistakes, and as I said, I'm not a fan of "Builds" so, this won't be some "Do this or you'll lose" bull. This Build is Modular in some ways; You can change entire parts and still make it work. I can explain more later:

How I play Mordekaiser

I still remember when I got him. I was so excited about it, because I kept reading about him, and had not EVER played with him, or against him. He was a rare Champ, and still seems to be.

Since I'm still learning, early game, I generally DO screw up and turn to fight when I should be running like a sissy to stay alive. This probably comes from instinct from years and years of Unreal Tournament, where if you get killed, it doesn't matter much, because the other team you're playing against, doesn't really get much from killing you other than maybe one weapon. You don't "feed" them like that, and so it took me a while, and still messes me up sometimes, when I go in trying to get someone, and end up dead.

I've gotten better at this, but really, I still catch myself having to force myself to turn and run, because if I die in this game, I've just helped someone on the OTHER team get Gold, Experience, and possibly their Ultimate if they made it to level 6 from killing me, and on top of that, the gold may help them buy a needed item, which may of course make them harder to deal with afterwards.

Anyway, I spent a while looking at how Mordekaiser was played, and since I don't like copying and using someone else's work except to test something, I wanted to try something on my own.

The idea for my Build, came to me about two weeks ago. I was playing a 5v5 with my at the time level 11 Cousin, and a Level 30 I'd met in a battle right before it. That meant that the other team would probably have some level 30s.

Well, the game ended up with not only us winning, but, me thinking about a new way to play my favorite champ!

I was on the bottom lane, and I was doing alright. I did get ganked early on, and I think once they saw how easy I was to kill, because I was a level 17 or so at the time, (I'm still not at 30) but I had been doing well with spanking their minions, and once in a while getting lucky and bringing one down, so I had like 7,000 Gold sitting there. I thought "Hmm, Mordekaiser is REALLY slow on movement, and he swings REALLY slow too... I can fix this..."...

Items I use, and how I do it -

Start of the game -

For starting up a game, I generally look at what I'm facing, and act accordingly. When I had all that Gold in that 5v5 where I came up with this build, I wanted Mordekaiser to move faster, and the Boots do it!

Boots of Mobility - They have movement 2, and no "other" ability that does anything, however, staying back for 5 seconds, will score you movement 5. Mordekaiser can now outrun an opponent who's trying to nab that last 23 HP you have left!

In a 5v5 match, I get the Shoes first, because I hate waiting forever for Mordekaiser to finally run to the middle. So, get the shoes, and like a Health Potion or something.

In a 3v3 I don't buy the Shoes first. This is because the level is WAY smaller, and therefore won't take forever. In a 3v3 I generally will start with Doran's Shield as this will help you heal and stay alive a little longer.

Why Attack Speed? Why so much of it? - Because Mordekaiser, though REALLY good at doing damage, does it slowly. That 5v5 game, I was using Malady, and I LIKED it. Mordekaiser hits so slowly that sometimes you can get to a point where a champ can get away before you have time to get them.

Malady fixes this. I've been told over and over again that I shouldn't use it and that it's stupid, but, consider this:

Malady has GREAT Attack Speed. It's VERY fast, and it stacks. It also has Life steal, and Mordekaiser uses Health to cast, so that comes in VERY handy.

Phantom Dancer is the next Item I normally get. It's more expensive than Malady, and isn't as fast, but stacked on Malady, it's CRAZY good. AND you get another benefit from it ! Don't forget that!

Armor / Health / Defenses -

I selected a few more of the items I use, because this is mostly something I wanted to leave open to YOU. I have Leviathan, Force of Nature, Guardian Angel, and Warmog's Armor ALL selected, because you can choose one, or two, and pick whatever suites your needs.

The reason I did this, is because I told you I don't like Builds that tell you what to do and make you memorize every detail. In Armor and Health, you have a choice. If you want to use stacks from Leviathan, then grab it, it's also CHEAP!

If you want to make them think you're cheating, get the Shoes I recommend, Malady, Phantom Dancer, Warmog's Armor, Nashor's Tooth, and another like Guardian Angel, or another Warmog's Armor, and you'll be hard to kill ever.

True Story; I once did a SUPER Turret Dive. Yes, the ones that they go to when they need to heal and shop. I managed to run up after someone I was killing got away, and get them up THERE without dying.

I had Massive stacks of Health, and Armor, and I was doing great damage.

Anyway, the Armor you choose, should be based on what you're up against. If you're getting murdered, get the Guardian Angel and something else, and if you're doing great, get Warmog's Armor AND Leviathan, to stack up Health for a win.

At one point, once you have one of the Health or Armor Items, Sell Doran's Shield. You won't need it anymore, and it'll free up a slot!

I usually sell it right as I'm buying Leviathan or something like Warmog's Armor. Once it's gone, you have a free slot to get another item.

Now, some may wonder "Why get Nashor's Tooth??? You don't use Mana!".... Well, here is why:

Nashor's Tooth is priced OK, it adds attack speed making Malady and Phantom Dancer stack MORE, AND, it can help with Ability Cool downs! Need I say more?

Basically, towards the end of a game, you should have this:

Boots of Mobility - Malady - Phantom Dancer - Warmog's Armor - Leviathan - Nashor's Tooth - Or if you chose not to get two Health and Armor boosts, another item... Like a second Phantom Dancer, or a second Malady. It's up to you of course.

If you can, try to get Items like this -

1. Boots of Mobility! He runs slow, make him faster!

2. Malady - Health Steal makes using Abilities very easy, and not so taxing on your Health! Oh and you'll swing like a MOFO now!

3. This one is up to you; If you're having Health Issues, maybe now you should go grab Warmog's Armor, or Leviathan, or Guardian Angel, or Force of Nature! this is of course up to you (The item order) but this helps keep you out there dealing damage until you level up and of course, hitting HARD and fast!

4. If you don't have Phantom Dancer yet, GET IT! It makes YOU move faster, it makes you swing even faster!

5. Nashor's Tooth - Again, the Mana is useless, but the increase in Attack Speed is not. And the Cool down on it is just enough to make it so if you use Creeping on yourself to go into a pile of minions, and then use Mace of Spades, and then use Siphon, by the time Siphon hits, an ability can be ready to go again. I've literally had games where I'd hit either Siphon, or Mace, and then, hit my Shield, or, Hit my Shield, then Siphon, then Mace, then use my Ultimate, and before it was casted, Mace or Siphon were ready again!

This charges the **** out of your Shield Iron Man!

6. This is the time where you should have the Boots of Mobility, Malady, Phantom Dancer, Warmog's Armor, Nashor's Tooth, and now, decide on if you'd like Another Armor item, or Health, or what?? Warmog's Armor twice is cool, and sometimes I'll get Leviathan early on to start stacking, and then go for Warmog's after that, and also, look at Force of Nature! Guardian Angel is perfect for those games where you seem to be getting killed while whacking another Champion. If you're having this happen, then get Guardian Angel, and you'll simply come back to life, and be fine! And won't lose stacks of course.

Now, your Item List, should look like this:

Boots of Mobility - Malady - Phantom Dancer - Warmog's Armor - Nashor's Tooth - Other Health or Armor.

Once you have all this, simply walk into wherever you'd like. No one is going to mess with you alone.

I'm not kidding about this:

I was playing in that 5v5 where I came up with this build, and early on, I was getting killed by the other team. Being a lowly level 21, and having my Cousin, who was about level 12 or so, was hard to keep away. I'd get ganked left and right. Then, I got an idea to get Health and Armor, and looked at what I could use. I came up with my Build on the spot. I spent two weeks making it work right!

This build DOES work. You have to play it in a manner where you can get away if need be, and also, keep Iron Man charged up!

Iron Man fully charged can LAUGH off 4 shots from a turret while you take no damage. How good has this build worked for me? Wellllll, about a week ago, I was playing a game, and after I had started to level, I think I was level 14 or so, and this guy was being a Turret hugger. He wouldn't move until he had some advantage, and then I'd chase him back. Well, remember this:

Iron Man works VERY well with Siphon! This is something everyone seems to know, but I learned that Mace of Spades, though cool, and can basically cause splash damage, isn't like Siphon.

Mordekaiser charges up his Iron Man Shield, by using Abilities. So Mace of Spades gives it a small charge, and so does Creeping, your other shield that people underestimate... Anyway, Siphon, is one of the better ways to charge it, because it basically gets a charge for everything it hits.

Ever see when a LOT of minions come in, and then for some reason, instead of a straight line, they're kind of in a round area? Well, AIM! It'll charge the **** out of your Shield!

I basically put the leveled up spells, in a random order. It doesn't actually matter if you follow this:

Start with SIPHON! Level it every chance you get unless your ultimate comes up, then get that.

Don't be scared of using Children when you need some health and the champ you're trying to beat has full health. It may not kill them, but it comes back after a minute and you get HEALTH! Use it defensively if you need to!

Final Thoughts -

This is my very first build ever. I've never done it, and I'm fairly new to this game, so I don't REALLY understand everything. But I was very much sick and tired of people telling me I suck and I need to use a Build. No, I don't. I don't care if someone else has some awesome Build. They all look very much the same other than a few skills and things here and there. That's about the only difference sometimes, and my build is nothing like the others.

If you don't know, well, give it a shot. Start up a practice game, and use bots, and get all the Items I have listed, and all the Masteries I used, and the Runes. You'll probably see a VERY different Side to Mordekaiser, and you'll possibly even like it.

I got almost laughed at for using what I use with him. Well, that person quit after I used THEIR corpse to down THEIR turret. They didn't think it was so funny when I was swinging so fast it was like a blur, and doing massive damage to boot.

They didn't think it was funny that their ultimate didn't even damage me because Iron Man was full.

I recommend this:

If you don't like the idea of having to memorize, print, and try to understand WTF someone was thinking when they basically picked the most expensive items and runes, and threw them together, and how they think that makes it good (Basically the Alienware of Builds) then don't! You don't have to do it. I may have lost a lot of games getting a feel for what I wanted in my Champion, but now, I can actually hold my own!

I don't know of any Mordekaiser builds on here where they don't use Health Runes, and use Attack Speed, but there will be one now!

I don't have an issue with Health runes, other than they cost more than almost everything... And of course, why use that when you can use it to make yourself appear like a level 30 when you're not?

In that 5v5, the other team, were all level 30, except one, who was a level 27. I was taking a turret down when three came back into my lane probably thinking "We'll Gank him real quick and stop this".... 1 Made it back alive with half his health, the other was now my little Zombie turret trampler, and the other was laying dead on the grass. I somehow managed to take them all.

They attempted again, this time with 4 people, and again, two were killed by me, two made it back almost dead. We won when they surrendered. I am VERY proud of that.

See Mordekaiser can hit for huge massive damage, but it's slow hits. When you up the attack speed with three items, you REALLY do something.

Also, Masteries.... Wonder why I have any in utility? Well, Awareness. Quite Frankly, I don't really care if someone doesn't like it. When you start out early and mid game, that can make a HUGE difference. You not only level 5% faster, but you also get the benefits that come with it.

Think about it; 8 Mastery points makes it so that you get that ability leveled a little bit faster. You get that Health Bonus a little faster, you get that item, a little faster.

Closing statement -

Go easy on me if you hate this. It's my very first try, I was Honest, and I use this build all the time. Before bashing, or commenting, maybe try it out?

I've heard before that the items could be better in some ways, and that's fine. I ranted for 50 pages about how I hated builds and how I didn't like the ones people used. That means I intentionally left some spots open for you to pick. Because then you take something, and make it your own. And when you do that, you know exactly why every item is in your slots, and how they work. Then, you don't have to sit there reading which "Ability" or "Item" comes next. You just pick what you want.

And of course, I did kind of add the abilities randomly like I said. The reason was intentional though. I said basically to Level up Siphon every chance you could except for when your Ultimate was up for a level.

It doesn't matter after that because once you hit 18, all the Abilities you have are at the same level anyway no matter which way you did it :)

Anyway, comments are welcome, but, at least try it before thinking it flat out sucks.

Also, you aren't going to take this and all of a sudden win every game. But you WILL be feared on the field. If I can whack 2 level 30s, obliterate 2 more, and still walk back to base to heal, I must be doing SOMETHING right.

I'll update whenever possible :) Enjoy everyone, HF, and if you do try this out, let me know!

I may be able to update this and make it the best it can be. And, hey, there's finally a Mordekaiser Build without a stupid Sunefire Cape! :)