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Cho'Gath Build Guide by Kidmurkury

murks cho.

murks cho.

Updated on February 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kidmurkury Build Guide By Kidmurkury 3,207 Views 3 Comments
3,207 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kidmurkury Cho'Gath Build Guide By Kidmurkury Updated on February 17, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust



So basically, this is cho'tank. Your gonna hit hard and take almost nothing, firstly this is not a usual build, mainly because of my skilling order. Although odd at first, using said order will begin to make alot of sense when you become one of the strongest harassers early game, and "the indomitable fortress of pain" late game.
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As far as your runes are concerned, flat spell penetration marks. Flat armour seals. Flat magic resist glyphs. and lastly flat ability power quintessences. the reason behind these choices is fairly simple. spell pen to hit harder, and more reliably, armour and magic resist, because your gonna be tanky as hell. and those quints so you come out of the gate with rupture hitting 90+25=110 which is ALOT of hp at go, especially if you can target a squishy.
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This is my typical item build. now to any experienced player you will know, one build will not rule them all (unless your tryn... but i digress) but for the most case, this will put you at nearly 5k hp, lots of armor/mag resist and a very hefty damage output, i "believe" feast will pack a whopping 959 (not sure) and being that rupture scales 1:! yeah, your going to hurt.
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Skill Sequence

this is "based on my opinion" rupture maxxed first and foremost is simply put, to HARASS, and if there's no one around to harass then you farm, and in doing so by the time you get your blasting wand for RoA you will likely be 1shotting caster minions, this means either you and your ally share minions that way, you gett all minions using vorpal (ill explain) or you poke the **** out of your enemys as being hit by rupture at the wrong time is DEVASTATING. now as for feral scream, alot of you are likely wondering, why is it at lvl 1 most the game? and this is because you need only silence for its duration and your target should either be dead, or no longer dangerous if fights last more than 5 seconds, your either with a support, or a noob, in both cases a silence will likely not save you. but rupture will. and now for vorpal spikes, my second favorite (ultimate is prime) skill, makes farming easy, can harass at tower out of range, and most people totally ignore it (funny as hell) not to mention late game it will be making your auto attacks deal almost if not more, than 300 dmg pair that with your 1k feast/rupture and 700ish silence, and pow down goes one or more enemy's.
lastly, your feast. the main thing to make sure once you hit lvl six, is to max your stacks and keep them maxxed, this makes you a huge target, that's easy to hide behind, as well as hard to click around for melee and summoner skills if your lucky. and to much hilarity a scary surprise to a facechecker haha
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Summoner Spells

summoner spells i will keep short and sweet.
flash for escape, chase, or the dreaded "flashfeast" simple, effective, deadly.

exhaust, is basically the same idea, but more for your team then you sadly. becuase end game your going to have so much magic pen its like they have no resist at all hehe

now other spells are definatly viable for the gentleman known as cho. however those two (and ignite) are easily the best choice.
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Team Work

team work. the MOST effective means of success. no question.
and as far as lane teamwork is concerned, be very agressive. laning partners for a solid cho'gath
is champions with large and fast damage output, and/or good single target cc's (xin zhao is amazing with cho) and if you work with your team-mate properly you should make your lane the jungles main focus. you heard me right, the reason for this is becuase if you can keep the jungle focused on your lane, you will succeed in helping 3 of your other players, which will likely help you win. the reason you want that jungle on you is because, you have a massive slow since lvl 1, and with your passive, escaping a gank is probably easier that 80% of the melee champions, that and regaurdless of how your lane plays out, its never hard to keep that creep score up.
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you have 3 methods of farming as cho'tank.
rape it all. (when your with support)
take the casters. (when sustaining both you and ally)
wait in bush for the enemy to slip out of place for even a second (when feeding the xin lol)

you will likely never go a game without a decent creep score no matter the method, and this is because so long as your not jumping turrets and chasing jungles like an idiot, you have nearly infinite sustain (also bear in mind this is where your vorpal is handy) because killing heals hp and mana, so ever 90 mana kill casters and pow a chunk of hp is restored and rupture effectively cost half. you will also rarely need to leave lane, and when your alone farm like mad!
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Pros / Cons

very tanky
your a cc absorbing wall
huge truedmg ult
knockup slow and silence
AoE attack
high dmg output
use feast as smite to secure dragon/baron/buffs

feasts are annoying to sustain if your not doing well
semi long cooldowns
miss rupture, there goes your combo
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well this is my build folks. use this build and decimate your enemys. im not good at summarys so i will wish you all good luck in the future, and would it kill you guys to have fun? :L

in short, kick *** take names, and feast appropriatly (also tip your waitress)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kidmurkury
Kidmurkury Cho'Gath Guide
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murks cho.

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