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League of Legends Build Guide Author Purelybetter

Mushroom Kingdom Teemo

Purelybetter Last updated on October 20, 2010
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Since the changes to Teemo were released, I started screwing around with the new Teemo and created this hybrid build for fun. A couple of notes beforehand.

    The numbers may seem weird, but doing this gives you max CD Reduction and Attack Speed.
    The end of this build assumes Elixirs, although there's no reason not to get them.
    You're a hybrid who focuses on one spell per situation.
    Try to steal Golem as much as possible until end game when you have enough everythingness(yes I made it up)
    You're pretty damn reliant on your team. If they suck, you're not going to do outstanding.
    I expect you to know the changes and know you're abilities. I'm not going to go in depth on the basics.

-Early Game(1-6)-
The changes to Teemo severely effected his early game as well as Attack Damage Teemo. So, my best bet is to start off with Doran's Ring or Shield(I prefer Ring but the difference is survivability vs. Lethality). Early game you are a squishy, through and through. If there's no MIA and you're ganked, chances are you will die. Basically start by getting Toxic Shot and just Last Hit and harass. Don't focus so much on harassing that you yourself get harassed into going back though. Your most important goal is to stay alive to farm minions and XP. Feel free to use Move Quick to get in and out of range of Auto Attack, and use Blinding Shot to deny last hits from melee attacks. Be careful with your mana though. Once you reach level 6, all hell breaks loose.

-Mid Game(7-14)-
For me, typically this phase is still the laning phase, but instead of conservative me, I go for kills. At this point you should have Berserker's Greaves and be well into Nashor's Tooth. Now you can start stealing Golem for the Mana and CD Reduction. Also, spam mushrooms. There is where the build has fun. Put mushrooms everywhere. I mean it. Mushrooms will have 2 benefits to you. They act as a ward and damage enemies. This makes them great for both initiation and defense. Ideally you want to Shroom up wherever the fights are occuring, I.E. if they're ganking you a lot, get the river and their forest covered. If they're pushing, cover your forest. Feel free to gank as you please. Help other lanes too, Move Quick greatly increases your ability to gank and defend.

-End game(15-18)-
This is the end. Congratulations. As of right now, there should be a **** ton of shrooms to ward it up and your team should be set. Teemo has amazing survivability and lethality once you get Hextech Gunblade and Madred's Bloodrazor. Once I complete my build, I can personally solo baron. There's nothing out of the ordinary for Teemo, just shroom **** up and use it as an initiator and chaser. Stay in the back as you're squishy still, and don't forget to use Blinding Shot, it hits like a truck. Feel free to bait them into Mushrooms. Basically, get them on Mushrooms whatever it takes.

As for items, the first 5 are generally set in stone. Obviously, switch orders for different opponents. If they have a lot of high health heroes, Madred's is going to help you more than Malady. As for the 6th item, I have Frozen Mallet but that's just a general. It gives survival, damage, and a slow. However, there's a few others I'd put out there. The boots however are up to personal choice. Some of you will prefer extra movement constantly from Swiftness, some will want resistance to CCs. I prefer the killing potential of the 25% AS.

Bloodthirster - If you're having no dying troubles, this is probably better. Once farmed up, its 25% Life Steal and 100 damage. You can't beat that with a 2.5 APS(Attacks per Second).

Guardian Angel - The other side of the pendulum, this is if you're dying a **** ton to everything. It basically negates burst as you just come back from it.

Black Cleaver - If your team is pretty physical heavy, you might want to consider this for the team.

Banshee's Veil - Only for caster heavy teams, especially with something like a Ryze.

These are even farther from set in stone. I have ignite for the extra dot and counter to heals, as well as the damage. I have teleport for the mobility. Each shroom acts as a beacon to teleport to, and can literally have you bouncing around the map. As for others...

Exhaust - Great against a melee heavy team. Blinding + Exhaust keeps them down for almost 10 seconds.

Heal - Great for baiting, allows you to sneak in a kill from their overconfidence. Also helps you stay in the lane.

Ghost - Classic escape and chase ability. Although Teemo already moves quick(ho ho ho, I make a funny pun).

Flash - Same, escape and chase to get in range.

This build is far from complete. I know that, I made it in a day. However, it has worked for me and I'd love criticism to help perfect this and get Teemos back out there despite the gameplay changes. I'll still be editting this guide with things such as pictures and suggestions I've tried myself. I'm not going to work on Blind Faith here.