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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadows fiji

Must learn lvl 30's

shadows fiji Last updated on January 12, 2011
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Hi.... shadows fiji here....

There are some things which a lvl 30 should knw and noobs should learn...

So lets get started .....

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Last Hitting

Learn it. This wins games.

Last Hitting is pretty simple. All it means is that you DO NOT attack the enemy minions constantly. You should wait until the enemy minion is at low health, low enough that one hit will kill them. This is the only time you should attack a minion.

Last hitting minions is better for many reasons:
1. Since you're minions will die faster, you will be pushed slightly back every time, giving you the safety of your tower
2. Since you're not auto-attacking you can have complete control over your attacks. With auto-attacking there's always the chance that you needed that auto-attack half a second before or after to get the killing blow on a minion or champion.
3. It gets you more gold. Auto attacking will get you 1-2 minions a wave out of sure luck. Ranged DPS can get more, only because of a higher base damage. If you watch what you're attacking every minion every wave should be accounted for by either you or your lane partner.

'But good sir, my tower eats all the minions when I get pushed back!'

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Tower Last Hitting

Here's how to get last hits on minions if you're pushed back to your tower.

It takes 3 hits to kill a melee minion. It takes 2 hits to kill a ranged minion. Knowing this will allow you to time your attacks to get those last hits.

For melee minions:
Let the tower shoot them twice. This puts them as a sliver of health. Most DPS champs and Tanks can finish them off with one hit. I've have noticed however that some can't do it until about level 3-4, Gangplank for example. Once you have one damage item though, it will never be an issue.
Mages have a harder time doing it because of a lower base attack. You may need to hit them once after the first tower shot, then finish them off after the second shot. After level 6-7, you should be able to get the last hit just fine.

For ranged minions:
These can be tricky sometimes at the tower. Usually a DPS can let them take one tower shot, then hit them once to kill them. At lower levels you might have to hit them once before the tower hits them, then finish them off (Ashe is like this). Mages have the same problem. Sometimes if they've taken a little bit of damage, you'll have to let the tower shoot them, then finish them off.

These procedures do not take into account your minions hitting them or your stupid lane partner screwing it up though. You'll have to improvise sometimes.

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The Laning Phase

If you are in a normal laning situation, 2v2, there are some things to remember.

Use the bush.

Melee heroes need this especially. It's the only way a melee can stay in the lane with 2 enemy ranged heroes that can harass them. Pot out, get your last hit on that minion, go back in.

DO NOT ATTACK FROM THE BUSH. I see too many people do this. If you are in the bush, and attack, it reveals you, unless a skill-shot. Now you have minions and probably the enemy champion attacking you. Pot out and attack, then go back in.

Just going in the bush will often make your opponents back up. This denies them their minions and possibly XP.

If it looks like you will not be able to kill them (low DPS on your side, crazy healing on theirs) but you are in danger of dieing, it may be better to let them push you back every wave for the safety of your tower. If you do this however, you should make sure they're not getting hits on your tower when their wave gets to you.

DO NOT check a bush if they've been MIA for 5 seconds. Chances are, they are waiting right there for their free food. Keep a safe distance or hit it with a skill shot if you have one.

In a 2v1 situation:

Contrary to popular belief, pushing the minions back into your opponent's tower and making him tower hug is not too effective.

Any decent player will simply last hit everything. Any ranged DPS/Mage can safely do this. For a melee, it can be more difficult if you have good harassing ability. They are also still getting the XP and will out level you.

What you should do is let the waves hit each other. At this point the lane will look like this.

Harass until they back up. Remember to use the grass to lose the minion agro. Once you push them back enough, stay on your opponent's side of the minions, utilizing the grass properly. You should be positioned like this:

Once you get them to back up to their tower you repeat the process during the entire laning phase.

DO NOT sit at their tower and take out their minions as they come in. Let their minions push to the mid, staying in the brush. Once the minion waves have clashed, come out to deny your opponent again. It should look like this:

Get those last hits. Do not auto attack or it will allow more of your minions to reach their tower, where your opponent can get XP off of them. Don't let the enemy get close either.

One thing that should be mentioned though is that this does not allow for kills very easily. Since they will be backed up to their tower, they probably won't take much damage and will not be in danger of dieing. Since you are not killing their minions quickly, if you attack them, you'll have a lot of minions focusing you.

Since this occurs when a champion is jungling most of the time, you should be wary of them. This tactic keeps you mid lane most of the time so you should be able to get out. Expect a gank at around 5-6 minute mark if they are running smite or ralley. If not, they may still come, but won't have the Lizard buff most likely.

It should be noted that this is very easy to do in a 2v1 situation. This same thing can occur in a 2v2. The principles are the same though, deny them XP and gold.

In a 1v2 situation:

This should not happen to any melee hero. If your team decides to put you by yourself as a melee against two champions, it could end badly. It's hard enough to lane as a Range against two intelligent players. Melee makes this even worse. The reasons are explained above.

There are some exceptions. Mord and Jax can hold their own in some situations by sheer durability and damage output. Nasus can sit back and farm with his AoE. I don't believe any tank should be solo though (I consider Mord a tough melee DPS, in case you're wondering).

If you are stuck in this predicament, you need to either keep one low enough that they won't be aggressive, or tower hug a bit to keep you safe.

Since you can out-level them, once you are 5 and they are probably just getting to 3, you could possibly kill one of them if they are low. Be careful though. You have to remember that they still have the damage of two people, and probably a lot of minions.

If you kill one and die, or worse, fail in your attempt and die, it's really, really bad. You've left your tower unguarded and will probably fall if you were laning against a DPS. You've just given their team about 650 gold (I believe) and you no longer have a safe place to level up and farm. To top it off, the two champions you were fighting probably leveled up, so that gap you might have created between your level and theirs is smaller.

Pushing a Lane

I know that a lot of people are not fans of only last hitting. It makes sense that you need to push towers to win the game. I know this and so does everyone else. There is a difference between OMG GOO PUSH PUSH DIEASDJFA;LSDIFJALSKDNMFLAIJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !! and intelligent, calculated pushes.

There are sometimes when pushing is impossibly to avoid and beneficial. Some characters are made for this. Some examples I have noticed are: Morgana, Mordekaiser, Heimer, Sivir, Annie, Tristana, Janna. It is not limited to these characters, only these are ones I've noticed clear enemy minions very quickly regardless of the situation.

In these cases you can't forget the basics. Since you will be auto attacking more often, it will be slightly harder to land last hits. This is no excuse though and you should be doing it. If you can deny them XP then do it.

Here are some criteria I consider before deciding to push a tower during the laning phase:

1. Do I have one of the above mentioned characters? (or someone similar, can't remember them all)
2. Am I in a [2 ranged vs 2 melee] or [2 ranged vs 1 melee and 1 ranged] situation?
3. Do I have a healer?
4. Is there an obvious gap between our skill/level I can exploit?
5. Will their characters run out of mana very quickly if forced into fighting?
6. Can I get that tower down in under 12 minutes?

If you answered yes to more than 2 of these questions, then it may be a good idea to push their tower and get it down.

There are some things to remember when pushing a tower:

Beware the jungler. If you are at their tower, then you don't have the safety of your own. You'll make easy prey for any jungler with the Lizard buff.

When your minions are about to expire, they may come after you. I see this too often. My enemy will want that last hit on my tower. They get it, but then take a tower shot. They are also no where near the safety of their tower. This is easy prey. Yay for morons.

If you feel like tower diving, go ahead. Makes sure your enemy is low though. If you die it's your own fault, so don't blame your partner for not helping enough, especially if you gave him no notice that you were going in.

If you DO get their tower down within 12 minutes, have one person stay around there to protect the tower and gain solo EXP, and have the other jungle and gank.

Another thing to remember is that if no one stays in the lane with the down tower, you will have a huge minion wave coming at your tower within about 4 minutes. This occurs because of the spacing between your minion waves. Your minion waves become more spread out and get overextended. This allows your enemy's minion waves to group up and push a tower by themselves. Someone will need to go clear the lane every 2 minutes or so to keep this from happening.

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Let your lane partner do their job, within reason.

Support champions:
Support champions DO NOT make you invincible.

I play Janna, Soraka, and Morgana pretty often. There is nothing more aggravating than watch your lane partner go for a kill when the opponent is at 80% health, then die. Soon after their death, they blame you. Their logic usually goes something like: 'I don't get how that guy survived. You should have supported me more. It's your fault for sucking. I hate youfalsflasidjfklasmdf.'

If you are laning with a support champion, you need to realize a few things. They are baby sitters. They will do as much as they possibly can to keep you alive and going. They ARE NOT DPS. That means that they will not put out the damage you are used to seeing from a DPS/Mage partner. If that enemy is at 80%, he's not gonna die from you and a support's auto attack and low damage spells unless they are squishy as hell.

Let them help your lane dominance, but don't expect miracles from them.

Let them tank. That's what they're there for. Tanks should be paired up with a ranged dps or mage so your lane doesn't get dominated.

He needs to get last hits too, so don't be a ***** and take every one you see him go for. It's arguable that DPSers and Mages need gold more. IMO, if a Tank doesn't have the items to actually tank, then he's useless and is going to die every fight. Then you're gonna be all mad that he's feeding the enemy and nobody's happy.

If he has no mana, don't expect them to do much. Last time I checked you could pretty much ignore a tank when all it can do is auto-attack. So don't get all pissy when you go for a kill that you probably won't get and die because your tank could only auto-attack.

Set them up. Feed them. Protect them. They make the core of your team. Hope and pray that your carry is good. If you have to choose between saving them and dieing, or leaving them in dust while you get away, you shouldn't hesitate to sacrifice yourself for them. The ONLY exception I will say that could come up is if you have lots of stacks on a snowball item (Meji, SotO, Levi).

I know that sometimes you come across someone who's simply terrible. It happens. You might have to get more damage items to bring the pain if you're not also a DPS/Mage. You should still try to protect them as much as you can, although it could be more beneficial to save yourself instead of them if the situation arises.

If you have a Yi, or Ashe, by all that's holy in League of Legends, keep them going. Because of their auto-attack, you die' nature, it doesn't take anyone good to carry with those two if the game reaches the 45 minute mark. Fed or not, some carries just destroy that long into the game.

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Team Fights

Team Fights

1. Focus the carry
2. Do your job.
3. Ignore the tank.

That pretty much sums up team fights. It amazes me that people have not learnt this by now.

If you're a Tank, tank stuff. Go in first, targeting their carry. Your team will follow if you are doing your job. Basically what makes a good tank is that they can't be ignored entirely. You should be able to take hits and do reasonable damage. Most also have CC (stuns/slows) to "force" a fight to happen. This way their carry that you targetted has to turn and fight you since he can't get away.

If you are Support, protect your carry and screw over theirs. Stay in the back since you are most likely made of paper.

If you're a DPS, target their DPS, not their tank. If you are a squishy DPS, which most are, DO NOT go in first. Follow the tank in.

I'd like to address one thing I've seen happen a lot, and I'm at fault for this too a lot. The enemy tank will initiate and everyone blows all their spells on the guy that's in the middle of all of you. This is instinct and people will always do it. When this happens, there are two outcomes:

1. Their tank hasn't been doing well or your DPS is fed some. Their tank dies instantly to the 5 champion focus fire. That's fine. If that happens, you should all RUN. Everyone on your team has all their spells on cool down and the enemy team is coming to avenge their fallen brother. You've gotten a free kill, so no reason to chance anything. Back out and wait about 10 sec before going back in.

This will allow any healers you have to regen any damage you've taken and all your spells will be back up. People really need to consider a Mage's cool downs. Anivia for example has a 12 second cool down on her main initiation spell. I know others are similar. If you go in right after you kill their tank, your Mages will most likely be useless and you're fighting 4 enemy champions with half of your champions restricted to auto-attacks for several seconds. Chances are their initial burst will kill one of your carries. Now they are down a tank, and you are down a carry. Their tank has done their job, and one of your carries can't do theirs because they are dead. This won't end well.

2. You blow all your spells on their tank and he DOESN'T die. Well this is just unfortunate. Either someone on your team isn't doing their job or their tank is fed a bit. Now the enemy team is going to kill you. Have fun with that. You should probably fall back to let all your cool downs reset so you can actually fight back.

If their carry gets too aggressive though you can always take the fight to them. Just hope your tank sees this and goes after him. This is a scary situation because it could go either way. Have fun.


1. If the entire enemy team is MIA (missing in action) don't go off alone, or even in pairs. As soon as you find them, you'll die.
2. If you see one enemy champion run into a bush away from you, this is called 'bait'. If you take it, you die. Chances are that the other 4 champions are waiting in the bush to kill you. Don't fall for this.

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Misc. Gameplay Item tips


These little 90 gold items will save your life over and over again. Place them in high traffic areas: the river, gank bushes, Golem, Lizard, Dragon, Baron. These will allow you to get ganks often, and save you from them.

Most of the time nobody remembers to get them. What I suggest is that at the select champion screen you ask people to rotate buying wards. I've started doing this and most people agree to it. It's only 90 gold to see an area for 10% of the game in an average 45min game.

Don't be shy about spending 150 on the stealth ones. All stealth heroes have one thing in common: they are squishy as hell. Lay them down in the same spots, and in the middle of lanes. When you see them don't go crazy and attack them yet. Ping them and go around them. Hopefully your partner will see what you're doing and help you pincer them to death.


These are amazing. They are only 300 gold for a major boost in stats. I myself forget about them a lot. I'm currently trying to remember to utilize these every game, although it slips my mind a lot still. Use them, I command you.

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Just benefical knowledge that everyone should know

If your already reading these words congratulations, your already accomplish the main point of this topic, read guides!

Champion Guides

Not only do champion guides provide a good insight into possible items builds, but they also points out different strategies which can possible help develop your playing style.
Champion guides also help to scout out your possible opponent tactics and or spells.
This can be useful if you forgotten and need quick reminder on how long Pantheon's stun last, or what Hunter call does for his teammates.

Game Guides
Useful in providing current strategies, and general tactics for gameplay.

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Hope that you have learnt something from this......

~shadows fiji


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