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Talon Build Guide by babaghanoush

My blades will find their way into your heart.

By babaghanoush | Updated on August 28, 2011

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Talon is the fantastic new champion who in my opinion, is one of the funnest champions to play.

However, many people (as with alot of new champions) have no idea how to build him. I have tested out many builds and find mine to be the most effective.

I dont like Tri-force or BT which you may see in many other builds and I will explain why later.

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The runes I use is my standard tanky dps page. Nothing original here:

- The ArPen reds and quints are for big burst early on and incase of early cloth armours etc. Purely for damage.
- Flat Armour yellows for early game survivability and for negligating minion aggro.
- Scaling Mres p/lvl Glyphs for extra Mres and for later AP burst to help you survive.

Although you are not "tanky dps" you still need some degree of surviability as you are an assassin and it may sometimes go wrong.
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Again, nothing new here:

- Taking everything physically offensive: Crit, AS, AD and Havoc.
- Improved Exhaust.
- 2 points in Offensive mastery for easier early game last hitting (unneccessary once you've level your W).

Last 9 points in:
- Good Hands to limit amount dead to pick more people off over extending after a teamfight.
- Awareness to keep up with utility spec enemies and get the levels into W and R as quickly as possible.
- Finishing with Greed, best way to go with the random last point to spend.
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For me, this is the only way to build Talon:

- Start with Doran's Blade. I used to start with Doran's Sheild and although this is viable, the extra +10 dmg for your rake really adds to your harrassing ability and easier last hitting.

- Grab Boots of Speed whenever you go back and keep them here for now.

- Rush Phage as a way to boost early game surviability and to proc your passive when your lucky. Many people rush Frozen Mallet ASAP but there is one key reason why...your passive procs 10% extra damage, so without any damage, the proc is pretty useless.

- Once you have your Phage, you have decent output so I grab the Merc Treads here depending on the situation. If there is not much CC or it is not a problem for now, go ahead and start building the Brutaliser. If Merc Treads are not needed, CDR Boots are your next best choice or of course Dodge Boots if AD heavy.

- I sometimes grab Avarice Blade first if I only have enough for that before the Brutaliser to take full advantage of the gold p/5 before you cash it in for the Youmuu's. Otherwise, keep the Brutaliser and Avarice in your inv as long as you want for the gold p/5 and upgrade to Youmuu's whenever you see fit.

- Next, it's time for more DAMAGE. Farm up a BF sword and by now you should be racking up the kills to get your Inf Edge whenever you can. The reason I choose this over BT is because although BT is more AD charged up, it needs charging. You may not have time to kill all the creeps for it to be effective, yet IE is good as soon as you respawn. Also, with Youmuu's, the Crit Cloak from IE and also from the later Atma's, you have a very good crit % chance to proc your crits. Crits are exactly what you need because you need to burst down your enemy and those crits will help you do this. You won't benefit from the life steal from BT enough for it to be effective as you want your target dead ASAP.

- Now you have a huge amount of damage, upgrade to that Frozen Mallet.

- With the Frozen Mallet built, you have a decent HP pool and also quite a bit of damage to start building more surviability. Atma's is a very popular choice now for it offensive capabilities. This is more so for this build as it gives a decent amount of AD due to Frozen Mallet and also more CRIT along with the armour. Amazing item.

- For your 6th item, GA is probably going to be your best choice. You want to get in a burst down the AP mages and with the silence, you may not need huge amount of Mres. Although, if AP is a big problem, go ahead and build a BV or FoN depending on which you prefer and your enemies. If AP is a big problem, get this item before the Frozen Mallet, but try to avoid if possible.
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Skill Sequence

Rake is by far your best damage ability with the second hit being VERY important to hit as it'll deal 10% more damage as the first blades will slow the target procing your passive. We max this first.

Noxian Diplomicy is next as it adds extra damage and also a damage amplifier. We max this second over Cutthroat as Talon needs to burst down the target and although the silence is VERY nice, we only need to longer duration for later bursting down AP champs in mid/late game when they become very scary and can shut you down. We drop a point in Cutthroat at 3 for the gap closer.

Of course, grab your ult whenever you can. Amazing Ultimate for chasing and pure burst to ANY squishy. Also plays havoc with any mages with skillshots (Annie, Brand, Ori, etc.).
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Summoner Spells

Your summoner skills are very much your preference. I run:

EXHAUST - Good offensive and defensive ability. Can help you secure kills fleeing, peel off junglers charging from the bushes or help in 1v1s or even 2v1s in sticky situations. Great spell pick for Talon.
FLASH - 100% broken at the minute, you would be foolish NOT to run this. Counter flash, chase or escape certain death, take this flash on any champion.

Other viable spells along with flash are:

IGNITE - Adds to damage early on, quite useless late game. Good to bring down your enemies quickly/those who have flashed away but I prefer exhaust. Also good to take for a Morde or a Mundo.
GHOST - Great chase tool in combination with your ult or indeed escaping, again, Exhaust I feel is much better for my play style. Too much hard CC and this becomes useless.

Can be useful:

TELEPORT - To get across the map and help and get back to lane to save towers. You are an assassin and so this could be good to get around the map and take people out.
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Talon's farming is incredible once you have your first few items:

- Q - Gives an attack resetting your animation for easy last hitting.
- W - GREAT ability. Hit the ranged minions once each and W to kill all. Can clear waves late game.
- R - Even your ultimate can be use to farm but only late game. With a very short CD later on, if you come across a big wave and you know no-one is around, go ahead and use it to completely clear the entire wave in two button pushes.
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Team Work

Talon is an assassin, abuse this. Your role in team fights is to jump on the opponent AP carry, silence, double damage ampilfier, Youmuu's and burst down using your ult. There is very little that they can do against this if not insanely fed. After this, retreat and jump back in to help take down other targets.

The one important thing to remember about Talon which many people fail to do is...


You have two damage amplifiers for a reason, use this and only focus the one target until it is dead and you will take full advantage of this great champion.
League of Legends Build Guide Author babaghanoush
babaghanoush Talon Guide

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My blades will find their way into your heart.
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