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Build Guide by Mountian Dew Can

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mountian Dew Can

My first Heimerdinger build

Mountian Dew Can Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Hey guys. I'm kinda new, so I'm not 100% sure if this build is good or not...
But I hope that, if it is, you can find something good from it.

I started playing fiddle and sion, and I just couldnt find enough good fun with them... And I got Sion up to a mass amount of health and solo'd an entire line of turrets... And the entire enemy team.

But Heimer gives me that good feel about him... The push, the patience thats required to play him and be effective with how squishy he is... Its all the fun I wanted and more. :)

Now, mind you, this will be a pretty bare guide. Being new, I want this to be more of a test than anything. I won't put in runes or jungling in this one. Runes being because I'm still trying to master a good build myself, and this is more lane-based than jungle booked.

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Skill Sequence

I place my skills in a particular way, simply because I feel its best for my play style.

The turrets go about making life easier from level 1 onwards. A good countermeasure for opponents who try to jump the gun a bit on middle-lane. Some people try to max them out as soon as possible.

Mind you, this is a fine ideal. Maxing them allows for optimum farming abilities, but the cost is if your turrets go down you don't have much else to defend yourself with. Likewise, a good grenade throw here or there will finish an opponent or save yourself due to the blind and stun.

My sequence is more based around the idea of making his skills more even for the sake of farming AND staying alive. This is not a rush/zerg/gank build. This build requires patience and a small bit of feeding to pull off. So long as you can manage this, you'll be bursting in no time.

The missles are nice as a finisher when your opponent is running away after failing to pummel you. They do good damage (the lack of ability to choose your targets is a small issue, but with the new patch you'll have more to shoot off), and theres many a time where a Yi decides to hop inbetween my turrets to try and kill me, only to get hit by a nade and burst down for 90% of his life. The rocket easily manages the last hit while leaving me mostly safe.

The reason I chose this specific pattern is simple: Turrets are nice, but they come second to your own character. They are useless if you can't defend yourself. Some say waiting until 12 to get reds is too much, but I say its perfect. So long as your able to crush anybody trying to clobber you, you'll be able to farm without much hassle and get some free feed from unskilled or unprepared opponents.

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A lot of people may be wondering why I have the items I do.

Reason is that this is my build, but theres so many others you can go to, and many of the items can be interchanged related to your own skills and luck.

For example, I have up there that I go straight into the large rod. This is because I can hold my lane for a good amount of time before having to head back, and my skills accent this. However, you can go for the blasting rod if you hadn't had as much success or you got caught on the ill end of a gank.

Heck, you can go meki and build up to getting deathfire if you feel like its necessary in the early game. However, I find that the Deathcap, with +155 and the +30% AP boost, is the most useful both in early and late game. This helps you mow down enemies quickly and get more fed, or simply give your turrets a nice boost. Likewise, Archangel staff is always a nice pick up for the boosts it gives.

You can go a different route and pick up some boots early on, which is fine as well. Its hard to run from enemies when your going base movement, so perhaps this tickles your fancy. However, most of the time I, personally, can last for quite a bit on my own which lets me continue to build up coinage until I get killed or feel safe enough to port to base. At that point I got for what is needed.

Some people like to go for catalyst, and I can personally say this is a very good idea early on. The regerations will help you keep your lane for even longer, and the boosts are nice too.

Theres lots of ways to start off, mine is just one that works for me in a usual game. However, anything with AP boosts, AP penetration, and Mana and health boosts fit well on Heimer.

The final armor is just for the hell of if its end game, you have fed so well that you can afford it, and you dont need dorian's ring. Its a good thing to have.

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Summoner Spells

I chose teleport and clarity.

I know the obvious question "What about flash/exhaust/ignite/heal?"
These are not necessary to me in the long run, but for some they may be.

TELEPORT: Imo heimer's bread and butter deluxe. He can port to turrets or minions and set up a forward base there, even after getting killed. The skills let you do it faster with slightly less cooldown, but its an irreplacable skill to have on heimer. Some people like flash better, if it works better for you then use it.

CLARITY: Imo the best ability for a push and farm heimer. Mana tends to run a bit low when your having to reset turrets after each improvement, toss nades at runner champs, and repair what you have. Clairty can help in a pinch, allowing you to keep moving forward and pushing while running on your own supply. The low cooldown and the allied AoE buff also makes you a good seige if necessary, being your friends can come back to you, get the mana boost, and run right back in.

FLASH: Its always good to just port to your cursor, so this is a good skill. IMO I like teleport more for the "invulnerable" buff it can give your turrets, but flash has its place as a faster way of setting up base when you dont have turrets near by and the minions are lugging behind.

IGNITE: Yes, yes. Ignite is very good. Extra damage early on, lets you pump that little DoT on runners which may give you free kills. IMO not the best but it works for some.

HEAL: Same as above, it works but its not 100% necessary. I like clarity more because with your blinder effect and passive, health shouldn't be very much of an issue, and the heal spell doesn't give enough back to warrant it over clarity imo.

EXHAUST: This, I can say, is possible to override Clarity with if you have the item build ready to compensate. This can make or break an early farming or end-game rush. Lowers their movements, attacks power, and speed. This means you can blind, exhaust, and destroy enemies in one fell swoop before they can manage to get away. This also means you have a means of escape if they get in your bubble and you cant get them out.

RALLY: I feel this deserves a part. The point in rally can be a good addition, as the ability power boost is useful as well as the boost to your buddies. Use only if you know how, too many people give up a good teleport or clarity for this, only to misuse it and become food for chewgath or tankus.

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Team Work

I'll just list a few people that Heimer works very well with.

~ Nunu and Veigar : Reasons being that with the blind and stun, you can effectivly stop an opponent from escaping some of the devistating big hits that require them to sit still. Also they can work with your pressure to focus their attacks on surrounding you when opponents come looking for fights.

~ Chewgath and Sion : You are squishy and have ranged attacks and stun, they require their opponents sit still for a good feast or for some big cannibalism hits. The grenade can make these processes so much easier.

~Swain and Singed : When they run, nothing is better than watching them hit a crow or walking through a poison cloud. These two can utilize the turret's lack of range to provide a false-safe for others. Just when your think your fine, they jump out for the kill.

~ Teemo and Catilyn: Simply put, TRAPS TRAPS TRAPS. Use your turrets to force only a small window of movement for the opponent and lace that window with all kinds of traps and shrooms to make their only chance at stopping your push tactics to face the obvious disadvantages.

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All in all, Heimer can work out very well for some people. Mind you I'm a beginner basically and totally new to this, so please don't be too harsh, I really tried.

I mained him pre-patch and I'll continue to main him onwards. I'll find the perfect rune combination and I'll keep on improving him. So long as I stand, blood-thirsty foes will have their thirst quenched by the mountian dew can... but so long as I stand, the only blood that will be used to sate it is their own... :D

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I went ahead and found the proper thing to replace the ring. The deathcap is now in its proper place. Also took off crit runes in favor of more mp5, still doing a trial error type thing with the runes.