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Shaco Build Guide by SolarDaz3

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SolarDaz3

My take on shaco

SolarDaz3 Last updated on March 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well guys this is my first guide and it's on one of my favorite champs to play, Shaco. I play him AD since he can pick off most people 1v1 all game when used right. I see too many people play Shaco as just a "clean up" champ which I feel is wrong since he can open with his clone then his team follows, but that's just me so I'll move on with the guide.

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The reason I take Atk Damage reds and quints is you want to hit hard early with both Ad and Ap(which is why I take a Dorans ring to start). I feel that Armor yellows and MR blues are needed since Shaco needs some form of defense.

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Even though I go AD shaco I like to start with a Dorans ring for the added HP, AP, and Mana per 5. All of these helps Shaco's early game by helping out his boxes, shiv and clone, giving him an HP boost and he has mana issues so it's a plus. I take boots of mobility since I like to wander even though I lane with Shaco. It allows me to help lanes with ease and it helps me get away after deceive. RUSH TRINITY FORCE !! Not many people understand the usefulness of this item. Tri force touches on all the things shaco needs with the added slow, sheen proc and the added move speed/crit chance. All around great item for him. Right after I take a phantom dancer since the added move speed/crit strike makes me a force to be reckoned with. By now you should run at 470 easily, possibly more, which means no one can get away unless they flash or ghost. The reason I take Bloodthirster before IE is simply because now you will hit hard but have no sustain, which you need cause 90% of the time you will be the focus. If your doing well, wait to get the vampiric scepter, if you need it sooner, take it. Finish your build off with an IE since your deceive benefits from this, and lastly, take a Cleaver for the added Atk speed and Armor reduce.

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Summoner Spells

Flash and exhaust are the best two for him in my opinion simply cause you will try to 1v1 a lot, and it's always great to have a second flash. You could take ignite but more than likely you will be able to chase and finish your kills with a shiv or by pure speed.

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His skills

This is a really important part of Shaco, understanding his skills. Lets look at his Q, which is his deceive. It does a nice amount of damage all game, it gives you a free flash, and it devastates squishies. Once you get an IE they will run in fear !! >=) Let's move on to his W, His JITB's. This is how you can tell a good Shaco from a great Shaco. A good one will just place boxes for the hell of it to get kills, a great one will set them up in bushes to prevent escapes or from ganks etc.... It's also a good way to get your sheen proc up for your basic attacks, I'm not quite sure if the proc works with your Deceive so I would love some feed back on that :D Next we move on to his E, his Shiv. This skill is really useful for chasing and slowing down the person your chasing. Oh I forgot to mention his passive, Backstab, which helps to kill people running from you. With your Twin-Shiv, your phage effect, and red(if you have it) means the enemy will not get away. Lastly, lets move on to Shaco's most misunderstood skill, his ult. His ult is not for damage purposes or for fooling the other team. It used to draw agro form towers while you push, it helps start team fights and it helps dive people under towers. It also helps you dodge certain things while you summon your clone. Things you dodge are Karthus ult or a skill shot that would kill you if timed correctly.

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Well I hope this build helps a bit, any feed back you have please feel free to help, I want to continue to get better and help out with as much as I can. Thanks :D