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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Flaming Room

My Threes Team

Flaming Room Last updated on May 1, 2011
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This is a relatively simple guide that has spawned from hours of playing threes with two friends, so if you've got some friends looking to get new champions, I'd give this team a try. Don't expect to dominate in ranked with this team (we have yet to even test it in ranked) but it's a fun way to spend your IP and Friday nights. Note: I am assuming everyone already knows the basic play style for their champions, this is NOT a guide on these champions, its a guide for a team.

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Pros / Cons


    Fast early game kills
    Lots of HP late game
    Mobile and Good at team Ganking
    Some of the games funnest champions

    Poor Early game laning
    Falls Apart under a concentrated ***ualt
    Champions are all expensive

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Builds are pretty standard here. We all use our own variations for our champions (see above).
The variations in this guide are all personal preference, and it's up to you if you follow them.

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General Gameplay

Let's talk about the Basic Gameplay of this team.

First moments: quickly get your first items and get to the small middle bush on the bottom of Twisted Treeline. The way you're going to arrange this is have Blitz and Irelia in the bush with Blitz's rocket grab ready and Vlad in the small bush on the top of the lane, ready to take care of any runners with Ignite. During the loading screen you should have analyzed your opponents and already picked out the first target. The first target is preferably a squishy character with a lot of damage potential (Ryze, Twisted Fate, LeBlanc, etc) Irelia begins the fight with a Bladesurge to the target, Followed by Vlad's Transfusion. Blitz should just be auto attacking. Now for your second poor noob to slay. This should be a weak carry character who gets powerful later on (Twitch, Ezreal, Teemo, Yi) every stack on this target, who will likely already be running. Blitz should rocket grab him into you and then Vlad should Transfusion. Irelia will then chase and finish with a Bladesurge. Depending on your health you can try to attack the third enemy, but he will most likely run, and you will be on cooldowns, so good luck getting an Ace. If the fight ever starts to go against you, GTFO. You do not want to feed early on. With practice, You can get this gank down to 15-20 seconds.

Early game: Irelia heads top and solos minions. Her main job now is to not die and call out MIAs for her teammates. Meanwhile, Blitz and Vlad are in the bottom lane getting your team's kills. It's pretty simple: Rocket grab the closer one, Transusion, Sanguine Pool, Powerfist then Overdrive. They will die. Everyone needs to work on their builds (see below)

Mid game: Mid game begins when Vlad is lvl 9 and can Transfusion every ~2.7 seconds. During this time, call out team ganks; going for the toughest enemy first, then working down to the weakest, pretty using the jungle and bushed to stay hidden, then all converge on a target in multiple directions. Once your rhythm gets going you you will start seeing some aces. Push turrets while you wait for enemies to respawn.

Late Game: Hopefully late game never happens. You want your enemies to ragequit and throw their keyboards across the room. You want a surrender in 15 minutes, but sometimes they stick around. This is when it gets tougher. Enemies are going to have more health now, giving them time regroup for team fights. Team fights usually aren't going to be your friend with this set of champions. It now is a game of cat and mouse. Vlad and Blitz zerg turrets and rush minions, while putting out harassment and/or kills on enemy champions when they can. Remember to back off those team fights. Irelia prowls the middle jungle, killing lone Champions and causing distractions that draw attention away from Blitz and Vlads Pushing heroics. Once you're in the enemy base, faceroll everything you have at them (Vlad will probably triple kill ace them here) and then drop that Nexus like its a crazy blonde girlfriend. Victory.

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Individual Roles

Blitzcrank: You are the core of the team. rocket grab is a key component to ganking, and Powerfist is what keeps this team alive team fights. Early game is when you need to be carrying your team a bit. Your job is to stay alive, turret camp when your team needs defence, and support Irelia's and Vlad's Dps. Don't expect to get as many kills, but your assists and overall game presence will be noted.

Vladimir: You are the team's fear bringer. You want them to be saying "oh **** it's the Vlad again..." The thing to master here is turret diving. Once they realize even behind turrets they are not safe, they WILL give up on even trying to fight back. Your only real special skill use is your ultimate, which may be the only thing that stands between winning or getting Aced during a teamfight. Drop it at the begining, so they are already at a disadvantage healthwise. You have the ability to completely turn around a team fight, as it isn't only an ap-based time bomb, but enemies take 14% increased damage when it's on them and that stacks with Ignite. A good solo Vlad gank should look like this: you're at about half hp because you don't recall as it's not needed. Tryndamere (full hp, same level as you) jumps on you. Immediately use a Transfustion, then go into Sanguine Pool and stay on him, then get out and pull out another Trasfusion. At this point, you *should* be able to full off the finishing maneuver; if you can't he'll be at really low hp when you're done with him. The ending combo goes as follows: ignite, ult, Transfusion. He's dead. Just pop all of those things on him and walk away.

Irelia: You have the simplest job: if it runs away, kill the ***** out of it. You also have the teams only single target slow (Equilibrium Strike) so use it when it counts, not just when
you want to spam damage. With an AD build like this, Equilibrium Strike doesn't even do much damage, so your burst potential wont be worth the loss in chasing ability. Early game you have to solo a lane, which can be a little tough on Irelia, but don't be afraid to use your ult when you are low on health. It has a low cooldown, so don't worry about using it frequently. Remember that killing a minion with Bladesurge refreshes its cooldown, allowing you to jump from minion to minion (once your build is complete, Bladesurge will one shot minions)This laning phase ends quick though, so you will be able to get to where you really shine: Ganking.

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Team Work

Communication is VERY important. A voice chat program is very useful. We use Skype, but Ventrillo and Teamspeak work too. Call out MIAs on enemies, point out dangerous bushes, and plan pinch ganks and rushing tactics. This team is all about motion and coordination, and without it, rather useless.

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Final Notes

I will be editing this as our tactics evolve, so check in once in awhile to see changes. Special thanks to Mopeds (Irelia) Thalaris1 (Blitzcrank) and Greshkna (Vladimir)

Edit: 5/1/11 Spell checked, Vlad build updated, and small additions to text made.


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