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League of Legends Build Guide Author jacob96

(My tips on) Defeating Bronze and llow Silver

jacob96 Last updated on March 14, 2014
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These are basic things that i find the most important to winning in solo q bronze-low silver level. I will break it down part by part as well as i can.

I will probably break it down by early/mid/late game and team fights and go more in depth at a later time.

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Key pointers

1st listen to some music in the background at a low volume so u can hear it but it doesn't over power ur game sounds. Make sure to stay FOCUSEDand RELAXED throughout the entire game, from champ select until post game lobby.Getting upset isnt going to make you play better or give you a better chance to win. Read chat and type in chat VERY LITTLE because its only a distraction. And lastly, even the #1 player NA loses games so losses are going to happen so don't harp on them and get worked up, just take the loss and move on the next game.

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Its all about your mindset.

Its a team game, you have to win as a team. Dont worry about you kda or stats as a certain champs, if your team is winning you are winning. If you get upset you have a greater chance at losing. Objectives > kills or farm. Chill and do work!

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Champion select

When you get into champ select say what u prefer to play or not to play then just wait and see what is available when it is your pick, sometimes you don't get what you want but just pick someone that you are good at that fits the roll you need to fill. If you see that ur team mates are fighting or arguing u can try to resolve the problem and keep them calm if you want but i find it best just to stay quite cause if you get involved you just end up getting stressed out.

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In game guidelines

1st and foremost, pay VERY LITTLE attention to chat and only type when it is 100% necessary because its only a distraction. No matter how much someone is feeding or how badly you are losing the game do not start telling ur team mates they are bad or arguing with them because it can only do harm and it will put you in a fowl mood. Remember to just stay calm and focused. If your team starts throwing the blame at you just ignore them because they are bronze and no matter what you say to them they will believe they are right. Another huge thing is using pings, if you can ping correctly you shouldn't even have to type. Use lots of pings to help your team but dont spam the same ping because it wont help it will just piss them off. and wards.

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Early game all-ins (pre lvl 4)

If you see fit and decide to go for a lvl 3 or earlier all in make sure u dont mess up because it can lose ur lane if you do. If you blow ur flash and ignite go get a kill at lvl 2 and you dont get the kill you could be in trouble because you are now at risk of getting ganked without flash and could possible lose trades because u wasted ignite. Just make sure that if you go for a all in kill early that you are going to get the kill and not die.

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Push your advantage

If you are winning your lane and can push the tower down fast, do it. Dont try to keep them in lane to punish them because taking the tower and giving your team gold will punish them more. But if you do that remember that farm is important. So lets say you push the tower down fast and you are at like 70 cs, dont go roam and start team fighting because in the long run you will get behind, keep farming throughout the game. You can go gank a lane or help with dragon but dont abandon your lane to get kills.

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Objectives! Objectives! Objectives!

It doesn't matter how many kills your team has, if they destroy your nexus you lose. Getting Global gold is very important to getting ahead and winning games. So instead of chasing that Leona past the 2nd tier tower to get a kill stop and take the tower and then go back and take dragon with your team. If your team wins a teamfight ping the tower dragon and try to get some gold out of it instead of going to do white. Now, baron is a tricky thing to call because it can win you a game or lose you a game. You dont always need baron, just because you are ahead doesnt mean you should go for baron because if they come in and win a fight or steal baron you could end up throwing the game. I will go more in depth about barons later.

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Wards! Wards! Wards! And map awareness!

Warding and having vision on the enemy team can be very crucial to winning or losing. In early to mid game warding the enemy jungle can be very helpful to both you and your team because it will let you know where their jungler is and where he/she is going. Now, map awareness is key because it will allow you to know if you can say take your top tower when your top lane is MIA. If you see the enemy jungler across the map, you know that u can play aggressive and not have to worry about being ganked. Also, dont be one of those buy a ward but dont look at the map niggas.<--Warding map

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Fixing your mistakes.

I wanted to add this to the in game guidelines but it already had enough. While you are playing fix your mistakes as they happen. If you die for 1st blood and know that it was your fault, realize what you did wrong and dont do it again. Or maybe you almost killed someone but they got away with like 9 hp, think, "could i have done anything better to finished that kill" and if so then fix it for next time you fight. for instance if you didnt ignite because u thought u had the damage to kill them, next time ignite just in case. Also dont get frustrated if you are doing poorly, chances are its your own mistakes that are putting you in this situation. Getting upset that you are doing bad will just make you play worse. If you are already down 3 kills to the person u are facing in ur lane dont keep trying to make plays and roam to make plays, stay in lane and farm under tower.( i know sometimes its hard to do that, but its all u can do that this point).

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Team moral

Your teams moral is a HUGE part in winning or losing a game. Its good to throw out a "gj" after someone gets a kill or kills a tower. Its not much but it can really boost their moral. How can you win a team game if everyone on your team wants to kill each other instead of the enemy team?

Your moral- You have to set ur mind on winning as a team and worry less about your K/D/A. If you are dying but your team is acing them every fight be happy, if you would rather go 20-0 and lose than 3-7 and win then ur thinking wrong and you need to change that.

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Going on a losing streak.

The biggest mistake you can make is continuing to play right after a bad loss. If you play a game that was really stressful then the best thing to do is take a break for a bit. Now it depends on how much games affect you, i dont really get upset or flustered during games but some people do. You just cant let things to get to you. Even if you dont feel like you are getting upset its going to take a toll on you. Most long loss streak are a result of you just continuing to play non-stop loss after loss and it will put a damper on your gameplay and attitude causing you to keep losing, trust me i have been there and done that. You just need take a break and get a fresh start.


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