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League of Legends Build Guide Author Remnil

My very own personal custom uber Twisted Treeline Ap Cho Bld

Remnil Last updated on August 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This build is only for use on twisted treeline. I spent a lot of time researching and playing twisted treeline, trying to figure out how to be successful at it. During all that time I learned somethings. I learned tanks rule on TT, squishies don't cut it. Now tanks rule on TT, because of their natural survivability. They don't do very well built to just tank, they need a different build then would be used on Summoners Rift. Tanks on TT need to build for some dps, whether its AD or AP, depends on the champ you are using. On TT, games take less time, so planing for legendary Items is a bad idea, you cannot guarantee that much income. So, early game plan for items that are cheaper and give more bonus for the cost. This will give you a better early and mid game advantage. Now I don't know how to use them perfectly yet as I have only just been learning how to use them, but wards are very important. Wards give you eyes in the bushes in a game where ganking is a way of life.

Those things said I will try and explain my build for Cho'gath. Now according to Condon this a "Rape me and give me your manseed Cho'gath.", but we are not building a tank. We are building a Mage nuker.

Durans Ring: This gives Health, AP, and MP Regen, Everything a Rupturing Cho,gath needs.

Boots of Swiftness: I hate chasing people, this helps me catch em more. If you want Sorcerers boots go right ahead.

Haunting Guise: This is an awesome Item for Cho, its cheap, it gives health, AP, and magic pen.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter:More HP more Ap, oh yeah it also adds more slow to your skills.

Zhonya' Ring: AP, AP, AP, need I say more.

After Zhonya's Ring your guess is as good as mine, things have never lasted that long. Most of the time, I don't finish Z's ring.

Rupture it is your bread and butter, love it more then you love your mom. Use it to harass, initiate, prevent from running away, finish them off, and make them not fell safe at their tower. This thing stack AP 1:1 it will hurt them so good.

Vorpal Spikes Farm, Farm, Farm, Farm, Farm, Your passive gives you HP and MP for killin, so this really makes that easy. Need health real quick, take a few whacks at a few weak minions will put you right back up their.

Silence is awesome, for locking down spell casters, keeping people from using their ult, making team fights go much smoother. only really needed late game, to expensive on AP before then.

Feast, oh Feast I love you... Oh you guys, um right, feast. Feast does a lot of damage... A LOT OF TRUE DAMAGE!!! For those of you who don't know what true damage means, it means they take it and they take it good, Armor and Mag Resist, do not reduce it. Spell shields and damage shields will absorb it in their different ways. So, if you see someone with a shield, Rupture and Scream first, and then Nom Nom Nom.

Runes I like mine, if you don't, figure out what you want.

Early Game:
Early game their are two things that might happen, 1) you don't gank, fine stay away from there until they make themselves known. 2) The gank, don't tank if they insist, don't do it, you are and never will be indestructible. Otherwise Rupture into the area you think they are in and send in someone better suited to it. Assist in taking down a single target, Rupture again to keep from getting away if you can, must aim ahead to get it to work, don't be afraid to be a coward.

Laning partner, yes partner, you work best as a duo. I like Xin, Kennon, guys who also have good dps and a CC ability. You are a little beefier then most and have pretty good dps in your rupture, use it to harass, and set up for killing a target with your partner.
When the opponent is close to their tower, and don't have a taunt or stun, don't be afraid to walk up and whack it a couple of time Then run away. Turn off Vorpal Spikes if you do this, because if they hit the near by champ it will draw the attention of the tower. you should be able to get some kills or at least farm up some gold for the first 3 Items pretty easily.

Feast, you love it, its great, it kicks @ss. Don't worry about stacking it. it is for killing champs not beefing out. If you want to try and use it as the killing blow on champs go ahead, but it is not a concern to build up, you want it for that true damage.
One more thing if you have cleared away the guys from your lane for a moment and can reach it, PUSH!!!!!!!! Don't slack off, don't farm Nuetral monsters, Push.

Mid game: ganking phase:
mid game you are great help for ganking you can pack a good punch with rupture and feast and your slows keep them their to take the damage. Now you are not a support person exactly, you just benefit from working in a team. I usually have around 10/1/8. I get my kills just fine.
One more thing if you have cleared away the guys from your lane for a moment and can reach it, PUSH!!!!!!!! Don't slack off, don't farm Nuetral monsters, Push.

Late game:
Late and mid game is when I see a lot games screwed up. When a team has the advantage and are winning and have knocked down the enemies first line of towers. they start farming and looking for buffs or waiting to keep ganking, or trying to finish an item before counting. STOP IT!!!!!! I have seen so many games lost because the "winning" team let their guard down and left the other team in their base too long. Never let up never stop acting like you could lose at any moment, because they can still take it from you. PUSH!!!!!!!! Don't slack off, don't farm Neutral monsters, Push.

Now as a ending note, I am not saying don't ever farm neutral monsters and don't get the buffs, because i am not. I am saying if you have the advantage don't run off for a buff when you could take a tower instead.