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Teamfight Tactics Guide by ThatGirl87

Support Nami Supp: The RIGHT way to play Support!

By ThatGirl87 | Updated on October 22, 2020

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Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band


+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Ranked #2 in
Support Role
Win 53%
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Teamfight Tactics Guide

Nami Supp: The RIGHT way to play Support!

By ThatGirl87

Hai! I main Nami. She was my first champ I played and years later I still love her. She is great in most matchups and contributes to the team so well (meaning easy assist gold and good stats!). Also, Nami's skins are AWESOME!

She has one of the best, if not the strongest healing capability in the game. She's not too hard to learn and any ADC will be happy with a Nami Support.

I love playing champs that are helpful to the team. I get my enjoyment factor by getting assists, because, so many people hate support and steal kills or go full ap and takes kills away from the ADC who needs to be the team carry in ranked if you want to secure a win.

Don't blame others for when you die. Don't rage. If you're not going to type something supportive, positive and friendly then DONT TYPE AT ALL! Positivity and not-raging wins games. I can't stress this enough! :)
General Laning Back to Top
You reach level 2 after 9 minions die. By helping your ADC during the first wave, you can get an edge and get level 2 before your enemy laners do. I tend to hit a few CS and try distract the enemy ADC by attacking them when they go to last hit. You want to level your W first, always. But your second depends on how who your ADC is and hw confident you are in landing your stun; if you are chasing them down, you won't be able to land a stun so sometimes I level my E next, as this boosts your ADC's auto attacks (or your own) and slows them down, making it very easy to kill them.

When your ADC goes back and you stay, it is good to last hit the minions and get some extra gold yourself. But don't push the lane by continuously attacking the minions. If your enemy bot laners have recalled/died, then you should help auto attack the minions so you can get to the turret and get that gold from hitting the plates! You want to try and get the first turret too, so take advantage by pushing when you see the enemy jungle on the other side of the map.

When the minions are under your Tower:
Your Turret will kill a full health melee minion in 3 hits. After 2 turret attacks the melee minion will only have a little bit of health left, enough for your ADC to do 1 auto attack and get the CS. But the turret will kill a ranged minion in 2 attacks leaving that ranged minion at approximately 30% health! So if you auto attack it once, then your ADC can last hit it and get more CS. I dont' see many supports helping their ADC in this way, so this can give you another advantage.
Warding Back to Top
Warding is something that I see EVERYONE make mistakes with. They place wards just anywhere in the bushes. This is not smart. Always place your Wards on the side furthest away from your lane. This gives you even MORE vision and even MORE notice if you are being ganked. I ALWAYS see EVERYONE place their wards in the middle of the bushes, or in the bushes closest to your lane; this is silly because you are giving yourself LESS vision overall. Ward smart!


If your bot lane is dragon side, you either put your control ward in the dragon (I always place it on the edge of our jg side so I or the JG can attack them through the wall) or if in your bushes, place the ward on the LEFT side, RIGHT AT THE LEFT SIDE EDGE of the bushes! Not just in the middle! So when/if the other team start attacking it, then they have to be closer to you to hit it. If you place the control war din the middle of the bushes, you are giving them more space to get away.

If you are the other bot-side, you place your control ward in the bushes in between the bushes closest to you and blue buff. This means you can see straight away if an enemy is A) coming through to attack you or B) going through to get your junglers blue. This ward hardly ever gets noticed by the other team an some games I've had that one 75gold control ward in the same spot all game. This is a fantastic spot to place to give vision for your bot lane AND your jungle.
Runes Back to Top
I have never seen anyone else use the runes I do so I feel I have to share what I use and why.

Most guides recommend using "Summon Aery" but I can't get passed how much better Arcane Comet is! When you land any spell on the enemy, it throws a large comet at them. This generally hits them, but better than that it keeps them distracted from CS and more focussed on trying to dodge this second attack. Meanwhile your ADC can either CS successfully or also get some hits/poke on them while they're dodging.

Manaflow band is a must with a mage support. We need the mana regen.

Celerity is another I don't see anyone use; I just LOVE the 1% movement speed. This always help me dodge the other supports attacks; such as from brand; velkoz; leona; blitz; morgana; lux. I also recommend getting Boots of Swiftness which means you are far more likely to A) be able to dodge everything; B) catch whoever you are chasing to get a kill and C) get back into lane quicker/gank other lanes quicker/reach fights quicker to get an assist or heal/save someone.

Scorch is another Must; we poke the enemy with our W/Heal/Damage ability and knowing it is burning the other champion onTOP of what you are doing is very helpful to the ADC. This sometimes secures a kill when the ADC dies/runs away/can't reach them.

I personally love the Inspiration Runes for my second choice. I also never see anyone use Future's Market, but I just find it SO helpful in making sure that when you go back or happen to die; you can more likely always afford an item to make going back/dying less of a waste! I find this more useful over the entire course of the game in comparison to other runes you can choose here.

Cosmic insight speaks for itself.

For the final three choices you can choose 9 Adaptive; then Armor is a must. Your final choice can be Health (which I prefer as it helps with either AD or MD enemies) but you can change this in game select to another armour if going against a bot lane of AD or MR if going against a morgana or lux or brand).
Abilities Back to Top
Your W heals or deals damage, the most, to whom you hit first. If one of your teammates is low, hit your teammate with it first so they get the largest heal. If your team is doing okay, you hit your W on the enemy. This bounces, so someone in your team will get a heal too, if in range. I've found sometimes the range of hte W can be a little wider than you think at times, I can click the W on someone and click to leave/move away and find it juuuuuuust reaches them. So be confident when using the W and the range it has.

The E has a few positives. Whoever you click it on, it gives them a movement speed boost. This can be a life saver if someone is trying to escape! So use it often! It's great for chasing down kills, helping someone escape and even getting back to lane quicker. I use it on myself if no one else around but if running back to lane with my adc I click it on them to get them back to CS'ing sooner.

E has a short cool down and doesn't use a lot of mana; but don't just use it on your ADC when cs'ing. Save for when you are trying to chase someone down in lane. I also like to use it on myself to then auto attack an enemy, then try land a stun. You've slowed them down and it's that much easier to land your Q stun.

Using this on yourself or someone else, means their next 3 auto attacks or abilities will have added magic damage and also a slow. So any time your team is attacking someone, use this on who you think needs it most; for example if your jg is rammus and he is speeding past you to get someone, click it on him to help his auto attacks slow the enemy so your team can all hit and kill them.

Your Ult is an awesome age knock up which means you can be guaranteed to land your Q stun; I ult, Q stun, then E myself (or the adc) to then auto attack that person. It's a guaranteed kill.

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Nami Supp: The RIGHT way to play Support!
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