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Nasus Build Guide by Bommbi

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bommbi

Nasus, Anubis' revenge.

Bommbi Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The enigmatic creature known as Nasus came to the League from a faraway world, and served as part of a vast and learned desert empire. There he was a respected and enlightened individual, having been made the Keeper of the Great Library. However, he was also part of a race of animalistic creatures that served as the rulers and protectors of the people. War was never more than a breath away, as others of his kind craved to enslave the people and claim totalitarian sovereignty. In the midst of a heated battle, just as Nasus was about to slay his treacherous brother Renekton, he was summoned to Runeterra. It didn't take much to convince him that Champions were needed to fight against the injustice here and he took up a place in the League of Legends. These days, he is the Keeper of the Sands, feeling most at home in the crumbling ruins of the Shurima Desert.

''The Keeper of the Sands, though contemplative, is not to be trifled with.''

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In this Guide I show you my way to play DPS Nasus in a bit tanky way.
Have fun, and give me constructive critizism - thanks! :)
(If u like trolling, you like terrorism. And terrorism is bad.)

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Pros / Cons

+Very Strong in late game
+Big Lifesteal, so no need of stupid Dorans in the beginning and u can replace Bloodthirster with better items
+A great teamplayer, because of his AoE (Area of effect) ailities, like his Ultimate because of the lifesteal or the Spirit Fire.
-Hard and a bit boring to play in the beginning, cuz of lasthit...lasthit...lasthit...
-You need a good mate to rely on
-Squishy in the early game

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9x Greater Mark of Attack Speed
When? ~ Always. Cuz Armor Pen. means DAMAGE DAMAGE DAMAGE! No alternative.
9x Greater Seal of Attack Speed
When? ~ The itembuild doesnt give u lots of attackspeed in general, so this might help you getting some more dps.

9x Greater Glyph of Celerity
Why? ~ Cooldown reduction!? (HELL YEAH!) The core ability (your Siphoning Strike) has a quite big cooldown (of 4 seconds >_>) but needs to be used a lot (because you profit from your lifesteal) so a lower cooldown is useful :)

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At the start you buy Doran's shield. You're gonna need it, because you need to play offensive in the beginning. DON'T FORGET THE HEALING POT!
Then you need the Sapphire crystal because of your low mana.
Buy boots to get speed.
Now you need Sheen because your Siphoning Strike profits of it a lot.
Well, you're kicking some ***es now so you can get some life steal.
The Ninja Tabi come late, because you got an awesome slow so you don't need them so fast.
It's time to get some DAMAGE - The Bloodthirster is incoming (wohoo!)
Buy a Null-Magic Mantle for fewer magic damage.
When am I going to finish Trinity Force? NOW!
For living a bit longer you need to get some tank items - Upgrade the Null-Magic Mantle you bought to Guardian Angel.
Now you need some cooldown Reduction... let's get Stinger and upgrade to Nashor's Tooth
1. You're not overfed and your enemys are mixed and mostly melees?
- Buy a Sunfire Cape. It gives you armor, life and a damage aura.
1.1 If you have more physical damage heroes (like Master Rightklick)
- Buy a Thornmail to reflect the damage.
1.2 If you have more magical damage heroes (like Ryze)
- Buy a Force of Nature, it gives you the most magic resistance.
2. You are overfed or you're not focused and often survive the fights?
- Buy an Infinity Edge. It gives you additional damage, a higher critical chance and more critical damage. With this item you can give them the finishing touch.

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How to play [Nasus]

In this guide you play Nasus as a Tank-Damage-Hybrid character. Nasus is no Middle Lane Character, so better go on top or bottom lane. He fits best with a range character that slows or stuns, such as Ashe or Ryze. At the beginning you should just play offensive with a good mate or if you can improve your Siphoning Strike with a creepkill. Of course it's advisable to gank (kill an enemy on an other lane) low life enemys early. Stay like this until level 8 so you got a better AoE attack to harrass (damage them without getting damaged) your enemys. Now you can get a big more offensive and be more useful in teamfights. But how to go into a fight? First you have to use your Fury of the Sands. Then you use your Spirit Fire on your enemys walking path. Now you have to act fast - use your wither so he walks slowly trough the Spirit Fire so he gets more damage than usual and you can easier follow him. Now you only have to use your Siphoning Strike everytime you can. (DONT WASTE YOUR MANA BEFORE!!!)
If the wither runs out, you still can use Exhaust (but only if you really need to use it).

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Special: Team Work

Yeah, a lot of team work is needed. You have to get some creepkills in the early game. So ask the player on your lane to share some creepkills. It's very important because your first ability is your key ability and needs to get bonus damage as fast as possible! But you have to stick together as fast as possible. Nasus in early game needs some kills to get strength. Without any tank equip he's very squishy so you need to stick together with your mates not to get killed. Of course Nasus is a late game character so you have to get some kills fast or of you play with random mates you have to always be active in team fights or to have a high rate of creepkills.

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Special: Creeping / Jungling

You can also go jungling to get some additional damage for your Siphoning Strike. You can go into the woods sometimes to bash some little creeps, but that's not needed at all. But you have, (and you REALLY need to), get the Mana Buff early! Nasus is one of the chars who needs it the most because of the high mana costs and cooldowns. So always ask your mate for some help in early game :)
(Keep holding the mana buff all the game long!)

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Closing words

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope it helped you to kick some arses ;P
It's my first guide but I improved it. Hope that it helps you :)
I'd be happy if you help me to improve it by