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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WizzarD55

Nasus, The survivability DPS Lord !!!

WizzarD55 Last updated on April 7, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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The Introduction to DPS...

Well ...

i've been playing Nasus for a long period and i can asure i've tried a lot of nasus builds and different ways of playing him ... But honestly i feel like Nasus was made for DPS ... People usually judge some characters as "Tank" because it's look like a tough champion. But please don't try to do a tank aproach with Nasus. You will be very disapointed at the end of the match.

I'm not saying that Nasus can't fill a Tank role he can be a Support Tank if your team needs it, but only if you have a REAL tank next to you ... but if you get into a Situation that you started a Solo match and your tank is failing hard or left, you can change your build after Trinity force to a Tanky Build but you will never be able to start a team fight properly, like Amumu, Shen, Rammus, Alistar, Galio ... The tank position must be fullfiled by a champion with VERY GOOD and realiable CC ... The one thing that Nasus don't have !!!

This said i'll reinforce the idea of the DPS ... You might say that Nasus Slow has a reliable CC ... but it does not ... it doesn't have a way of disabling the enemies, wich is the primary job of the tank. So I can't see any other position to Nasus fullfil then DPS role ... Because your Siphoning Strike matches just perfectly with the Sheen Passive, You will charge the Siphoning Strike and hit one very strong hit on the enemies face. Your Spirit fire is just perfect against melee characters and excelent farm resource. Wither makes their getaway almost impossible. If you got ganked simply use your Fury of the sands and make them regret to even try to gank you ...

Hope you got the point of the DPS Nasus ...

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Wizzard55's way of Runes

Runes ...

The objective of this runes is:

1 - Marks - Armor Penetration: Too obvious i think ... But if you might think that Flat damage would go better on a DPS. I have to agree is the majrity of the champions, but not for nasus. Because you have your Siphoning Strike to give you extra damage early game.

2 - Seals - Health lvl 18: This is a very personal solution that i believe is good for almost all DPS characters ... late game it will give you some health and i like this. But if you think otherwise please tell me on comment below and we'll see this thru ...

3 - Glyphs - Flat/lvl 18 Cooldown Reduction: I think this is a must for Nasus cause i will need to spam your Siphoning Strike as much as possible and cooldown reduction Glyphs is the most simple solution ... And combination of flat / lvl 18 lets you have good cooldown reduction early and great cooldown reduction late ... If you adopt a flat CDR, late game it will make you very slow late game and the contrary ... if you adopt a lvl 18 CDR you will have a marvelous late game CDR, but early you will be very slow. So I do a composition of glyphs to give me 3,27% early game and 3,83% late game ...

4 - Quints - Armor Pennetration: For more armor penetration, make the squisies regret their champion picks ... But with this combination you got enough Armor Penetration ... No need to chase it in itens ...

That's it for Runes ...

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Wizzard55's Pros / Cons for Nasus

- Great Farmer
- Strong and durable Slow / Attack speed reducer
- Strong and hurtful AOE
- Fury of the Sands can save you from Damage over time spells as soon as you reach lvl 6, and makes you a diver beast if it is necessary
- People will not focus you at first

- No natural get away skill
- If Siphoning Strike is not stacked properly you will not snowball
- Hard to master the ability of stacking Siphoning Strike, because you need to hit at the right time and you will need at least 200 extra damage to be a star late game
- If you are doing well you will get focused or ganked as soon as they take down the primary target

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Wizzard55's way of using Summoner Spells

Must Have Summoner Spell:

1 - Ghost: No one will run away from you with your Wither skill, but if they manage to use Cleanse effects this is a great way of getting into range and kill them ... If you need to get away this might be a posiblity ...

Acceptable Summoner Spells:

1 - Flash: I use flash with the great majority of champions I play ... Just because is a very good and reliable way to get you into a safe spot ... If you take this you will be able to use your ghost in sittuations when u need to chase, and this to when you are chased ...

2 - Ignite: If they keep running away from you low health, Try this ...

3 - Rally: If you feel very confident with Nasus this a decent choice, because it will give a decent boost of AD thru the whole game, but be careful where you put it, cause it can and will be destoyed if placed on a bad spot ...

4 - Teleport: If no one else take ... you are a good farmer, don't let them take your turrets easily .... But please don't make this an usual spell because you don't need it ... Just take this if no one else in your team take ...

5 - Cleanse: Can be used if you will have trouble with CC ... Otherwise ... waste of spell ... You have Mercury Threads ... that already give you a decent CC reduction ...

Other spells are quite useless to Nasus or very situational, just take them if you really need it ...
And if you don't want to a teammate dodge queue, NEVER take revive with Nasus ... You will not die a lot ... So no way u will need revive ... leave this to the best turret crushers ...
By the way i'll say some words about Exhaust ... Wither is better ... Lower cooldown ... Slows the same way ... I used that before the Nerf ... but now is useless ...

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Wizzard55's way of using Nasus Skills

Soul Eater (Passive)

This a very good passive ability ... Combined with the itens life steal ... makes youa late game BEAST DPS life stealer !!!

Siphoning Strike (Hotkey: Q)
The best skill on Nasus ... But early game try to save it just for last hitting minnions because it does not cost a lot of mana but if you harass with it early game you will get out of mana very quickly or will not blow the minnion with it and will not stack your skill properly ... believe me when i say it don't ever leave a last hit opportunity behind ... you will need this stacks ... Don't think that you have enough ... this is never EVER enough ...

Wither (Hotkey: W)
This is skill usage is very sittuational. I'll list the most common usages of it ...

1 - Make Sure your target will not get away after he get's low heath ...

2 - You can use this also as a counter for a heavy DPS target, because of the excellent attack speed reduce

3 - You are low health and need to get away ... with that ... no one will get to you ... but be careful with champions that can dash, spin or jump into you, cause they will ignore this ... Be carull too with enemy champions with Cleanse or Quicksilver Sash ... They can simply leave the slow state!!!

4 - Any other you feel the need ... but the above are the most important ways of spamming Wither ...

Spirit Fire (Hotkey: E)
Another sittuational skill ... But i use it most of the times to farm early game ... But later on the game set this in your feet and let melee fighters kill themselves while they try to get you ... They will have no other possiblity but face the damage if they want to get you ... MAKE THEM REGRET !!!

Fury of the Sands (Hotkey: R)
This is what make Nasus so good, it gives by it self a very good ammount of health, An AOE damage, and bonus attack damage ... What else would a DPS need ??? A stun maybe ... but this you will have to ask for teamates to use it... ROFL

Guide Top


Well that's it for now ...

But i'll update this guide later with ranked informations and tatics, Teamwork for Nasus, Itens that came up or that i think would help better then actual build and possible nerfs or buffs ...

Cya !!!