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Nasus Build Guide by Rokar

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rokar

Nasus-Viable in Dominion

Rokar Last updated on October 18, 2011
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Hello, Welcome to my first guide. Most people think that Nasus isn't viable in Dominion, because he cannot farm his Q very well, and his E isn't very good. However, this build is here to prove them wrong. Make sure you read the guide and actually try the build if you have any questions about choices before you comment/vote. If you have any questions about something not covered, feel free to ask me in the comments, and ill try to respond as soon as i can.

The conecept is to use a Hybrid build in order to be effective. This way, Nasus can be dangerous, without having to farm his Q alot, and make his E more effective.

I also might be adding a more offensive build later on, once i get the chance to test it.

I apologize in advance if i do not have the item pictures with information given when hovered over, i do not know how to do thuis yet :/

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To be honest, i don't know much about runes, so don't take my advice to heart, if you feel like they aren't the best runes, feel free to change them.
I take Health Quintessences, Dodge Seals, Magic Resist Glyphs, and Armor Marks. This helps with the lack of survivability early on.

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I like to use a 1/21/8 build. This provides good survivability, gives you both improved versions of the summoner spells, and gives you everything you need in utility(regen and xp)
If you want more damage, then take the 8 points from utility, and put it into offense, grabbing AP bonus and the spell pen(and of course the CDR required for it).

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I would suggest starting out with your boots, however you can go for an item to build tri-force first if you wish.

For boots, i would suggest Mercury Treads if the enemy has alot of magic damage or cc, otherwise Boots of Swiftness or Boots of Mobility would be good choices. Boots of Swiftness are recommended if you are engaging alot of enemies, and Boots of Mobility if you find yourself having to run back and forth between towers to stop ninja caps(those Twitch and Evelynn players >.<), or to ninja cap yourself.

Tri-Force is a good item to grab first because it is a good all around item, it provides health, a big damage boost to your Siphoning Strike, AP, and AD, it is pretty useful.

The next item is a defense item is recommended next, however you can skip it and go on to Hextech Gunblade if you dont die alot.
Thornmail is good versus AD(which about 90% of teams in solo que Dominion consist of)
Or grab a Force of Nature against heavy magic damage. If the enemy team is mostly what i like to call melee-mages(champions such as Cho'gath or Alistar,etc. who deal magic damage but use melee attacks) I would instead suggest using Odyn's Veil, so that you can deal some of that damage back. If the enemy team is balanced, then a Guardian Angel would be the best option.

Hextech Gunblade should come next, the AD and AP will help, and the spell vamp will be really useful when your engaging with your Fury of the Sands and Spirit Fire, and the life steal will work well with your passive and the bonus attack damage you'll get with Fury of the Sands.

It is very rare that you would get past this point, but anything else is pretty much your choice from here

If you need more damage i would sugggest guinsoo's rageblade, it provides AD, AP, and a nice attack speed bonus for you to use with your lifesteal.

If you need some more survivability, i would recommend a Randuin's Omen, or a Shurelya's Reverie, which can be replaced with Priscilla's Blessing if you want a cheaper item and think the capture rate increase is worth it.

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Skill Sequence

The skill sequence is a standard Nasus skill order, max your Q first, as it is your best damage skill early game, and easiest to hit with.

Then get a point in W at 2 and max it after your Q, it is one of your best abilities because it disables carries, allows you to chase, run, and keep enemies in your E and R

You get a point in E at 3 and max it last, as it is just there for the armor reduction, however if you want to focus more on damage, i would recommend at least leveling it with your W, since it does a good chunk of damage at max level with your AP(215 + 60% of AP at first, and then 43 + 12% of AP per second while standing in it, at max level),and the armor decrease increases with level as well.

The reason i get it at 3 is just in case you didnt get the xp mastery, so you would have it for the team fight at top. Thanks to fitzcracker for reminding me about this.

Obviously you level your R at every oppurtunity, it is very useful when that Akali or Poppy is trying to kill you under your towen :)

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Summoner Spells

First off, Ghost is almost a necessity in Dominion, it lets you run to towers, chase, run away, it is extremely useful.

The next spell is personal preference, but i would suggest either Exhaust or Garrison

Exhaust is very useful, it shuts down AD, allows you to chase or run, and is really annoying if used right after youre Wither. However, it is not entirely nessecary, because you have Wither.

Garrison is also really useful. You can innterupt a capture on a point you conrtol, if a point is close to being neutralized, or is being pushed on by alot of minions, you can use garrison to speed up its regen so you wont have to defned, or prevent minions from capping it while you chase away the enemy champion. It can alos be used to dive enemy champions, or continue chasing them if they make it back to the turret before you can kill them.

You can also grab ignite for the extra damage and to kill that person that got away with 20 hp. if you went 9/21/0 masteries, you can grab improved ignite for the AP bonus while on cooldown, but it wouldnt be as useful as the spell pen.

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Early game

First off, dont expect to be awseome and own people in the very early game, so be careful and dont run into the 4 enemies at top with your team too far away to help.

Nasus is very versatile in the early game. You can go bot to push the lane and farm up your Q, you can grab mid then go up to top to help out in the fight, or just rush for top.

When in the teamfight at top, it is your job to disable enemy AD, and weaken as many people as possible with your E, since you will most likely have hit level 4 by the time you get there. In my experience so far, i am usually the first one to die at top, but dont let that discourage you, because when you do die, the enemy team will be fairly weakened because of you reducing their armor and dealing damage with your E, and you team would have taken less damage from you disabling their AD. So early game Nasus is more of an enabler that lets the team clean up and cap.

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Mid game

Once the business at top is finished, you either want to
A)Defend top or bot
B)Push bot tower, but do not go more than half way to the enemy tower unless you know that bot is safe enough that you can push hard.
C)Push top tower if you lost it, and make sure noone trys to steal the middle tower while you do that.

Mid game, you can still have some trouble with 2v1's and bursters, so be careful when far from a friendly tower.

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Late game

In the late game, you want to either...
A)push bot some more
B)push top if you still dont have it back, or it was taken while you were away.
C)Roam. Noone seems to realize the importance of this. By roaming around in the jungle, you can stop the enemy from ninja capping your mid tower easier than if you were at top or bot, ninja cap the enemy's mid tower to keep the advantage if they get top, or to make them retreat from top or bottom to stop you. Also nasus is effective at this, since his E can interrupt multiple people at once, and he can suvive a jungle fight long enough to either kill his opponent, or retreat to a tower to make the fight easier.

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So to top it off, Nasus is more viable in Dominion than most people think.

As with all other guides/builds, dont follow it exactly, but adapt and change it to match your personal playstle, and to match your opponents builds.

Again, please try the build before voting, as it might not seem good in text, but does fairly well in game.

And if you think that this is not a very good guide, i encourage you to make a better one, because i would like to see more Dominion guides going around ;)