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Nautilus Build Guide by potrat

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author potrat

Nautilus - The solo top Hybrid FIGHTER

potrat Last updated on February 29, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello summoners,

welcome to my Nautilus build guide. Since his skill were presented to public, I´ve been playing with an idea for this build. But for my surprise nobody was and still is not sharing my idea of playing Nautilus as FIGHTER not a tank or support as presented.
I think it´s a bit shame that I haven´t found a player that shared my idea, so I´ve decided to share my thoughts with you.

Hope you like this build and will bring it into one of the most played.

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Why Trinity Force ?

As soon as I started to play Nautilus I was quite surprised how slow he is in general.

Some cool facts about my choice for Trinity Force :

With Zeal +12% movement speed bonus it you can escape or engage fight really easily. Plus with that CC Nautilus got it´s almost impossible to escape from him.

Sheen unique passive will grant you massive engaging damage output after spellcast. It also gives you 25 ability power so your spells gets a bit more powerful.

Phange benefits your Titan's Wrath plus adds some more CC to already quite a few CC Nautilus have in store.

Running Nautilus looks way funnier than walking ..

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I bet youre asking yourself "Why the does he put armor penetration and physical damage runes on full AP hero?".

The answer is that I am playing with these kind of runes to benefit the most from Sheen and passive of Nautilus, in other words - make the first encounter with Nautilus the most scary.

I guess that armor and magic resistance runes are understandable since it gives you all-through-game sustain on lane/teamfights.

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Build whatever defense you like, I´m gonna anchor my way thru it

My aim with this hybrid build is to cut thru every defense of enemy team they try to build against you. Simply when you´re hybrid as this build describes its very hard or almost impossible to build defence items against you =

If they are going to build armor, you have enough magic damage output from Titan's Wrath skill of Nautilus.

If they are going to build magic resistance you have your [Sheen and quite high attack damage to deal great damage.

With this build it can be applied to every stage of game.

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Early game 1-6 lvl

During early game you really need to hold back and play safe since you don´t have proper defense or damage output.

Level 1, first purchasing

I´ve stated Cloth Armor as first item I buy because usually you go against AD hero type on top lane. It also gives you quite sustain ability to counter minions attacking you while you´re engaging and get that annoying aggro from minions.

Laning phase

So basically you just benefit from your passive to last hit minions and you let enemy champion to push you near zour turret. If minions get too close to turret, you just turn on Titan's Wrath to clear smaller range minions in back.

This kind of play gives you a psychological advantage over enemy champion, because he will usually think that you are weak and probably starts to harras you even under your turret. That´s the point where you want to have him in early game - near your turret so you can pull him under and force him to stop harrasing.

This goes for first four levels. Youre damage output is not so great, you can´t pull off a kill yet.

Level 4-5

You can start harrasing your enemy by going straight forward to him, applying your passive by auto-attacking him and locking him down on the spot. Then hit Titan's Wrath and quickly after that [Riptide so you just land few more attacks with Titan's Wrath ON. You may lasthit few minions while Titan's Wrath lasts but go behind your minions as soon as it expires.

Level 6

As soon as you hit level 6, you can perform your kill combo.

That means - First harras enemy as I said before with Titan's Wrath and Riptide, then go back behind minions and wait for you cooldowns.
Keep it cool and wait patiently. As soon as your cooldowns refresh go for some minion last hitting. And wait until your enemy goes in range of your ulti or just closer to you so you can hit him with simple auto-attack.

If you can land an autoattack go for Titan's Wrath followed by Riptide and few auto-attacks. As soon as he starts to flee, chase him to land your Dredge Line safely and pull him near you.

If he flashes out or hit Ghost, use Depth Charge first to knock him into air and as soon as he is knocked in the air use the Dredge Line to pull him near you, so you can land few more basic attacks with Titan´s wrath still on.

I usually use my Ignite after succesfully placed Dredge Line. With Titan's Wrath this makes very powerful damage over time, so you can easily get a kill even when he escapes your range.

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First recall

On first recall you perform you definitely need to come back with Sheen and boots.