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Tryndamere Build Guide by Lucasal96

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lucasal96

Never dead

Lucasal96 Last updated on August 18, 2012
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Hy guys, at frist i have to tell you this is my FRIST GUIDE so take it easy with grammar mistakes (English is not my primary language) and fell free to help me to upgrade this build using the "Discussion" section. I really like Tryndamere and my mission is tell to new players why he such a good Character.

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Why Tryndamere

before just pick the itens and the runes above u should know why u are using Tryndamere!
Tryn have great skills to jungle and gank specially with his "turret diver" ult Undying Rage, his awesome AoE exaust Mocking Shout and one of the bests approach skills in the game the Spinning Slash wich permit he to spin trough the walls.

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Pros / Cons


+ Awesome Ganks
+ Awesome skills
+ If he gets feed "gg" to the enemy team
+ almost unkillable


- Hard to master ult´s time
- If u die too much
he gets really underpowered
- An enemy feeded tank with
a bunch of life +
a Thornmail = sad Tryn =(

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WYHAAA, time for some runes, u may find this options good (but feel free to modificate pro)
Greater mark of desolation
FRIST: Remember when i told you that a Thornmail can stop Tryn?


"yeah just put some AD´s runes"
No other mark can beat the Greater mark of desolation on Tryn, no tank can stop U!


"alrigth so in the seals ill pick some Greater Seal of Attack Speed rigth?"
if a Thornmail ill return 30% of damage, why ull want to atack faster?
You want some armor to better chance of survival, so why u dont pick some Greater Seal of Armor?


"humm... semm´s legit what next?"
Humm... i havent told u yet but my objective with this build is reach 100% CRITICAL CHANCE and i really reached 105% with his filled up passive, So some critical damage ill raise even more your damage =) why u dont pick some Greater Glyph of Critical Damage?