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Build Guide by Nevzat666

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nevzat666

Nevzat's Brand AD/AS/Crit

Nevzat666 Last updated on May 2, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1

I have alot of troll negative votes, so i've required comments now to vote. Firstly thanks for reading my guide, and please do not just downvote this build because it's unconvential. Give it a try, i'm pretty certain you will absolutely love it! It may became your main brand build also ( it certainly is mine)


The highest kill average i've ever seen
Ridiculouss Damage output
Long range attack
Uber burst
NON STOP Double/triple kills( this one's key - team fights you will be getting mass kills without trying)

Difficult to master - easy to do well.

Gameplay and starting info

This champion is seriously powerful. With brand you really don't need to go AP - as you will see why by playing this overpowered champion. His spells even with a full damage/as build are seriously potent, the stun you will get off plus the extreme range and attack speed he can achieve you will be picking off the enemy champs one after another.
My average game ratings are 35-40 kills in a medium length game with at least 3-4 double kills. - my deaths can be quite high but no higher than any else. We we end up winning 90% (in random queue).

Pick any lane, start off with either W or E as your starting ability. I avoid Q to start with because it can easily miss also your normal attack is not fast enough yet to finish them even with a stun. Once you get enough cash to zerker greaves get them asap and then work on your first zeal - you will now begin to pick up the kills. People won't know what to expect from you, your spell combos plus the extre speedwill allow you chase, run away and burst people down.

A massive bonus to Brand with this build is that he has such a long range for his default attack that by the time you have your infinity edge plus a few zeals you will be critting for 700-800 non stop. He is an awesome champion and your ultimate plus stuns makes him pretty darn hard to kill.

I created this build and had people laugh at me, but the game soon changes and by the end of it I can guarantee you will be the top killer. He is so powerful.

Please give this champ a try and tell me how you get on, i cannot play brand another way now - It is such a refreshing change to have a true hybrid champion, the best part of this champoion is that not much is down to luck with your aim - it can help secure a kill if you are good but if you mess up on occasion the beauty is you can carry on pumping the shots out - people seriously will underestimate you because they don't see a huge pillar of flame then you can /facepalm them. The lifesteal keeps him topped up so you can stay in the lanes until you have thousands of gold that's been created. I love to be the only player alive and picking off their champs in their base you will notice that people will be incredibly scared of you but by the end of the game you will have around 500~ movement speed once you sell your zerker greaves for swiftness boots. People won't be able to outrun you and you will be a true pyro assasin.

Early Game
Play it safe, aim to last hit minions at every opportunity. Save your mana for burning down the enemies. Even at level 1 you will notice you aren't missing much damage. The extra attack speed from the dagger will allow you to reliably last hit minions for extra cash and you can get your bezerker greaves quickly. I would strongly suggest to get a couple of attack speed runes, because his default damage is nothing to laugh at so the speed will make a big difference.

Mid Game
By now you should have your first zeal, this is when this champ really shines. Start assisting your team and you will find that without much effort you will be getting last hits naturally. His spells which cause a burn over time not to mention his high attack speed and movement speed, runners will not know what's hit them. He is a great chaser. Play it safe but you can be aggresive with almost anyone 1 on 1 - I have only found a few fed champions which prose me a problem ( A good malphite can be a real nightmare ) but otherwise he is solid.

Late Game
By now you will have your inifinty edge and hopefully your first blood thirster.Make sure you sell your bezerker greaves and get the boots of swiftness and you should have around 500 movement speed. I don't really need to write a long section for late game because youwill notice you will be annhiliating people left right and centre. With this build you will constantly be getting double and triple kills and i'm sure many of you will agree I would love to hear your experience with the champion. Play it safe is some advice i'd give because although you can dish out a huge amount of damage you are not incvincible - the perk of this build is that people who stack high armour, or high magic resist you have a way of damage against them. Your spells are still surprisingly strong with no Ability Power, great for finishing or as a starter that's down you! A brand using my build fighting against another brand with ability power will absolutely anhihilate them This is the beauty of the build because you will get higher kills, lower deaths and using a completely unconventional build.

Thank you for reading my guide, Good luck with this build and please let me know how you get on. I'm open to any improvements or suggestions but so far I find this build to be really solid. Deaths will only come from you being too cocky and thinking that you are unkillable. See you on the battle field guys!