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Singed Build Guide by doomagedoow


By doomagedoow | Updated on December 22, 2015

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Hi this is my first build.This is not a special strong build or something like that or something from a pro player this is my first build and guide the heck you wanna call it.This is a build i discovered when i first played singed or today as im starting to play him.I did not know what to choose as a support so i choose singed i build something and this came out we were winning so hard rekting them so i choose to make a guide about singed so peeps see how op this is.Sry if you don't understand something english is not my native langugage.
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Ranked Play

Don't use this in ranked please i will not be responsable for u losing lp and losing elo so pls don't.
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Runes is chose are for him not any else support this worked for me so i put it.
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Pros / Cons

Pros +
When you are running away you bassicaly are destroying ur enemy with your q.
He can get really tanky with mana and ap becasue of the items.
His e is very usefull.
Cons -
He is not very mobile does not have escape routes except ghost if you don't choose ghost well no living for you.
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Well i choose stuff on the resolve tree for being a support and tanky in same time.
And in ferocity for the damage.
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Very basic i dont have anything to say bout it its like what i choose.
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Unique Skills

E is good if u want to cc(crowd control) really good near a turrent since you can easily throw somebody behind you into the turrent and kill them its nothing like a hook from blitz but still u can get kills.
League of Legends Build Guide Author doomagedoow
doomagedoow Singed Guide

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