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Warwick General Guide by daniscool34

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author daniscool34

New Runes! 12/13/11

daniscool34 Last updated on December 13, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is not! I repeat not a guide on how to play the tanky dps role. Im sorry this is a guide on the new runes riot released of 12/13/11 I will tell you if they are really worth the buy or something that is for people to just get over excited about. Here we go

I'm going to use some math for this but if you skip to the bottom I will just list it out, The reason to show math is so people can actually see the logic.

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Runes, Runes and Runes

[img=http://Your text to link here...

Here is the link of the new runes.

I will be focusing on the tier 3 runes.
Starting from top to bottom off the tier 3 (each rune will have their same section but runes of the same nature or vs. will be combined into 1 section also all the runes will be vsing the old rune price will not also be taken into account unless requested by people)

Also depending on the feedback more guides or updates will be in the future.

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HP % vs. Flat hp/Scaling hp

Greater Quintessence of Endurance Increase HP by 1.5%

Alright time for some math...

So you can have 3 quints giving you a total of 4.5% hp.
If you had....
1,000hp you would get a bonus of 45 health...
2,000hp would get you 90 health
3,000hp would get you 135 and so on..

So its not that good of a bonus

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Spell vamp quints vs. Ap Quint

Greater Quintessence of Transmutation Increase Spell Vamp by 2.00%

So the Ap quints give you 15 ap at start. If you went to get the 3% spell vamp from the tree and you were playing malzahar and you got q up 1st. it would do a base damage of 80 or 160 if it hits both times and it has an 80% ap ratio. You would get a total of 12 extra damage up. so 92 damage or 172 or 184 (idk if the 12 is added on to 1 or both i'm guessing both) Lets just say its 184. So you get 184 plus the 3% you will heal. 5.52 because 3% of 184 is 5.52.

without the ap runes you would heal 6% of 160 is 9.6 so you lose 26 damage at start but heal an extra 4 health! may not be a lot but its up to you to pick you want your q to heal an additional 4 health or an extra 24 damage you can pick

also if u took mastery it would be 9% so its 14.4 so it isn't that bad. But this is taking in account you have 0 ap which you probably wont have 0 ap at start.

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Life steal at start worth it?

Greater Quintessence of Vampirism Increase Life Steal by 2.00%
6% life steal at start is pretty good one can say. With dorans blade and masteirs its a nice 12%. which most carries go. Lets say you picked vayne you have 50 base ad. Dorans blade +10 so you have 60 ad and 12% life steal. you heal 7.2 a hit (12% of 60) so it might be good because remember you get a perm 6% life steal for the game and end game you will be hitting hopefully 500+ and just 500 alone gives you 60 health a hit only calculating in 12% life steal

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Armour pen and magic pen

Greater Quintessence of Destruction Increase Armor Penetration by 2.00 and Magic Penetration by 1.13

(more info will be given when it is cleared up if its flat or %)

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Armour pen and magic pen MARKS

Greater Mark of Destruction Increase Armor Penetration by 1.00 and Magic Penetration by .57

(more info will be given when it is cleared up if its flat or %)

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Hp % increase seal

reater Seal Endurance Increase HP by .5%

9 times .5 is 4.5%

so it gives you the same as having 3 quints. But not if we added them together its a total 9% extra hp. So calculating them together we can see that

1,000 hp would get you 90 extra health
2,000 hp would get 180 extra hp
3,000 hp would get 270 extra hp
and so on..

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Gold per 10!!

Greater Seal of Avarice .25 Gold / 10 Sec

.25 times 9 is 2.25 gold per 10.
(times 2.25 by 4 and 10 by 4 to get...)
So 9 gold every 40 seconds.

So a 50 minute game (not including towers, dragon,baron,etc.)

50 times 60=3,000 (to find seconds)
3,000 divide by 40=75 then multiply that by 9 to get 675 gold. Not that good you say?

now according to lol wiki-"The summoner passively earns 13 gold per 10 seconds in Summoner's Rift"
alright so 13 extra gold per 10. so 52 gold every 40 seconds. then 3,000 again how many seconds in 50 minutes then 75 by diving by 40 then multiply by 52 to get 3,900 and add 675 to get 4575. That is how much gold you would get for just sitting in spawn. Now lets say you had the extra gold quints 3 more gold and 2 more for having masteries
5 gold per 10!

So with masteries, quints and just being in the game 18 gold per 10. plus the extra 2.25 per 10 for seals.

total of 20.25 gold per 10. So if you had 3,000 and divide by 10 to get 300 then multiply by 20.25 you would get 6075. For sitting in a 50 minute game. Wow its looking really nice now.

So their are 4 gold per 10 items that give you 5 gold each, (heart of gold, Kage's lucky pick, Avarice blade, and Philosopher's Stone) would give you 20 gold per 10 if you had them. so if you could hypothetically get them at start you would have 40.25 gold per 10. which would give you a nice 12,075 gold in a 50 minute game. Now frank it isn't possible to get them at start but as you can plainly see these give you a nice bonus with all the other gold per 10 items in the game.

Now in dominion you gain 56 gold per 10... Average game at best 20minutes? lets just say. 1,200 seconds. 2.25 for seal, 3 for quints, 2 for masteries. Also if you could get the items at start 20 gold. Add it all up and you would get 83.25 gold If dominion had a 50 minute game like a 5v5 would have 300 multiplied by 83.25 is 24,975.

So gold per 10 really adds up once you get enough. This is also not taking in account last hitting tower downs dragon and baron. So gold per 10 seals are worth it if you have gold per 10 quints and are also buying gold per 10 items. If not you can probably find some more useful Seals.

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Summing it all up

Seals are worth it if you are buying other gold per 10 otherwise don't buy. Life steal and spell vamp are pretty good especially if you grabbed the point into them in the offensive tree


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