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League of Legends Build Guide Author atalie

Nidalee AP Feral

atalie Last updated on February 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide ever ^^ haha. As far as it goes, I don't understand a lot when it comes to adding everything up to accuracy. I go by what works and gets the job done, sorry I'm a noob when it comes to game tactics. Then why am I creating this guide? Mostly because I have a system that actually works. Lets get started ;)

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I've used the recommended runes for nidalee but I find this combination the most succesful. Armor pen is amazing for Nidalee's cougar form and her javelin toss. A lot of people go for attack or AP runes; just leave that to the items. Second, dodge runes are amazinggg! They save my life constantly, especially against someone like teemo or ashe. They're all very good for jungling and taking on mobs with no companion minions. Next is cooldown reduction, the best runes for Nidalee. When you spam with cougar form, you want to be able to attack very fast and little cooldown for spells. With these runes I can beat almost any other Nidalee in a 1v1.

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Creeping / Jungling/Farming

First you want to start out with a Doran's Shield...wait wut. You heard me right, Doran's Shield is everything you need to start laning with. I myself don't usually spam a lot of mana when for my first few levels. The armor is a huge boost to your survival these first few minutes, as in the health regain too. However if you're a constant healer or bushwacker, pick up a Sapphire and some pots first. Imo Nidalee is one of the best for last hit champs. You can auto attack and get 4/5 last hit out of a mob in most cases (unless you're with a trynd or something haha). Nidalee is a good range and her spears do a good amount of damage. Hit enemy champs as much as possible. She's an amazing harasser if played right. Soon as you get cougar you should jungle as much as possible, just heal yourself and go back into cougar repeatedly.

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Summoner Spells

As far as summoner spells go, Nidalee is best off with exhuast no matter what. No one can escape you this way when you chase. It also makes for a great escape. For your second spell it doesn't really matter. I choose ghost also for chasing and getting away. That combo is very good. Ignite is good if you rely on it to get your kills. Really exhuast and ghost would be your best bet.

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After you have enough gold from farming, maybe around level 6 you'll want to pick up some boots. Typically you want to get Ionian's boots because of the cooldown reduction, however ninja tabi are also good. I make sure to get full boot set before anything else, you need Nidalee to have speed to get around. After that you can either go with blasting wand or cataylst depending on how well your gold income is. Whenever you can get rod of ages, the AP, health, and mana should help you survive and hopefully pwn. After you farm and get some kills and try to build up a Guinsoo's. That'll give you great damage. By now your javelin should be doing some serious damage. After that it can be up to you really. Lich Bane is good, Malady works nice too if you're low on gold. Madred's is also very useful. Lol even Nashor's, the late attack speed is killer. Nidalee can push so hard. Death cap is also something to look into if you plan on having your javelin toss as your main attack.

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Pros / Cons

Nidalee has seven skills, talk about amazing. She does lots of damage and harass. Her heal is godlike. She can escape very well and survive for a long time.
The really only con is she doesn't have much crowd control, but at least she can heal in team fights.

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I know I'm probably missing lots of detail but I hope this helps you in some way. When it comes to playing with Nidalee I rarely lose with her. She is the ideal support in a team. In most cases I can carry with her too. Good luck, if you have any questions please ask!!!