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Nidalee Build Guide by JayAEther

Nidalee - AP stands for Awesomely Powerful!

Nidalee - AP stands for Awesomely Powerful!

Updated on December 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author JayAEther Build Guide By JayAEther 6,385 Views 2 Comments
6,385 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author JayAEther Nidalee Build Guide By JayAEther Updated on December 3, 2011
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I've been playing Nidalee as my main for a while now and I really love her. She really can do whatever she wants in game due to her versatility. The main points of this build are the skill sequence and the items, so focus on those. Here is a funny video by lol9songs on Nidalee, a parody of Soulja Boy.

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Nidalee is an ability power champion, with some benefits with attack speed in human form. For my runes, I focus on having harass in lane as early as possible with my spear while also maintaining decent amounts of health with my heal.

[Greater Mark of Insight] for increased damage with all abilities.

[Greater Seal of Vitality] for that little boost of HP.

[Greater Glyph of Force] for the scaling of ability power.

[Greater Quintessence of Potency] for the starting ability power.
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Since the new masteries have released, my new build focuses on having as much AP as I can get while holding onto my mana. I go 21-0-9, making sure to pick up Summoners Wrath to increase my summoner spells, and also making sure to get all the ability power increases. Since in human form, Nidalee loves to spend mana constantly, I pick up the mana increases in the utility tree and make sure to grab the Runic Affinity so that later when you gain a blue buff, you keep it longer. Blue buff on Nidalee is OP!
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This part is pretty basic. Start off with Dorans Ring for AP and mana regen. Get boots and upgrade them to what is needed. I have Mercury's Treads, but if you see the other team is AD, get Ninja Tabi, and if you are in Dominion or just wana be an escaping ninja cat, get Boots of Mobility. Most the time try to choose something that will help defend against the majority of the enemy team, especially in ranked. Get Rabadon's Deathcap for the huge amount of AP as well as ability cool downs.

Something to note is that you should use any extra money you have on about 1-2 health pots and wards.

Now from this point on it gets difficult. If you haven't won yet, you should see what you need. Magic resist? Armor? Magic penetration? If you aren't sure, stick to the build I listed. It is what I usually end up doing. But if you need defenses badly, get those first. Note: Every time a Blasting Wand shows up in my item build, you can build into any of the items that follow a Blasting Wand. I put it there because just about every item Nidalee likes uses one, and if you get it first, you can upgrade it into what is needed on the battlefield.

I recently went back to using Guinsoo's Rageblade for solo lane and sometimes mid lane due to the attack speed which helps secure minion kills, harass, and destroy towers, all while keeping ability power up. However if you are bottom lane as suport, you may not want this item.

Next I usually get void staff so I can penetrate the enemy's magic resists better. Chances are by now, they all "Fear the Spear" and therefore stacked magic resist to protect themselves from the nukes. This item helps the game end. If it still isn't over, get the next item.

Lich Bane is awesome, and it comes with magic resist as well as AP and a cool ability. This item is good to get soon if your enemy team has many ability power champions that are hurting you. Abyssal Scepter is a better to get then Lich Bane if their AP champions are fed and/or nukers.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter, perfect for those annoying enemy champions that love to run away from you. In cat form, you pounce to catch people, and if you hit them, they are slowed. Rinse and repeat and that's a dead champ. The health bonus also helps you live longer into late game team fights.
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Skill Sequence

I have tried many builds and this is my fave. The spear is awesome at the start of the game. If you can master the spear, you will demolish people. I get that first, contrary to getting heal which was just recently nurfed. Bush whack fourth so you can trap the bushes and watch for those hidden enemies. Level 4 is about when ganks start to occur. Also keep in mind that if they step on your trap, they have reduced magic and armor resistance, so your spear can do even more damage, and cougar form will too. I don't max the trap out until the end though, since i hardly use it except to detect enemies. In the end, make sure to place traps in bushes that enemy's often use to escape. You will laugh out loud how many times a trap can kill someone.




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Summoner Spells

The two spells I get are Ignite and Ghost. I don't see many Nidalee's running these summoner spells but I will tell you why I do. Ignite is a game changer in many ways. If used on the right champions, you can stop people from getting away, healing, and even kill a Tyrndamere after he pops his ult. In one on one, Ignite will help Nidalee kill just about any champion in the correct situation. I get Ghost for a few reasons. It allows me to chase champions at low health so I can kill them in cat form, or I can use it to escape fights that I wont win. There are many spells that can help out Nidalee, so it's really up to which ones you like the best.
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Nidalee is an awesome champ to play. If done right, you will often times be told you are OP, or that your heal or spear needs to be nurfed (again). I kill so many people who think they are safe behind their turret, or who step on a trap on the other side of a wall, go for a recall, and die to my spear. Hope you like this build! Have fun ripping everyone to shreds! Please remember to rate this guide if you like it! Thanks! :)

"Have you seen my cat whiskers?"

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JayAEther
JayAEther Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee - AP stands for Awesomely Powerful!

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