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Nidalee Build Guide by Duh_Cookeh_Monstar

Nidalee - Pushing inhibs at 20

Nidalee - Pushing inhibs at 20

Updated on July 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duh_Cookeh_Monstar Build Guide By Duh_Cookeh_Monstar 1,215 Views 0 Comments
1,215 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Duh_Cookeh_Monstar Nidalee Build Guide By Duh_Cookeh_Monstar Updated on July 16, 2012
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Cutting all the ********.
I'm Duh_Cookeh_Monstar.
Don't hate because my guide is better than yours.
Don't be trollin'. Please.

Tyvm have a nice day.

Yours Sincerely, Duh_Cookeh_Monstar
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Why play Nidalee?

Cutting all the ********.
Nida is a ****ing beast. She has an autoattack like a Soraka bananan, steroids, more moblity than Riven, more burst than a Kassadin full combo, a ranged poke like a ****ing Twisted Fate, armor/mr shredding and free scouting like Teemo or Cait. What more do you want? Nida is a ****ing superman.

JAJAJAJA pre-6 she gets *******ed like a prison shower droppin' the soap but she be droppin' on you like a ****ing ton of bricks post-6 so ja. Don't ******** me with your Pantheon and Gangplank harass OPOPOPOPO ZONGOMGMGMO.
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WTF r u mad?
People actually ASK for this ****. Then they moan when it's not 'easy on the eye' like a jhoijhoi guide.. YEAH. THAT'S RIGHT. I'M NOT JHOIJHOI.

Arite. Do I NEED to explain myself? Cutting all the ****, attack damage Quints are good because everyone knows attack damage runes are the strongest early runes for dmg. Also, helps bag those minions because not everyone is a pro. Armor pen marks are good because you do like 1000 dmg vs. those nabs with only 30 armor. Seals and glyphs are just protocol and nobody wants to break the protocol like 2/1/2 lanes because ZOMG EVERYTHING WOULD BE LAIK.. END OF THE WORLD ZOMG. Look, I don't make the rules.. these runes are obviously the best because high ELO uses them end of.
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Spear OP long harass nuke-thing that is very good at mid game because it's laik OP end of story. Don't max it, however, because it's hard to land in the lane and doesn't hit too hard early on or close up. Better for mid-game poking.. but you can take early levels if your hp is like 'CAN'T TOUCH DIS' playing vs. some nab that doesn't know how to harass you.

Heal OP nuke hp back steroids extremely good for pushing towers and Sheen proc and keep sustain in lane and harass really fast because you have steroids lul.

Traps free scouting shreds mr/armor and stuff but don't max it til last because early/mid game it's only really good as a scouting device.

Ulti OP do I gotta explain?
Cougar synergizes in the same way so don't hate k?
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Autoattack harass.. just do it lots k? Don't be scared to trade because even if it's a caster and they cast you once you ARE ALLOWED to get 2-3 autoattacks off on them you know. Sometimes more, so don't be scared. You have heal. You're OP. Just do it.

Run around a lot and keep moving.

Now, for the biggest advice of all:
That's what you gotta do to win. You just ward every brush. When you're pushing the 1st turret put traps in the far brush and ward the closer brush.
2nd turret you pop a ward at the red buff brush and trap everywhere else.
3rd turret.. same thing.. be careful..
Pushing inhibs you must be trollin' by now so who cares about wards ololo? ;D
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Early game

If you're winning: push and trololololo and run away from the other jungler
(p.s. remember to ward)

If you're losing: hug turret and crycrycry, the jungler will get annoyed and eventually gank
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Mid game

You should have their first tower by now. If not, GET IT. FAST. You want the 2nd if not the 3rd.
Remember, pushpushpush. You have cougar now so you should be trollin'. Remember, cougar nukes from half to 0 in one go even if you're doing badly.

Here, goes like this:
with full combo...
Cougar nukes from full to 3/4
from 3/4 to 1/4
from 1/4 and 1/2 to 0

Roam if you have to, grab unused buffs and troll the other jungler with yours or your mid lane. Just **** around Nida has so much mobility you're literally everywhere.
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Late game

Do what you normally do.. teamfights, ward, push it.. all the rest..
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Drop everything in human form (all spells), poke with spear before it all starts, try to heal the highest killing spree ally BEFORE switching into cougar. From then on, only switch out if you're low, if there's nobody to hit or if your AD carry is about to die or something.
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Extra mentions

sight ward
Remember, warding is the key.
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Tyvm goodnight

If you think you're better than me... K.. sure.. give me some friendly advice in the comments.
Ja, Nida is OP.
Tyvm don't hate please.
have a nice life
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duh_Cookeh_Monstar
Duh_Cookeh_Monstar Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee - Pushing inhibs at 20

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