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Nidalee Build Guide by zarz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zarz

Nidalee support - The basics

zarz Last updated on September 25, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My name is zarsie. I've been playing since S1 and have always enjoyed playing champions in different roles. Many people say Nid support is terrible, but I have found that simply isn't true. I currently hold a 90% win rate with Nidalee in platinum soloq.

In this guide I will show you how I achieved this and how I plan to continue this pattern in s4.

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Why is Nidalee so good?

I believe Nidalee is one of the best offensive supports.


    Spears do tons of damage, allow you to turn around early fights into your favor
    Traps both give vision and reduce enemy armor and MR
    Your heal is a staple support ability, and gives attack speed
    Your ult allows your to kite/chase and do tons of damage to help in fights

    Very mana hungry, even with mana seals you need to conserve.
    No peel, you can't get a heavy cc champ like udyr off your ADC
    In lower elos can lower your teams morale because of the rumors of nid being bad as a support

overall I love playing support nid. I find myself first picking support all the time!

This guide is under construction!

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Ranked Play

Phase 1: Scouting

Your first task is scouting the river area and buff areas so that your team can decide if they are getting invaded/want to invade or just what to do in general

If the enemy has a blitz you need to be careful of blitz-cheese. Such as him pulling you from your tri to dragon pit, or him pulling your buff over the wall to steal. Position your traps to counter this.

Legend: Blue-General traps
Yellow-Blitzcrank on enemy team

Phase 2: Warding and Trapping (Until Level 3)

This is the phase that begins as soon as minions hit the lane. Your job now is to turtle your ADC until you hit about level 3. At these early levels you will be warding tri/enemy brush and trapping all around. Think of your traps like Bread crumbs that you throw forward. They kind of draw a line as you advance in laneing phase.

Phase 3: Wining phase

Welcome to level 3. At this point your spears are level 2 and do enough damage to be worth the manna. At this phase try to aggressively position yourself to the side of your enemies, and keep poking at them. This is a point in the guide which is up to you, you need to be proficient at landing skill shots. If you constantly hit your skill shots you will ALWAYS win your lane.

Phase 4: Final phase - Team fights

At this point in the game you should have a couple of kills, so you should have a good amount of AP from items. Try to poke down their support, adc, and mid laner. Don't waste spears on their tanks. Keep this up and then engage when they are low and you almost have a guaranteed chance of wining team fights.