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Nidalee General Guide by xollytownendx

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xollytownendx

Nidalee... The Freelo Queen

xollytownendx Last updated on September 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Hello Community, I am NeonBarrage bringing you one of the best and easiest solutions to winning ranked games :) This guide will cover everything you need to know about Nidalee and how to always carry to victory! So please, sit back and absorb the knowledge i have to offer :D

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Hybrid, is now by far the new meta on alot of champions. Hybrid penetration allows for both spear damage at early levels, and counters any opportunities for champions to buy armor early against a Dorans Blade Nidalee. The armor and MR allows for easy laning as early game Nidalee can be very squishy, this will negate alot of early damage and allow for some free harass when the enemies have realized they don't stand a chance :D Finally the AD quints allow nida for some effective AD on top of the Dorans Blade at level 1. However i recommend swapping out the MR glyphs if the enemy team is all AD, and having either CDR, More Armor or Penetration.

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21 Points In Offense.

These Points all scale into Nidalee's Duo penetration build. It gives both Armor and MR Pen, on top of some heavy AD damage and cooldown reduction. The Offense Mastries are pretty straight forward and dont need that much explaining. Some changes can be made depending on certain aspects of the game, but for me, these are the best offense mastries.

9 In Defense.

The Defensive runes can be altered slightly, depending on who you are laning against. If you are very scared of AD, such as a riven. Then definatly pick up 3 points in armor and one point in minion damage block. This way you can still poke through her minions and come up on top. However against normal laning opponents i would recommend staying with the normal mastries.

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Skill Sequence

Level 1 - W - It allows for some early warding and some nice level 1 armor shred, super effective against Rengar, doesn't allow him to camp brush like a *****.

Level 2 - E - The Heal synergies's nicely with her early game power, a small grant in attack speed along with a low mana cost heal really makes her poking effective, also it can mitigate a lot of poke from the enemy champ.

Level 3 - Q - The Javelin allows for kill potential, scouting brushes if your W isn't available and overall better poke. Also it has unsuspectingly high damage at close range when the enemies jump onto you.

Max Q First - Overall has TONS OF DAMAGE at level 9, with hybrid penetration both the spear and Cougar form Q do loads of damage, also her missing health damage does much more damage on level 9 and allows for much more kill potential

Max E By Level 13 - The Heal is insignificant due to the fact you are not AP, however the large increase in attack speed along with the strong cone shaped damage can be a deadly combo. Also an unexpected heal can bait enemies into diving tower, meaning it is much more effective then maxing W.

Max W Last - Due to the fact this is mainly utility in both cougar and human form, it really is just used for scouting and movement speed. The armor shred can be nice however it can be very difficult to hit a delayed trap in a 1v1 engagement.

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Summoners Time -

Ignite - Kinda Obvious why, adds huge kill potential to nidalee, and allows for some awesome level 1 plays.

Flash - Although nidalee does have her passive, if you are pushed to far, movement speed wont matter. A nice juke will move you away from danger and flash will work for that.

Teleport - Its a Nono, unless you are convinced someone on the enemy team is taking it, or they have a very mobile team, plus it allows for hefty split pushing.

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Pros / Cons

Pro's -

Strong Early Game

Very Strong Snowballer

Strong against ganks

Very mobile, High Kill Potential

Cons -

Drops Off Late Game

Not good against hard cc - LEONA

Can be shutdown if the jungler plays correctly

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Farming is such a huge part of LOL that alot of low elo players do not seem to realise.

This should help put it into perspective, to whether you think you are actually winning your lane quite as hard as you think you are.

16 CS (Minions) = 1 Kill(Approx)

For example, you could be 3/0/1 with 70 minions where as the enemy champ is 1/3/1 with 150 minions. Yeah you may be winning in kills, however the enemy is winning in gold. Kills don't always mean everything, and can be very miss leading overall into who is actually winning the game. So Make sure you farm the whole game, and try and hit 150 CS by 20 minutes as a minimum.

How to CS under tower -

Let the Ranged Minions Only Take 1 Tower Shot

Melee Takes 2 Tower Shots

Cannon Creep you need to time for yourself, However spearing that cannon creep is worth the mana Spent.

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Team Work

With Nidalee Teamwork is the key to winning.


1) Asking for an early gank.
This will allow your lane to snowball if you pick up first blood or just a kill and allow your early damage to shine through as you carry your team to victory.

2) Being Polite.
Maybe mid lane doesnt need the bluebuff? Or is feeding and the jungler doesnt trust the mid with it. Asking politely for the blue instead of demanding it will more times then not end in a better result, also general politness towards the team usually makes for a better team morale.

3) Being Friendly.
Yeah your team may be 0/2 and lacking in CS, but is that a real reason to flame at your team? Even though it is proven that more people lose when flaming. NO. If you feel any inner rage bursting through your fingers transforming you into the ultimate keyboard warrior, then just stop, channel that into winning. And try to help your team out and give constructive criticism where it is needed.

4) You are not the best.
There will always be someone who is better then you, or just having a better day. ***es your skill based on the game you are playing, and look for ways to improve yourself. Dont watch others and call them noob. The team is only as strong as its weakest player!

5) Try to please everyone.
Although it may be difficult, pleasing everyone can be done. Although you may wish to play nida, and play well with her. It can still be practiced in the bot lane as support. Hitting skillshots is key, and helping your team out with good morale can really be what carries the team.

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Unique Skills

Although Nid Is a relatively simple champion to pick and play, she doesnt have her nifty little tricks to make her stronger.

1) Spear distance.

Creating distance between nid and her spears whilst poking is insanely important. To maximise damage on her throw the spear and walk in the opposite direction. This can go to the max of 250% damage of the spear, without standing at max distance.

2) Spear Visibilty.

Spearing From the brush can sometimes cause the game to bug, sending invisible spears towards the enemies, although this is svery broken it can still be used to win :D

3) Combos.

Although Nida Doesnt have many combo's as such, chaining her abilities can be best used to kill targets much more easily. A nice combo. (AA stands for Auto Attack)

E - AA - W - Q - A - R - AA - W - E - AA - Q

This combo has max dmg potential with Tri force equipt, otherwise just miss out the auto attacks.

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Overall Nid AD Is ridiculous, its strong early game, has a huge snowball effect and is never banned. This means that she can be your main, she fits into every role and can even jungle. (Ive tried) She is the FreeLo queen. Under rated, Over powered and very flexible. Overall one of the best champions in LOL.

Thankyou for Reading My first Mobafire guide! :D Any questions just comment and i will keep these updated :)


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