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Nidalee Build Guide by Lyre

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lyre

Nidalee the Original Cougar (Hybrid Build)

Lyre Last updated on December 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey guys this is my first guide and i hope it helps you out,

I play Nidalee as a hybrid build designed for good early-mid game harass and a good damage output endgame

So please tell me what you think of it at the end.

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-Spear deals insane damage
-Is great at Ganking
-Has good mobility
-Can heal to keep yourself and team mates alive
-Great Farming

-Can drain mana easily without Blue buff or Runes
-Requires some skill to play (javelin/pounce)
-Very susceptible to CC, especially Silences

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With the runes its entirely your choice
Marks: Armour or Magic Pen is up to you, if you want to hit even harder with the Javelin then Magic Pen or if using Takedown then Armour Pen, as I said your preference

Seals: If your fail at conserving Mana then getting Mana regen Seals are the way to go, however if your good at conserving Mana and want more survivability then get Armour seals

Glyphs: Cooldown reduction so you can Spam away with that Heal and Javelin

Quintessence: What you choose for Quints is up to you, i personally get Attack Speed, but you can go, Armour/Magic Pen, Flat health for early survivability, Mana regen etc...
Its entirely your choice

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Item Sequence

I start of with a Dorans ring, for the early Survivability/Mana regen/Ability Power

When you first recall, you buy your Cooldown reduction Boots, and if you can buy either a Blasting Wand or Pickaxe (this depends on how much money you have and what your team is doing, if your team has more AD than AP then get Blasting wand and vice versa)

Next you complete your Rageblade, and generally go straight into a Deathcap, if your getting focus a lot and want more health then buy the Rylai's first

The last 3 items dont really matter in which order you buy them, its all preference.

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Laning Phase

During the Laning Phase you should be last hitting like mad, and poking with your Javelin whenever you can get a clear shot, Try and always conserve enough mana for a Heal because they can save your life when used right, If your taking Mid make sure to place traps in the side bushes whenever you can to give early warning of any possible ganks (especially if they have a jungler, ideally try to have two traps in each bush, spaced out).

If your Laning at top or bottom, try and stay in the bushes as much as possible to maintain full use of your passive and the mobility you gain from it. Same things apply as before, last hit, Trap bushes and save mana for a final Heal, though if your fellow Lane mate is continuously losing health you may end up using more Mana healing him than poking,

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Roaming/Ganking Phase

Nidalee can excel at this stage because of her natural mobility thanks to Aspect of the Cougar and the Brush, at this stage take advantage of the Jungle as much as possiblem, taking Blue, and sometimes red buff, Trap as many bushes as you can, and if most of the enemy team are missing check bushes your about to walk into with a trap to make sure its safe.

Also in this stage dont be afraid to throw a few wild Javelins at a tower in the hope of hitting someone, its not as mana wastefull as it is early game, epescially if you have Blue buff, and can often make the difference between someone dying or getting away.

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Nidalee is a fun character to play when played well, and the feeling you get when you kill someone you cant even see with a Javelin is awesome, I hope this builds helps you out in playing Nidalee and I hope you enjoy playing her :D