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Nidalee Build Guide by Aroon

Nidalee, The Support Killer

Nidalee, The Support Killer

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aroon Build Guide By Aroon 2,029 Views 0 Comments
2,029 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Aroon Nidalee Build Guide By Aroon Updated on July 19, 2011
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Hey!, This is my first build and guide so don't expect anything too spectacular. Anyway this Nidalee build is designed for a Support role but with an easily killing role too.
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Self Explanatory: Insight - Your spear can go straight through their magic res.
Resilience - Nidalee is fairly squishy and often focused.
Force - That little extra ability power that can save you / get a kill
Potency - Same as above.
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You'd mostly be using this build, but if you are farmed and have all of your items i prefer selling the Doran's Ring For Manamune it takes off some Ability Power but in return you get attack damage so that you can Primal Surge and farm throughout the game and adding that little 350 bit of Mana.

If you are failing you should consider getting Rod of Ages after your boots.

If the other team are pure AD, buy a Guardian's Angel

Lastly if they are all out tanks just stack on your Rabadon's Deathcap after Lich Bane
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash for your escapes because frankly Nidalee's only escape is cougar form which can easily be stunned out of.
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Team Work

You need to heal your other players too going from.

Tank > Carry > DPS > You

You could easily heal 1000 with all your items bought from the shop.
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Early Game

At this stage you want to try and avoid using your spear too much and focus on pushing with primal surge, Only go mid if you don't have a mid based champ which will probably never happen.

You want to stay back and let your team mate push up before you primal surge and push yourself because Nidalee is fairly squishy and her only escapes are her summoner spells before level 6.
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Mid Game

You should have your Mercury Treads Guinsoo's Rageblade and Rabadon's Deathcap by now and you should have no trouble pushing lanes with your cougar form.
Simply W E then Q. In 1 v 1s you should Q if you hit Either Primal Surge And AutoAttack or Ult and W E then Q. In Team Fights you should stay back and Heal your Allies and finish off opponents with your Spear and Cougar Form.
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Late Game

By now you should have no trouble destroying structures and eliminating opponents or pushing this is pretty much a game won unless your team get destroyed by something like Absolute Zero and Crowstorm Simply either Ghost, Flash out or Ult and W. If you are against High armour opponents consider letting your allies go in first and you heal them and finish them if they run off.
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Jungling? Yes or No?

I wouldnt recommend jungling with Nidalee simply because she can dominate in Lane at any time and you'd be missing out. Since you only have Your Primal Surge as a ganking tool and your ult you should only jungle for a blue buff or red buff or if you are underfed and want some extra cash towards your Rabadons otherwise its a big no no.
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Laning Partners. [Good]

Good partners are tanks or somewhere inbetween.

A few AMAZING Laning partners are :

Dr. Mundo

A few acceptable Laning partners are :

Master Yi
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Laning Partners [BAD]

Partners you should avoid at all costs.

Twisted Fate
Nunu & Willump
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Go in for a kill with under half hp and your Primal Surge on CD.

Throw your spear when enemies are close by. thats work for your Primal Surge.

Lay a trap out in the open unless you are getting chased.

Push with cougar form with 2 enemies watching you.

And Finally never ult out of cougar with over 1 enemy chasing you to try and primal surge. it slows you down more than you think.
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Spear from long range. - The longer range the more damage.

Heal when you are at full hp - Waste of mana and a CD.

Cougar form when they run with low Hp. for ur Q the lower hp they have the more damage.

And finally you should ALWAYS make sure ur Primal Surge is ready before a teamfight.
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Well this is it. if the team has 3 CC's Mercurys are made for you.

If they only have 1 or 2. or in impossible cases. NONE then Boot's of Mobility are your answer.

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