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Nidalee Build Guide by jesus1121

Nidalee - The Way of the Cougar (AD Carry)

Nidalee - The Way of the Cougar (AD Carry)

Updated on October 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jesus1121 Build Guide By jesus1121 20 4 99,339 Views 9 Comments
20 4 99,339 Views 9 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jesus1121 Nidalee Build Guide By jesus1121 Updated on October 18, 2012
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This is my version of the beast Nidalee. I tend to play her more aggressive and as an ad carry as she can throw health chunking spears early game for some turret hug kills and devastating auto attacks mid to late game, and if you see a wounded target it is too easy to pounce and q them to death while also gaining movement speed, armour and resistance. Nidalee can be played in all lanes including mid. She can also do exceptionally well as a bot ad/support, with her heal and AS buff she can destroy any enemy from the brush. I hope you enjoy my build and up-vote it and leave a comment :) Thank you
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I have decided to choose full AD pen because sometimes in lane you will verse a ali or garen and you still want to be able to auto their health down hard and fast. AD runes also work well.
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Skill Sequence

i chose to max spears first because if it is maxed at level 13 is it just not as powerful compared to how much health people have at that level and it is a great finisher for the enemy just out of range. I take my first point in heal because it is useful for when you are in the brush and running out to hit the enemy 2 or even 4 times.
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Summoner Spells

These summoner spells can get you first blood alot of the time but spells that can also work are:
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Early game - you want to stay in top or bot brush and run out and harras a few times but never engage just to keep the enemy clear of your last hits on creeps to give yourself an advantage. If possible you want to stay in lane until level 6 without dieing or returning to base. hopefully by then you might have a few kills and 30+ CS. by level 6 you should have killed their turret or atleast half healthed it.

Mid game - try stay in mid a lot and get as many assists/kills as you can but return to your lane to farm cs and split push if you have the time. in fights you want to stay in human form to harras as much as possible and lay out traps on the enemy carries (it can land on more than one person at a time) give your ad carry an AS buff for an easy assist and or to save a life or just pop it on yourself BEFORE fighting.

Late game - If you make it this far you will be chopping up and very important to the dps value of your team, keep the team together and push mid to the inhibitor and always focus on the ap/ad carry first. again a trap will help in making your team mates focus a certain enemy.
Try and find the balance for using cat form. it is always helpful to go cat and just to pounce a few times so you can land you spear shot or auto attack with trinity's slow proc for your team to catch up.

Victory - Moist AD Carry
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jesus1121
jesus1121 Nidalee Guide
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Nidalee - The Way of the Cougar (AD Carry)

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