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Warwick Build Guide by blood_wolf

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League of Legends Build Guide Author blood_wolf

Nightmare Soul Thief

blood_wolf Last updated on March 13, 2012
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user name ChikyuuOokami in english it means earth wolves this build is not hard to get after u get spirit visage u r pretty set the hammer is helpful so no one has a chance to get away the rest are just painful gimmicks good luck have fun
this is my warwick side story
"soraka stood on a shrouded mountain top staring down at the scorched landscape that once was beautiful lonia with an uncontrollable rage drawing up the darkest energy the cosmose could offer her. she struck warwick with the curs during nights peak and waited for downs bright light to reveal her success."
"warwick awoke late that night to an intense pain coursing through his body. his bones cracked and shifted as they took on new forms.the pain was to intense, warwick sat up to scram in pain as he clenched his face but there was no scream. in place of his words an uncontrollable blood curling howl screeched from his mouth, his hands feeling his deformed face he jumped out of bed stumbling on his miss-formed legs and paws crawling to a mirror. he peared into it slowly seeing not himself but a monster in his place. warwick became petrified at the sight and in this moment of paralysis he could feel it all the moons power gleaming onto him he could here smell feel everything, and the power... warwick loved it. he let out another howl as he dashed into the forest thirsty for the hunt."
"soraka watched helplessly through her void of foresight at the destruction that warwick would later bring and the monster she created"
lol i know its short but eh its pretty good if u guys want more of the story just comment on my page that u want more if i get three saying they want more then they will get more lol

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item resoning

"Madred's Razor

+15 Attack Damage +23 Armor UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks against minions and monsters have a 20% chance to deal 300 bonus magic damage."

madred's Razors is a very good item to start with souly because it gives warwick exactly what he needs to lane in early game Dps and armor

"Boots of swiftness
Unique passive enhance movement by 3."

well as we all know warwick is very slow considering what he is and his profession and its very hard to get away when need be

"Wriggle's Lantern

+23 Attack Damage +30 Armor +15% Life Steal UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks against minions and monsters have a chance to deal 425 magic damage"

this item is born from a madred's razor and a vampiric scepter once again the armor and Dps have high value but now we add in my oppinion the best thing you can give warwick life steal. warwick natrualy attacks fast with hunters call and has a high Dps so y not give him lots of life steal to keep him alive for along time.

"Madred's Bloodrazor

+40 Attack Damage +40% Attack Speed +25 Armor UNIQUE Passive: Your basic attacks deal bonus magic damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health."

in this item we add the last of the main 3 attack base boosts we use for warwick and thats attack speed with this ull do more Dps as well as suck more life from a target.

"Spirit Visage

+30 Magic Resist +250 Health UNIQUE Passive: +10% Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE Passive: Increases your healing and regeneration effects on yourself by 15%."

this is the least expencive item u will be buying for warwick yet one of the most helpful the health and resistance isnt so much important as the passive and unique. cooldown reduction is important cuz with warwick u wanna aim for the most damaged or squishy champion hit them hard and fast befor the other can respond(assuming 5v5) then go after the other and ur gonna need the abilities again. and as for the healing and regen boost, this is the most important this will masively boost the effectiveness of ur life steal and hungering strike
giving more health back.

"Zeke's Herald
+250 Health UNIQUE Passive: +15% Cooldown Reduction UNIQUE Aura: Grants nearby allied champions 12% Life Steal and 20% Attack Speed."

I found this item very useful because one with warwick you can never have to much attack speed and life steal but with that also everyone ur around gets it as well.


+50 Attack Damage +15 Health Regen per 5 seconds +5 Mana Regen per 5 seconds Passive: Your basic attacks splash, dealing 50% area damage around the target (35% for ranged attacks)."

In my opinion this item is really good for warwick because of the damage the heath regen and better yet since there is most always someone else ur fighting in 5v5 u will do damage to all witch is around 250-300 to one person and 150-125 to another champions.

"The Bloodthirster

+60 Attack Damage +15% Life Steal Passive: Gain bonus +1 Attack Damage and +0.25% Life Steal per kill. Bonuses cap at +40 Attack Damage and +10% Life Steal. Bonuses are lost upon death."

this item is more of a gimmik used to boost ur current abilities such as attack and life steal.
ok the thing u need to under stand is if u notice there is one more item in the build then u can have its kinda a optional build item. what u do if u can u sell ur lantern and buy the bloodthirster because its not necessary but it helps if u can get it.

overall the full build cost is a decently high number coming out at around 16k gold
in the end the only thing u really need to watch while playing is ur mana

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gorilla warfair + the art of the gank


the first thing u need to now is that warwick is a pack animal he works perfectly in a group and good with a partner never alone unless he is against a squishy enemies. warwick works well with the kill then disappear tactic if u do not get good at this YOU WILL BE FOCUSED AND YOU WILL DIE!!!! so during battles try to stay near the forest entrance and watch ur health. another good tactic that works with this is fight and get away if u feel like ur in danger or ur heath is low hop into the bushes to the nearest neutral enemy (if u are needing heath i suggest ether wolves or small golem) and use Hungering Strike and Hunters Call to regain health fast and gank yourself back into the fight. during a fight if you happen to run out of mana and cant afford to completely leave the battlefield quickly run and grab the blue golem buff and by the time you make it back to the battle you mana should be functional again, but if you are in need of both mana and health there is no better solution then to go back to the spawn plate.


warwick is an especially good ganker souly because of his ultimate he can go a far distance and the enemy wont know ur there. the two main ways i use warwicks ultimate is i wait until an enemy (will not work on a tank) is attacking ur turret or in range of it then pop out of a gank spot and quickly hit them with ur ult. this will stun them so they cant move not only will they not be able to move but they r also taking the combine Dps of u and the turret. if ur enemy is still alive after that u can hit them with exhaust an take them out or use ur Blood Scent ability and take them out and once again if u need heath u can finish them with Hungering Strike. another more common since gank tactic is waiting till the enemy is fleeing an ally you jump in front of him and ether stun and kill, slow and kill or just flat out destroy them. another rare but vary effective gank that does in fact requier team co-op and a 5v5 match is every once in a while a team will go to kill Baron(the red skull and cross bone camp) during this time ur friends sneak in behind ether wait till baron is dead or attack during the fight if u do this make sure not to hit baron urself. now when u do this u get the whole enemy team off guard damaged and low on mana giving ur team a good shot to Ace them. the rest of the ganks r very self explanatory.

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fight with the pack

warwick is a good character to initiate a fight with if u are pushing as a team. the best way to do this is choose the most tanky enemy or most powerful which ever one is the bigger threat u use ur ult one them to stun them and do some damage while the rest of ur team focuses him. he will die fast do not use any other ability on him after that quickly choose ur next target if ur team is fallowing ur lead or works good together attack the next most threatening target if. if they are working poorly together then go after the squishiest target. ether way to boost ur teams Dps use ur skill Hunters Call and then Hungering Strike your enemy do not spam Hunters Call ull just waist mana. a good ally to have during these situations would be at least one other character who has a stun such as for example Ashe then while ur ult is on cool down they can stun the next target. u get the concept.

nearly all characters work just fine with anyone but there are some that they work even better with. warwick has one mane type of character he works really good with, and those are caries such as Ashe,Tryndamear,Sivir,Yi,ect. due to there slow and stun abilities and high dps if built right. however, he also works well with high dps assassins such as Talon or Katarina. if warwick is pared with an assassin the combos must be pulled off fast and effectively so say for example you are pared with Talon, ur first move is to stun ur target with your ult then right when ur effect activates Talon must Pull off his full button combo on that enemy or untill the target is dead this will eliminate most champions in one burst if not use ur exhaust and finish them then move to the next target.

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pros and cons/ champion score


1.warwick is amazing at holding an enemy in place so ur ally(s) can beat up the target
2.warwicks life steal gives him a very high chance of sirvival
3.warwick can be one of the best gankers in game
4.warwick works well with most champions
5.warwick can easlly catch and maul a fleeing enemy
6.warwick ends up with alot of health
7.warwick played right at level 18 after gettinng frozen mallet can take on just about anyone
8. warwick can easaly solo baron with full build ending with him having full health
9. warwick can take turrets quickly


1.warwick is kinda squishy
2.warwick is bad at soloing
3.warwick is bad against tanks
4. warwick is bad against ranged till about level 10
5.warwick cant effectively gank until level 6
6.if warwick is stund he will most likely be killed
7.warwick requires a preemptive plan or stratagy to function to his fullest
8.warwick is more of an assist than direct kill most of the time

fun to play 10:10
ability effectiveness 10:10
difficulty to use 7:10 (moderate)
solo skill 4:10
turret taking skill 9:10
health 6:10
strength 8:10
ability power 4:10
defence 6 or 7:10
Id give warwicks over all champion score a 8 out 0f 10

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most wanted list

First thing you need to know is i did not make this full thing i changed some of the order and words but it was made by: Restrictnine

Top Priority
1. Kog'Maw – Kog has a large Dps, kill immediately
2. Ashe - Anyone who has seen an ELO late game knows why you get her first. End game her non-crit hits do 450 or more.
3. Vayne – Not only has range but also a high Dps, stealth, and knock back
4. Akali - She is one of those anti-carries worth focusing. Warwick can easily take her if build right so go after her with all u got
5. Shaco – He does massive damage, has a ranged attack, and can duplicate himself he must die.
6. Annie - Typical high priority AP caster. Her move that you really need to watch for is her Ult, it stuns and does an annoying amount of damage
7. Cassiopeia - Her damage is ridiculous. If you can get to her before her ult goes off you save a lot of damage from your team. I would suggest coming in from the side with a gank
8. Brand – He has a really high Dps as well, and he has no reliable escape.
9. Miss Fortune - Not as good as before, but still a ranged carry. Her move that you wanna try and prevent is her slow
10. Caitlyn – she isn’t to bad but her slow is what puts her up here. A slow team is a bad team
11. Orianna - Her utility can get annoying, but better if she blows it on you. A good first approach is to leap at her with your Ult and avoid it completely
12. Morgana - She is a counter to all AP carries. Very bad for Dps out put on your team and she has potential to stun.
13. Sona - One of the best AoE stun / Support champs in the game, and can keep her team alive just enough to kill your entire team. She needs to die. She can heal an entire team repetitively, but is very squishy.
14. Talon - In my opinion he is one of the most annoying assassins in game good damage/good abilities and he can gank and flee like a pro.
15. Fiddlesticks - I’m not a fan of Fiddles he is easy to use and is a pain in the nuts to kill but he is very squishy and has no reason to live.

High Priority
1. Twitch - Twitch isn’t very good he is just an annoyance. Kill him for the Xp and gold
2. Graves – Is kind of tanky mild Dps but can hit your entire team so he must die.
3. Anivia - The more you kill her, the harder time she has of getting ahead for the rest of the match. The problem is, if you focus her and her egg is up, you just gave her full health. So watch when u attack. (strategy attack her until she thinks she is going to die so she uses it then stop and come pack when its off)
4. Irelia- She does massive damage and attacks fast but she is squishy do kill her.
5. Pantheon - After his buff you just cannot ignore him anymore.
5. Teemo – Teemo can hit really hard but is easy to kill the reason y he is here is because of his blind.
6. Tristana - Tristana would be put in top but with her amazing escape skills she isn’t worth going after first
7. Corki - Same as Tristana.
8. Gragas - With AP Grag being popular, he can be a great target and once again he can hit the whole team. He must die
9. Veigar – is a mage masher and being a mage himself he has the range to take out your help before you get to him.
10. Ezreal - Hard as hell to catch, but squishy once you do. I found that is actually a lot easier to get to him with Frozen Mallet, so I moved him up. He is still a carry, and must be stopped.
11. Wukong - Only if he builds squishy. Otherwise just ignore him.
12. Rumble - Tanky dps, but still a caster and very annoying he must die.
13. Kennen - Kennen has a very effective stun that must be stopped.
14. Soraka – Warwicks mortal enemy come on I have to.
15. Katarina - Her ult is devastating, and her auto attacks hurt but if she is in ult stop it at all cost.
16. Xin Zhao - He has high dps and will most likely kill one of your team mates if un checked.
17. Lux - She gives the illusion that she's hard to catch, but once you do, she's an easy kill. Her CC is a major nuisance.
18. Gangplank - Has a very annoying Ult end game and can’t be aloued to get his full build
19. Nocturne- if he isnt tanky, then he is a higher priority. If he is tanky, then he is a lower priority. Typical Anti-carry.

Low Priority
1. Urgot - If he was actually good past mid game, I would say maybe. It’s more of a last resort kind of targeting.
2. Riven - Suddenly she has become Lee Sin 2.0... Only arguably stronger. Still can't handle her. She is too mobile and too strong for Warwick if your Ult is on cool down.
3. Warwick - not a huge priority but watch his Ult it can really mess up your team structure and movement but can be disruptive.(if he does ult swarm him)
4. Kayle – the only thing you need to watch for with Kayle is her stun.
5. Evelynn - she is bad right now but let’s waits and replace her after her remake.
6. Heimerdinger - He should die, but he’s not your problem. He does damage whether he is disabled or not.
7. Skarner - the only thing that Skarner has for him is his drag but I usually target him first if there are no high or top priority around because I don’t like him.
8. Lee Sin – Is pretty tanky but has no escape plan.
9. Janna - I wish I could say something but she kind of sucks.
10. Trundle – one of those characters u kill for the XP
11. Kassadin – he is very fast and hard to catch if he runs do not chase you won’t catch him.
12. Karthus - He’s a huge pain, but he keeps on chuggin’ even after you kill him, which is almost more dangerous because he has nothing to be afraid of.
13. Nidalee – She isn’t as big of a pain in panther form but the one thing u need to pay attention to is her range so watch for spears.
14. Swain – He is only on the list because of his health regen.
15. Sion – He is only on here because of his stun.
16. Maokai - Lots of utility, but he is generally tanky.
17. Shyvana – kind of tanky but extremely weak against stuns.
18. Udyr - He's a serious pain for your team, but all junglers are a health hazard just keep an eye on him and track his path and you will be good.