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Build Guide by NinjAChurch

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NinjAChurch

NinjAChurch's Kassadin AP Build

NinjAChurch Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

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Defense: 1

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 8

Before I begin, please watch a few videos of me demonstrating just how DESTRUCTIVE Kassadin can be.
(unknown embed type)(A montage of Kassadin) (8:19) (Penta Kill) (0:47) (My Kassadin Video Guide) (9:41)

There are many approaches to play Kassadin, but my approach is a bit.. audacious, it is bold, and takes flexibility to master.

The reason why my build is bold, is because 2 core items are Mejais, and Leviathon. Double stacking is considered LOW ELO to some, and to others it is just a risk they're not willing to take.

Yes, I have failed in games to reach 20,20 stacks, but in order to avoid a total catastrophe, you need to know when to ditch the 20,20 stacks and move on to other power items. Which is why you need to be flexible.

There are some rules to remember before I begin explaining my build.

Rule #1:
Never KS. Or at least try not to, and I'm sure it's self-explanatory why you shouldn't do this. The reason why Kassadin has a reputation for being OP and a kser, due to his powerful burst damage. That also means if an enemy is below 500 hp, it's almost a guaranteed kill, however if that kill does NOT belong to you, Let it be.
Don't brag! Ever! I've had plenty of games where I was 2 hitting the entire team but that doesn't mean you have to be a ******* and ruin a Good Game for others! Keep it professional, win your games, and if people recognize you, be humble, don't create infamy for yourself.
Perhaps the most important rule, Never give up! I've had one TOO many games where an ally throws in the towels 10 minutes into a game. I think you know what I'm talking about. But the important thing is to never give up, not on your team, or on yourself. I will teach you how to adapt to a bad early game. You may think that a person with 0-3 is feeding, or that a team score of 0-10 is GG, I don't. I've snatched VICTORY from the jaws of DEFEAT more than enough. If you don't believe me, take a look.

For the full screen image click here (I was playing Malzahar)

Part 1; Runes:
9x Mark of Insight: Totals 8.55 Magic Penetration.
As usual, Marks are usually the offensive runes in any build. A better choice versus CD runes or AP. If you chose AP runes the ap you get is too insignificant to make a difference in damage, since this is a AP build. CD runes are totally a NO, since Kassadin already has very low cooldowns, especially his ult which has one of the lowest cooldowns in the game. (Besides Kog'Maw's ult I think)

9x Seal of Insight: At level 18 the runes will give you 18.9 mana regen / 5 seconds.
If you chose the flat mana regen, you will get only a measly 3.69 mana regen / 5 seconds.
And at mid - end game, mana regen is what keeps you mobile and dangerous, so I'd stick with the by level ones.

9x Glyph of Knowledge: At level 18 you get a nice 230 mana. I like the leveled ones because at end game the more mana you have, the more versatile you are. I've had numerous situations where I am caught in need of mana to deal the final blow, or need another 100 mana to escape with riftwalk. It's just something that can be up to you.
The other option is the flat mana glyphs, which give about 101.25 mana right off the bat. This is for people who like an early game advantage, a extra 101.25 mana would allow for serious early game harassment, however at end game, I'd rather be stuck with an extra 230 mana, compared with 101.

Again, stay away from CD runes, AP runes if you're doing a AP build. 3 CD quints would only give you about 5% less. Your ult has about 5 second CD, 5% of 5 seconds is 0.25 seconds! Congrats, you reduced your ult by a fourth of a second. Don't use it.

2 Flat hp runes + 1 Magic Penetration
Or, 3 Flat hp runes.

I like the first option because it totals your total magic penetration to a nice 10, however you can still stick with Flat hp runes, 2 gives you 64 hp, 3 gives you 97.
I really don't suggest the hp by level quint because at early game, you're still considered a squishy, and by the time the quint actually gives you some noticeable hp, it's end game and you have a measly 146 hp.
Take the flat hp runes, and you have the edge early game.

Part 2; Masteries:

This is a offensive build, and there's plenty of it. You can change this part however you want, however I highly recommend getting the ignite mastery, and the heal mastery. The one I offer is very nice and compact, nothing is left out. I do wanna note that getting armor penetration is better than brute force. 6 armor penetration versus 3 attack damage.

Part 3; Summoner Skills
Heal + Ignite. Both are great for any situation.
I'll start off with heal, because people say it is the worst thing to get. Well let me tell you this, Kassadin is a burst/assassin type right? So more than likely you'll be doing tower dives, or jumping head first into situations to score kills. Don't you think those types of heroes need a "Safety" skill if things go bad? That's why you have heal, and yes, it has saved me a countless number of times. And don't tell me to avoid tower diving.

If a hero with less than 300 hp is standing next to a someone with a stun at a tower, are you going to let that person live? That's CRAZY! You have the opportunity to take a kill, with risks, I say take it. Risk taking is a part of the game, and if you want to be a carry, that's what you have to do. And it's not being stupid, you have a silence, a slow, a low CD flash, and if you have Heal + Ignite, the odds are on your side. (Watch my Kassadin guide video above at 4:50, and you'll know what I mean.)

Ignite, common sense, a skill that reduces healing and magic resistance, with an additional 10 AP when it's on cooldown. Perfect for any caster, even more perfect more Kassadin. If you dive for a kill, if that hero still has a moderate amount of health, drop an ignite and it pretty much renders any healing useless and your burst damage will have an even greater effect due to the dropped magic resist.

Skill Sequence:
In order to save time, I'm just going to save my explanation on "Build Situational" for the item builds. But here's the gist of it, if you just finished killing an enemy, and you leveled up, and you are out of mana. What are you going to get... nether blade, or forcepulse. Hmm... If you chose nether blade you chose correctly. Get what you need at your current situation, if you are about to go into a team fight, get nullsphere or force pulse, if you need mana immediately, get nether blade. It's quite simple.

Item Build:

If you want to dominate every game, you can't stick to with ONE BUILD, you need to have multiple builds if not, have a good sense of your opponents' weaknesses and COUNTER IT!
People always bug me "What is your build?" I can tell you the core items, and after that it's all situational.

Now the start off:
Meki Pendant + 2 potions of your choosing (I stick with 2 hp pots because I have no problem with mana Meki Pendent + runes)


#1. You're doing GREAT Early game, you have at least 1 kill and you're ready for your first trip back, what do you buy?

Splendid, you've got an edge, DON'T LOSE IT! If you can afford it, buy regular boots and a mejais, or if you CAN'T AFFORD BOTH, stick with finishing tear and getting Sorc boots.

#2. Average early game. Going back to base.
a. Do you find yourself in need of mana all the time? If so get tear
b. Are you just forced to wait at turret? Get sorc boots and fight back.

#3. You're doing worse than average.
Hold on, take a moment. And breathe. You're NOT FEEDING, you CAN TURN THIS AROUND!
DON'T DROP THE OPTION OF DOUBLE STACKING! Focus on getting more minion kills first, take a look at your enemies mid, "How far are you behind in levels?" Before you work on a build, it's more important you stay in your lane and catch up on levels and minion kills.
Once you feel secure with where you stand in the game, return to base, and think to yourself.

Why am I dying? Or having a hard time?

If you are being constantly harassed, you take Mercury's Treads.
If you are unable to deal enough damage. You get Sorc Boots.

Have I been clear on what Situational Build yet?

Early Game:
If you have are continuing to dominate, move onto the Leviathon and Mejais as soon as possible. The thing with an early "edge" is that it can come and go. What I mean by edge is that if you are unafraid of taking diving in to kills or being chasing, you probably aren't afraid of the enemy team, giving you the "edge." However once you start dying a series of times, you lose confidence, and your "edge" is gone. So while you are at the top of your game, take the stacks, these snowballs items is what really makes a hero "Legendary."

Middle Game:
This is the table turner, middle game decides a bad or good late game. (It does not by any means determine victory or defeat) Use judgment before buying an item.

Think, What do I need right now? HP? Damage? or Defense?
Example: If you are continuing to dominate, don't be so haste to invest in AP, look at the enemy team's build, are they investing in magic resist? If they are, you probably need extra magic penetration, so a void staff.

*Note: If you choose Zhonyas, you can easily overpower light magic defense with more AP damage. This only applies if they have LIGHT magic resist, going Zhonyas versus a Force of Nature probably won't work.*

Also never forget the uses of Rod of Ages. Rod of Ages can give you 5k hp, 4k mana, and 400 Ap, it's that scary.
When you should get it?

2 Situations:
#1 You are dealing heavy damage, however the enemy team chooses to target you first, it's to the point where they will hunt you down every time you respawn. You need RoA, no doubt. Hopefully you haven't heavily invested in AP damage, because you probably won't have a chance to give out a second burst unless you get HP.
*Note, if the enemy team is heavy casters, instead of AP, maybe you should go Force of Nature instead, or thornmail if it's a heavy DPS team. If it's a mixed, then you go for HP items*

#2 You are dying irrationally, and you don't give out any damage. Rod of Ages is a good mediator if you want Damage + HP/Mana. This is where you decide whether you want to keep your stacks, or drop it for Rod of Ages (they're not cheap.) You probably have to sell the stacks. They are just dead weight, and you need the hp + AP bonuses immediately because Rod of Ages increases in power by time.

End Game
There should always be thinking on what to buy next, whether it is to counter or to invest in more damage. Whatever you choose to buy, know that it actually has some impact. You can't get more AP if the other team has heavy magic resistance! You'd be a fool to get more HP if the other team dies flees from you at first sight.

There's no build that fits all situations, which is why you must ALWAYS ALWAYS build on your current situation!

Oh, and if you run out of things to build, get buy the 3 Elixirs and you'll glow white.

More to come: Edit 1/3/11

People consider this low ELO, well it's only low ELO if you make it extremely obvious and you watch from the baiter's point of view.(like in my videos) Heal is great skill, you can use it to fool your enemies.

Say you are facing another burst hero and they unleashed hell on you, but you survive with about 100 hp. Press tab and look at your enemy's summoner skills, does he have flash or ignite or ghost? Or a skill that allows him to "surprise you" for example,
Ashe can ult you, Warwick can ult you, or any hero can flash and try to stun or finish you off. Well that's why you play a mind game, you pretend to recall, and if you were correct on the flash or "surprise" pop a heal, drop an ignite on that hero, and the combined force of your turret + your damage should be enough to kill him.

Don't get overly cocky in games. More than likely as time progresses and you are doing very well, you will get more attention. Sure you can 2 hit a hero, but don't be surprised if you start becoming the main target of a group fight.

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Don't forget to comment! I'm not a pro, I'm just trying to help others.