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Twitch Build Guide by Atmey

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Atmey

No Lantern Jungle Twitch

Atmey Last updated on November 30, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Wriggle's Lantern can cut Twitch on offensive power, with the new jungle Twitch can easily jungle without it, provided you have the right runes.

This is a brief guide on how to do so.

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Pros / Cons


  • No more standing in lane staying hidden to leech exp.
  • Enemy will expect you less often, and harder to call missing.
  • Good jungle and lane sustain with an early Vampiric Scepter.
  • Flat AD is good early game, leading to better early ganks.


  • You need flat AD runes, might not be the most ideal for late game.
  • Weak against counter jungling, be careful of Lee and Shaco.
  • Ganking with low health.

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General jungling runes are not good enough for twitch to jungle. He needs flat Attack Damage runes and some Armor Penetration.

I find 14.3 Armor Penetration is good enough to jungle, so that means 5 APen reds and the rest is flat AD, 3 flat AD quints, 9 flat Armor yellows and 9 attack speed blues.

More damage = more lifesteal = longer sustain.

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Summoner's Resolve for 10G smite, get armor, tough skin and bladed armor.
Get 21 in offense, lifesteal is good.

I prefer 1 point in Havoc, but 10% Apen is not bad too.

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Skill Sequence

Two in stealth, one in slow.

Max expunge first

  • Max expunge for more damage early game, it falls of late game, sometimes it is better not to use it and keep auto attacking.

Max Stealth Second

  • Need two levels at least in stealth early game to pull up ganks, more attack speed is always welcome.

Max Debilitating Poison last

  • You wouldn't need more slow duration early game, you have exhaust and you should take them down fast.

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Start at red, get a pull if possible, but you still can do it without a pull.

Wait for 1:48 mark then hit stealth to maximize its attack speed bonus.
Prefer to smite first to get the bonus 6% damage from executioner.

Continue on your route: Golems, wraiths, wolves and repeat. Keep an eye for possible ganks.
Prefer to skip blue early game till you get more damage, and usually give it to someone who needs it more.

If you are high on mana or have blue, you can use expunge to take down monsters faster, just watch the stacks of poison they have. Late game auto attacks does more damage than expunge.

Utilize stealth attack speed when attempting greater jungle camps.

Once you get a pickaxe or a bf sword, jungling will be much easier.

Don't attempt to solo Dragon early game, make someone else tank it so you get your full attack speed. But you can solo it around level 12 with half of your build.

Jungle now provides less gold and exp, look for empty lanes to push them a bit for gold and exp.

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Counter Jungling

Twitch is too squishy, if you are caught with half health in the jungle you are probably dead. Keep an eye of who is missing.

Twitch can also counter jungle pretty good with his stealth. Make sure you have exhaust to have the upper hand in 1v1. Also keep an eye for the stealth duration, don't want to break stealth out of place.

You are not getting the Lantern so you can buy some wards, warding works wonders. placing wards does not break stealth.

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Start with Vampiric Scepter, build are the rest as usual AD carry twitch. you can build Vamparic to Bloodthirster, but I recommend to build other core items first.

Once you hit 920 gold, get your berserker's greaves, it is better than boots of mobility if you are jungling.

Now you have decent Attack Speed, you need some AD, you can pick up either a BF sword or a pickaxe depending on how much gold you have when you are in base.

Phantom Dancers are better built before IE to get more crit chance, I build black cleaver first because it is cheaper and I dislike getting out from base without being even slightly stronger.

Frozen Mallet is optional, you can get an offensive item instead, but it helps you to get one extra shot before you are focused.

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Team Work

Early game you are too squishy and might not have much health when trying to gank, either wait for your teammate to initiate or pop exhaust and take him out fast. Prefer to gank solo lanes as it is less risky.

If you did good early game, can 1v1 most champions with exhaust late game, catch those who are separated from the rest.

Pop your ult when the enemies are close to each other, it can slaughter 2 or 3 enemy champions ganging on a teammate.

Don't use the ult when ganking 1 opponent, as he will most likely run and cause it to miss, while normal attacks wouldn't miss.

I prefer to use the slow after one auto attack, to make sure he does not get out of my range.