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Senna Build Guide by 4090409

Support No Mythic Reverse Enchanter Senna Support

Support No Mythic Reverse Enchanter Senna Support

Updated on November 19, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author 4090409 Build Guide By 4090409 5 5 13,045 Views 2 Comments
5 5 13,045 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author 4090409 Senna Build Guide By 4090409 Updated on November 19, 2021
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Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Zombie Ward
Ingenious Hunter

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor
+6 Armor


Mandatory SS
LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

No Mythic Reverse Enchanter Senna Support

By 4090409
Short intro
Sup guys, Sennamoro de mí from LAS here, just got do Diamond 4 doing No Mythic Senna Support and wanted to share it with you all! - Just another one of the many differents to build Senna that you may enjoy :-)
Why this build?
First of all, let's talk about this build pros and cons.

✔ You won't tilt your adc by overshadowing them in damage by hurting their fragile SoloQ ego. Keeps at least 1 of your teammates mental OK.

✔ You will still deal lots of damage since you're Senna and getting lots of Souls and AD items, enough to be relevant - not to hardcarry by yourself.

MASSIVE vision denial, this build gets even better the higher the elo you climb, since people are more prone to warding. Overall vision correlates with higher elo!

✔ You'll help your team a lot with debuffs (Glacial Slow, Cleaver Armor Shred, Exec's Healing Reduction OR Runaan's AOE Slow+Shred), as long as you're not the only AD champion in your team, this build should always work.

❌ You're not the hardcarry. You won't top the damage chart unless you've utterly dominated the enemy botlane and roamed hard and ended the game relatively early (before everyone else and their mothers get to 3 full items)

❌ This build requires you to play lane phase quite aggresively (Taste of Blood and Glacial slow helps this), if you fail behind early and die a lot, you WILL suffer heavily from your mistakes.

❌ To expand from it's last point, lane phase aggression matters a lot since you want to get as much souls as possible to make best use of all the items you'll get from this build. You REALLY need to be careful to not have a **** early game, so it could take time to get used to it.

This build is purely product of me trying my best to support my team in a way that I personally found fun and interesting. I don't enjoy playing others support like I do with Senna. She's completely unique in this regard and build, and I recommend it a lot to check it out a few games out at least! But... that COULD give you an additional con:

❌ YOU WILL HATE PLAYING OTHER SUPPORTS if you spam this build. I can't put in enough words how ****ty vision control (placing and removing wards) as others supports feel after playing so. many. Senna. games.

But if you like OTPing Senna like I do, don't worry! Keep having fun :-)
No mythic? Seriously? Are you trolling?
Short answer: Yup, no mythic, you don't need it to succeed with this build. No, I'm not trolling.

Well, I've stopped playing League for quite some time after Mythics were introduced, because none felt like they could help how I played Senna. I got stuck arround Plat 3-4 after few games and quit there.

But I wanted to keep playing Senna, so I tried building Kraken after her base AS buff. It felt good, it was nice, but... something felt lacking that wasn't there anymore like last year.

About less than 12 days ago as of the time of writing this, I told myself: "**** it, I don't give a **** how good mythic items could be, none makes me feel good even in winning games, and I'm not enjoying them at all"

So I started doing the same build that got me to Diamond last year, except now that I buy WardStone third item since this item is a must buy, for good reason and it has some nice stats.

So... about mythics, why I don't like/buy them in case y'all wanted to know

Tank mythics: the only plausible would be Frostfire, but you already slow with glacial so it's not needed

Support mythics:

Senna isn't a dedicated healer, so Moonstone is a pass. Even if you can attack from long range to constantly proc the passive, you're not a dedicated healer, and the ap mostly goes to waste. There's other supports for that kind of thing.

No good/worthy/reliable way to use Mandate.

Shurelya's gives AP, and has a good effect, but most of your Q's will be aimed at enemies, and E already gives MS and MS has diminishing returns, so you'll never make full use of the item passive

Solari could be good but you're gonna be missing damage, and you're already shielding your team with your ultimate, no need to double dip, and same as Moonstone, there are other champions to be effective with those items!

ADC Mythics:

Shieldbow and Galeforce belong in the same category. You're not the main DPS, the survivabilty from both these items is negligible since you already can do enough for yourself (400 ms from swiftness, your W root and AA's slows, and worth mentioning unclickable from E)

Kraken slayer feels good with Senna, but you'll only be delaying your important core items, despite how good it could feel.

Bruiser and assassin mythics i'll just make it short: Never liked Sunderer at all and it never clicked with me, and assassin mythics feel like noobtraps IMO - and they're damage focused, which again it is NOT the point of this build.
Build Order
This build is 99% static nowadays, thanks for such a stupid high amount of healing everywhere Riot! Really loving it!

IMPORTANT INFO: ALWAYS. ALWAYS BUY 2 PINKS EVERYTIME YOU BACK (if enough gold to buy 2 of course, otherwise 1). You NEED the vision control no matter what, use them smartly, don't just buy them because and waste them! This will be a great habit that will translate nicely to playing any other role/champion, Vision wins games!
Don't recall if you can't buy at least 1 Pink Ward, you WILL neeed to have always a SINGLE slot dedicated to Pinks.


TLDR: Glaive -> Execs if healing, otherwise Black Cleaver -> finish Cleaver (if bought Execs) -> WardStone -> Finish Execs as Mortal Reminder, otherwise Runaan's.


Sickle -> Pots, Yellow Trinket.
Recall when you have enough for Serrated Dirk AND 1 Pink Ward (otherwise buy as much swords and get 2 Wards ALWAYS!!!)

Finish Glaive asap ALWAYS*, feel free to buy Red Trinket when you're 150 or less gold away from first upgrade of the Support Item. Since you've got Zombie wards, sweeping the river will leave it warded for you ;-)

* Except for Soraka. You're advised to get Execs before even Serrated Dirk in this lane, for obvious reasons. I specifically hate playing against Soraka not because it's a hard lane or anything like that, because it's the only ******* champion in this game that delays my main item by 800 gold, and that's a LOT earlygame.

I don't recommend rushing Execs against Yuumi since you've already got a stupid easy lane vs this **** champion since if they want their shield, you'll get a free soul and they'll end up damaged, be the cat or the poor adc that has to be with the cat.

And if they don't get their passive shield, they'll be OoM soon from your obscene poke. GG EZ

After finishing Glaive, the choice is yours. Get exec if they have healing sources (check enemy's runes for conquerors!). This is a case by case basis, you should be knowing which champs get healing items, which have innate healing and so on. I'm not going to list 50+ champions here lol.

If you don't have to deal with buying exec asap, congrats! Treat yourself and your team with an epic Black Cleaver. You'll amplify your own and your team's damage this way, and it only gets better with more AD teammates!

If you're the only AD champion though, don't buy it. But ... how often do you play games where you're the ONLY AD in the team? This build isn't based on that scenario, so feel free to try building ADC oriented items in that case. Just have the Glaive and Wardstone, the other 2 items will be your call (Runaan's still good so probs you'll have only 1 item decision to make)

After you've finished Glaive, Cleaver and perhaps maybe have an Executioners Calling in your inventory, BUY the WardStone. You're going to probably be level 12 or 13 already when you've finished building it, and being able to have 3 Pinks is handy af.

Then it's simple from there. When you finish Wardstone, you're gonna have a single slot left, which you'll fill with a Runaans if you didn't have to buy execs, otherwise upgrade Exec's to Mortal Reminder. This item stat's outweigh the benefit of Chempunk Chainsword, and most of the time vs healing champions you'll have to AA 3 times before they get go below 50% HP, thus making the healing reduction choice of item heavily favoring Mortal Reminder

(The following is something I've discussed but haven't personally tested so I can't fully recommend it)
I've been told to replace Runaans in this build with Serpent's Fang if the enemy has a lot of shielding, which honestly seems a good idea in paper, but since I've never thought of building it and Runaan's aoe shred+slow is too good IMO (vs no healing ofc) it's up to you to check it out and try ingame.

Here's a handy Item Set string for you to export and easily have available ingame, and how it looks like.
{"title":"No Mythic Senna Build 904","associatedMaps":[11],"associatedChampions":[235],"blocks":[{"items":[{"id":"3862","count":1},{"id":"2003","count":2},{"id":"3340","count":1},{"id":"3364","count":1},{"id":"3009","count":1},{"id":"2055","count":2},{"id":"2055","count":2},{"id":"2055","count":2},{"id":"2055","count":2},{"id":"2055","count":2},{"id":"2138","count":1},{"id":"2140","count":1}],"type":"Starter Pack"},{"items":[{"id":"1036","count":1},{"id":"1028","count":1},{"id":"1018","count":1},{"id":"1042","count":1}],"type":"Components"},{"items":[{"id":"3134","count":1},{"id":"3123","count":1},{"id":"3067","count":1},{"id":"3133","count":1},{"id":"3086","count":1}],"type":"PreBuilt"},{"items":[{"id":"3179","count":1},{"id":"3071","count":1},{"id":"4638","count":1},{"id":"3033","count":1},{"id":"3085","count":1}],"type":"Full Items"}]}
The only thing swappable from the runes are the 2nd and 3rd rows, the ones that have armor and mr in them.

2x armor vs heavy ad comp, 1x armor 1x mr if they have strong magic poke/damage in lane, 2x mr if the enemy team somehow has like, 80% magic damage (no AD champion in their team)
Some Gameplay & Tips
This section is about scattered general gameplay tips for this build FYI.

Your best ally in the game, at least for the lanephase, are your own minions, they're excellent dance partners and they expect you to dance well enough with them.

This may sound like some weird joke, but I'm serious. You need to be aggressive early, and minions are basically your personal WindWalls for this. Learn how to get souls by dancing between/behind your minions to avoid dangerous skillshots - it's an invaluable skill to have in this build, since the more souls you end up having after lanephase, the easier the rest of the game will be!

Senna's E is an EXCELLENT deterrent for enemy trades and skirmishes. They NEED to put a pink down ASAP or get super close to you (or your affected allies). Master it's use, and you'll avoid dying lots of times, and your adc too probably if they know to not use any abilty or autoattack while running away as wraith 🤦‍♂️

Running away from enemies? E. Doing a skirmish and need the enemy to not be able to click you while kiting/positioning? E. Some champs have point and click gapclosers, and Senna's E is a HUGE **** your point-and-click abilities. You'll have enemies trying to get in harms way to get to you or allies, so really be careful when using it! It has a long *** cooldown for a reason.

Being able to Ward-Q is a great skill to have, in the case of a 100 hp enemy thinking they can escape from your long *** range Q. Hah!

As for synergies, which I didn't detail above, it would be too long to write about every single champ.

I'll keep it short, as long as you don't have an enchanter laning with you and there are 1 or 2 (pref 2) other ad champs in the team, anything goes good with Senna. We're talking about SoloQ here anyways, not some coordinated complex thing like Clash or Master/GM/Challenger.

As for enemies, all engage supps are skill matchups except for leona, that champ doesn't require skill to win vs you since it ***** all over your early gameplan. So yeah, ban her.

You can deal with most ADCs without problems, except Cait and sometimes Ashe. Cait cause she outranges you (rip -5 range every 20 souls) and will make you have a hard time getting those precious early game souls. Ashe is in the same category but she also can poke you down with W if you want to trade her, and the kill pressure at 6 is real if you don't react quickly with an E vs it.

Another worthy mention is Jhin, he can deal lots of damage to you early game, so be extra careful with him.

Poke/ap supports are skill matchups mostly except those detailed above for their specific reasons.

**** TRISTANA. Unless that champ gets some kneecap nerf, it WILL make you a living hell since you can't do jack **** vs that **** *** jump Q bomb and die that she can do early game. Not even an E can save you vs this bull****, since her combo has less cooldown, and can easily jump inside your shadow to **** you up
Your contribution to your team
With this build, you're the: vision controller (completely denying enemy vision, and lighting up your map like a christmas tree in reward), damage amplifier (armor shred equals amplifying your own and team's damage), general annoyance & debuffer (Glacial's slow, W AoE long range snare, E's entire skill and the healing reducer) AND a global threat thanks to your awesome global ult.

You will rush Glaive, and comboed with Zombie Ward, you're gonna constantly be denying the enemy vision, and granting a lot of free vision for your team. This is the build's main core and purpose, and it's up to you to exploit this as much possible.

PROTIP: Use Red Trinket + E when going in any unwarded territory to be as safe as possible while checking for threats. There is a HUGE difference between going to unwarded territory while using and not using E. (Hint: it's because of being unclickable! - And also because you'll easily find enemy Pink Wards.

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