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Nocturne Build Guide by honeynut

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author honeynut

Nocturne -50 Shades of Gray. (AD Jungler)

honeynut Last updated on September 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, Im HONEYNUT, And welcome to my Nocturne Build/Guide. This is my first Guide, so please excuse any screw ups on my part. Keep in mind this is NOT a FULL guide, But a great for players looking for what build they should use for Nocturne. And new players looking for an easy to read , Short guide.
Please keep in mind, this IS for the "TL/DR" People. Mainly geared towards new players looking to play a successful Nocturne.
Also, i'm assuming that you have BASIC knowledge of Nocturne's Abilities & On how the game actually works.
Please, Enjoy.

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Terms used in this guide

CC: Crowd Control
DEFINITION: Using abilities such as Unspeakable Horror , to shut down high priority targets in team fights. And "CC" Abilities are often required to effectively *gank* an enemy.
TL/DR: Too Long Didnt Read.
DEFINITION: A guide is too long, and did not read.
GANK: Gank.
DEFINITION: To strategically sneak up on an enemy, either in Mid Top or Bot lane . And either get yourself a kill or your team mates a kill.
FOCUSED: Focused.
DEFINITION: When a someone gets singled out, and taken down. Often times , this target is high priority . Such as an AD carry. Such as Teemo. Or a target that is *Snowballing*
SNOWBALLING: Snowballing.
DEFINITION: Using items that , upon killing an enemy gives you stacks. Thus giving you a bonus per kill/assist. Example: The Bloodthirster
THUS, Making you a *High Priority Target*.

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+Fast/Sustain In jungle and lane
+One of the best duelest
+Great farmer/Pusher
+Great Ganker
+His abilities are both offensive & defensive.
+Is good at all stages of the game
+High damage

-Gets focused
-Not a full tank
-Not a lot of CC
- Paranoia Has short range at level 6.
-Quite squishy early on.

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Who is Nocturne and what does he do?

Nocturne, Is a jungler. He's a Melee DPS Assassin. His strong points are dueling, jungling (obviously), sustain in jungle and in lane (Thanks to Umbra Blades), And singling out his target and killing them quickly.

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Umbra Blades : This is Nocturne's passive ability, which helps him to be very sustainable in the jungle. Since it scales with AD, it is useful all game long and is equally effective at farming groups of minions, healing up in the jungle or lane, and doing heavy AoE damage in team fights.


This ability has a variety of purposes. The initial damage from the skillshot makes it effective at farming creeps and harrassing champions. The move speed allows a Nocturne with blue buff to get around quickly, and can be used as an escape mechanism. Duskbringer also gives Nocturne increased attack damage while he's on the trail, so it's great for jungling and dueling. Last, but not least, this ability creates a trail behind champions, allowing you to chase in for the kill with ease.

Much like Sivir's Spell Shield, this ability blocks one offensive spell if cast shortly before Nocturne is hit. Use it to reduce damage taken by enemy casters, block pokes like Nidalee's Javelin Toss / Takedown, survive delayed spells like Ace in the Hole and Requiem, and shake off any crowd control spells that come your way. It is important to remember that this ability gives bonus attack speed as well, doubling after a spell is blocked. Also, if you block a spell, you get to hear Nocturne's evil laugh, which makes it all the more satisfying.

This is the only one of Nocturne's abilities that deals magic damage. While it does scale well with AP, it's not worth building any on Nocturne for just this skill. In addition to the small amount of damage it provides, the main use for this skill is to fear your target when ganking. It is Nocturne's only hard CC, so remember to use it to prevent your target from escaping or fighting back. You can also use this ability defensively if you are being chased, just make sure you stay close enough for the fear to take effect.

Nocturne's ultimate, like many champions, is what really defines him. When your enemies hear Nocturne whisper "DARKNESSSSS!" they'll be running to the nearest tower. Use the global vision debuff to surprise enemy champions and prevent them from coordinating. The long range dash afterwards is great for initiating, ganking, chasing, and just plain scaring the hell out of people. Make sure to check the range on this ability before activating it by resting your cursor over the button. Also note that this ability does not provide vision of enemy champions like Destiny, so make sure your target is in sight range.

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Wriggle's Lantern is the staple of many junglers, offering all the stats a jungler needs along with a nice passive from Madred's Razors. The lifesteal should be sufficient to sustain you throughout the game. Make good use of its active ward as well!

Mercury's Treads are some of the strongest boots in the game. They'll help you against early magic damage and most forms of CC. They can easily save your life or net you a kill, especially if you're up against long CCs like Dark Binding or Cryptic Gaze. If you don't need these boots, swap them out for a situational alternative.

[Wit's End]] provides a nice attack speed bonus and some on-hit damage as well as a stacking MR value on each autoattack up to four times. Getting it early will give you a great mix of MR and DPS that's useful for both ganking and clearing your jungle.

Randuin's Omen has a variety of strong stats which make it suitable for any tanky melee. Its mix of health and armor as well as its passive and active make it arguably the best counter item for physical autoattackers. An early Heart of Gold is also a great way to generate some gold while increasing your survivability.

Frozen Mallet (after an early Phage) offers a great mix of health and damage to boost your survivability and ganking power. The high amount of health will make the resistances you build more effective and decrease your susceptibility to burst damage. The passive on-hit slow will make it so no one will escape you once you're in range.

The Bloodthirster: This item provides a huge amount of raw damage and unmatched lifesteal. It is one of the strongest offensive options available to you and synergizes with Nocturne's kit quite well. Once your survivability items are complete, you can use the AD and lifesteal to remain a damage threat to the enemy team and sustain through fights more easily.

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A self explanatory map . Make sure to buy a couple wards when you go B after clearing your jungle rout. If you have extra gold, try to get a Vision Ward , so you can see enemy wards. If the enemy has a jungler, then make sure to ward their exit points to help your teams prepare for ganks.

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Jungling Routs

Blue Buff Rout.
Either start at Wolves , then use 1 of your Health Potion's. Have a team mate leash blue, then transition over to Wraiths. After Wraiths, use another potion and move over to Golems. After Golems use another Potion. Then you have 2 options, Go b and buy a Wriggle's Lantern OR get Red Buff. Then go b, and set up a gank. Make sure to ping your target, to make sure your teamates know.
This rout is good for early sustain in the jungle. And the safest. You're going to be less susceptible to counter jungling because you're going to have more mana all the time.

Red Buff Rout
Start at Wraiths, then move over to Red Buff Have a team mate leash.
Then go to Golems and then to Wolves. Then either go B or Get Blue.
This is the best rout, if you're looking for early ganks. But you're more susceptible to Counter Jungling.

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Results/Hall of fame

Alkaria (AKA ME):

( 1st: 17/3/13
2nd: 18/3/11 )

PM me your results with this build. And i will put them here.

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Closing Statements

Thank you for reading my guide! this is my first guide, so please no hate. An friendly advice you have, leave a comment or PM me . Thank you again, put a lot of hard work into this .

Thank you again! Leave comments please.


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9/3/12 1:37 A.M: Added Chapter: Results/Hall of fame.
Added Chapter: Changelog.