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Nocturne Build Guide by Valison

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Valison

Nocturne is a JUNGLER!

Valison Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Utility: 9

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Lets begin...

Before you hate or anything plz try out the build.
I hope all of You will rate it, I will read your comments and improve.
is a great and fun to play champ. When i first played him I was amazed
with his power. So I made this build. And i want to pass the fun to YOU!

PS: sry for my broken english. Im from Slovenia.

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Hes a great jungler.
He has a great passive
Hes a good ganker.
Duckbringer has a great buff.
With the right amount of skill hes very fun to play and good at the same time.
Awesome ulti.
Can be focused down.
Dies in jungle if not careful.
Not good against tanks.

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And my Favourite:

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Runes, Masteries

I like to be defensive with runes. Its safe for Jungling. You get all the Utility from masteries. The best defense is the best offense they say. Optional runes are also mana regeneration sealsGreater Seal of Replenishment, and CDR glyphs . But I reccomend the original two.

Mastery trees can also be 21-9-0 or 9-0-21.

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Lets make things Clear...

is not an OP. Many say he is but he realy isn't. Hes not a brainless douche running around and killing people (like ).
He requires a lot of skill and patience to master. These are the few rules about nocturne:
Use only when neccesary. It's too good of a spell to waste.
Jungle Carefuly. (did i mention? This is a Jungle Build) I will explain later.
Keep in mind that he's a Squishy Champ and hes not the one to Engage.
Oh, and don't be a f*****inf douche to your team. Help them when requested. You're a great Ganker! Use that!

That's about it. Now that we know what to do and what not to do lets move on.

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Out of the jungle, minions are you first thing on the to-kill-list. You need to get farmed. Otherwise you will be behind with everything. And that usualy sucks. So try to get those minions while you solo partner is missing on lane. It's kind of a big deal.

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Jungle path! (VERY IMPORTANT)

If you are a skilled jungler you can blue buff at level 1. BUT! I do not recommend it. Nocturne is a good jungler but he can easily die to Blue buff at level one. Be smart!
Take that armor cloth. You will need it. you can take vampiric scepter but you will be in more of a dangerous position with it. 10 armor is a huge amount of survivability in the begining. And it always helps. ALWAYS!

Start off with Wolves. Just kill them ffs.

Go across the Lane and kill Ghouls. Use smite on that big ******ed one and kill the others.
Refill your hp with pots.

Go kill golems. Wait for your smite though, its very useful at this point.
Recall and buy and .

Move on to Blue Buff. Smite him down and refill your life with pots again.

Wolves and Ghouls should be up again. KILL THEM!

Now that your smite is Up again and you have your 2 pots, you are ready to kill the red buff.
If you succes you should be somewhere beetween lvl 5 and 6.

Go kill those golems so you get your Ultimate !

Now you gank! It Should run smoothly. Stay on your lane till lvl 9.

Recall and buy and

Go kill dragon and get that gold for your team.

Gank again.

Now we are in mid-game. Jungling becomes very important. Buy a for that extra survivability.
Do Blue and Red buff as many times as possible and keep lvling up your a**!
This should help!You should have tons of damage with , . Youre a nightmare to all the enemies (except if you suck and you fed them).

Its time for Desert! LATEGAME!

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Lategaming with the Nightmare

You will get tons of kills if you hold back a bit and EXPLODE in the right moment ( if you know what I mean).
Youre ready for youre and If possible

Keep on getting fed!!

Lategame can be easy and hard for nocturne at the same time.

You can Be focused Down or you Can just pwn the S..tuff out of your enemy.

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Combos and Tips

The main combo is usualy -> -> but it is used for attacking someone in range.

For catching someone you should use if needed -> -> (because at this time, when the enemy will figure out that its being attacked it will try to disable you with a CC spell or so) -> (just to make sure you get that 300 gold).

This isn't bad either -> -> (it will do the job too) .

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You are an AD carry. So dont let those team-mates cofess you to go mid. WTF??
That happens :S where is the world going.
Its your job to lasthit kill and do that main dmg. REMEMBER you are not a tank or something.
You can though save your friends from dying with . As i said above, dont be a douche. Help your team. Thats the key of victory.

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For reading. and commenting, and rating, and all that stuff.

You rock guys and so does .
If you will play him correctly you will be a pretty ****ty annoying opponent and best of all,
you will enjoy it. *insert evil laugh*

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I will be updating this build weekly so feel free (again with the stuff) to add comments and ratings. Even criticism is welcome. Except for the trolls, you stay the f**k out of here.

:D Valison :D

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Time for some classics!

VOTE FOR PEDRO! no realy, vote.