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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hellian6667

Nocturne, Shadow Stalker

Hellian6667 Last updated on March 16, 2011
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First off nocturne is awesome but may be hard for some players to use. He is a fast moving hard hitting shade that can get taken out at the blink of an eye. at the start he is amazing for first ganks but this does not mean he is invincible. master the game play of this character and get all the built items and he will lead you to victory.

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Summoner Spells

There are few spells that i consider needed

Exhaust is a amazing item to use with Unspeakable Horror, use it at the right time and you can know out the enemy from fleeing for 3 seconds.

Clarity is a much needed spell. in the beginning this character is very mana hungry. you dont think about how much mana you are using until it is all gone.

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Boosts of Swiftness - Speed is essential to this characters success, having the boots of swiftness no only adds a huge chunk to your overall speed but boosts the buff of Duskbringer.

Manamune - This item is needed not only to supplement your mana pool but to also give you a decent boost of AD.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Increased attack speed and damage are needed in mid game for Nocturne and The Ghostblade is a cheap way of getting that power.

Starks Fervor - Not only will help you out but it buffs your team. the lifesteal on this item combined with your passive will refill your health.

Guinsus Rageblade - The first item and only item you should buy with AP on it. every hit increases your speed and your AP use it to boost your Unspeakable Horror.

The BLoodthirster - your final item, also the most expensive, gives you alot of lifesteal and damage.

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Skill Sequence/Strategy

Duskbringer - The First move you should select. not only does it negate unit collision but it does decent damage and is a great harassing move. Use the speed on this to rush up on a enemy and slay them. this move can also be used to help you escape death. throw it in front of you and burst through a bit of territory.

Shroud of Darkness - A helpful move that should be saved for that OH NO moment where you think your going to die. Do not use this top turret dive because it will not save you.

Unspeakable Horror - This is a great move, channel them for a few seconds and if they are still within your range they get feared allowing you to not only do alot of damage to them but also slice them up. pair this with exhaust and duskbringer and you will deal alot of damage.

Paranoia - The ultimate move in nocturne's arsenal. It is also the hardest move to use. TF players will have a easier time with this move than most but all you need is to act fast. Once you engage this ability it will block enemy sight and limit them to sight of their specific circle. but once engaged you have very little time to charge. keep your finger on the R Button because you basically need to double tap it and select your target. I recommend practicing his ULTI in a few bot matches first.

OK early game you need to harass the enemy champions like no tomorrow. the strategy is to constantly duskbringer and charge up the trail to get a hit or two in then go back down the trail.

Around level 11 you need to combine dusbringer with unspeakable horror and paranoia, here you need to use duskbringer, charge up the trail. exhaust then use unspeakable horror. when they are feared, run up and slice them up. now they are going to be running away. initiate Paranoia and charge them and if need be start the sequence all over again.

There has been talk by some that nocturne is a great jungler and a great mid lane character. i completely disagree, if you get someone like caitlyn in middle against you. you wont be able to hit them very much at all. High range characters may be squishy but are a very hard character to lane against. Jungling is hard as nocturne, the fact that he is super squishy hurts his ability to level fast in the jungle. i played against a jungling nocturne and not only leveled way faster than him but also got my gear way faster.

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Pros / Cons

-Savage damage off the start
-abilities work very well together
-Great assist character
-Range/Melee combo

-Super Squishy
-Big time Focus Fire character
-Incredibly hard to play

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Runes are something that is up for complete discussion on this character. i believe that the runes you should choose should be determined by how you use him. Some people may want to attack slower but hit harder, this may equal the same amount of damage done than a lesser AD with a faster speed. i believe that with the critical chance you have that a faster attack speed would be the best. so i have used the runes listed at the top of the page.

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Team work and battles

your role as nocturne in team battles is to come into the fray after the tanks and bruisers have engaged. if you start with the initiate you will die. the second the enemy team see's that ghostlike form of yours, your done. try to hid in a bush wait for teammates to engage then duskbringer as many as you can and Focus Fire the squishiest enemy you can find. Ezreal, Teemo, caitlyn, Twitch, and Evelynn should be your top priority characters. if your having trouble against any of those chars try to read up their builds and understand how they work.

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Going into the jungle to farm as Nocturne is not recommended, However at level 10 or 11 try to quickly grab the red and blue book. it will add to your damage and mana regeneration.

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Thanks for checking out my guy and let me know what you think. and criticisms would be great for this is the first build Ive put out on the net.