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League of Legends Build Guide Author tryAgain

Nocturne - The lane terror

tryAgain Last updated on May 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi guys!

Well, lot of people say that if someone go lane with Nocturne he is a big noob, because Nocturne is one of the best jungler. There's his passive, his ulti for gank. It's true that Nocturne is one of the best in jungle. Buuut. He is also good on lane!

In the early game you can hit a lot of damage. In the late game.... You are just unstoppable.

Read this guide, the build above is not everything!

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Summoner Spells

First of all. What are the recommended summoner spells?:


Exhaust: I very recommend this. In the early game and in the late game too. Its important in ganking too!
Ghost: Good for following players if you missed your Q, or the enemy used Q too. You never use this to escape, coz you dont fear anybody. Everybody Fear you!
Flash: Its good too, but i dont like it. Lot of CD.
Heal: Its good, for you and your team too. Its for supporting, if the team build is sh*t. Also good at the early game when you do first blood.
Teleport: Combining with your ulti, you can use it to go everywhere need on the map.
Ignite: Good good. Dont need to explain why.
Clarity: Its not very recommended, its not need for you. Just in early game, if you want stay on your lane, when you are out of mana. But it just a good support in late game for the others. Dont forget! You are a destroy machine, not a supporter.
Clairvoyance: Goood, for your ulti. If some1 ran out your vision just put the eye and catch the enemy!

Dont pick this!

Revive: No!
Smite: Why? This is not a jungle guide.
Fortify: You are not a support!!
Rally: .... Joke

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Early Game

Well. In the early game. Learn Q first, and its good if you or your lane mate, has exhaust. Just go in the bush, wait the enemy, exhaust it, use your Q on him, and KILL!!!

Use your passive between minions to heal up yourself.

If you can't push, stay under turret to no feed. When minions come, use your Q on them, fly out and use your passive, then fly back. This will make angry your enemies, and they will do mistakes soon. And than your time will come, to kill them all.

When you reach level 6. Go and gank mid, or other lane, but dont waste a lot of time, coz u will underleveld.

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How to use your ulti?

Okay. When you use your ulti, in 1v1, push your ulti, fly to the enemy, and put exhaust on him, than use your fear, than your Q, and dominate. While yu fly, put up your shield.

In team fight. Target the low hp or the paper. And put the exhaust on the most OP char at the enemy.

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Late game

Care about ganking. Stay with others. Follow the team fight start in the jungle, when your ulti is ready. You can easly kill any1.

Try to stay near minions, coz of your ultimate lifesteal. When you have low hp, hit some minions, and hit the enemy again, and again and again.

Dont't forget! In teamfights. TRIPLE KILL is the minimum!!!!!!!

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How build Nocturne!


Build depends on enemy team, and on your team.

If you havent tank, after first lifesteal item, buy a giants belt. You have to tank for yourself...

If you have a good team behind you, you can follow the original build.

If the enemy has, vladimir, or another lot hp but less magic resistance champ, you should buy, Madred's Bloodrazor, and forget one Bloodthirster.

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Some good tips.

Dont be crazy. You can kill lot of champion, but dont go in 1v4, or 1v3 for just 1 free frag!!!!

Nocturne is a slayer, but a paper. Care in team fights. If you have low hp, go in jungle and hit a creep fast, to restore your hp.

Do the same, and enjoy the game :)

GL & HF!

P.s.: Sry for the bad english.