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Nocturne Build Guide by berge

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author berge

Nocturne The speeding shadow of death

berge Last updated on January 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nocturn a life steal and attack speed lovers build

this is in fact my first ever build and i wanted to set up nocturn as an on and off junglers build. you will see that its all about having the speed to take down enemys and the life steal to survive through all the farming and fights you wil enounter

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jungling is going to be one of the most important things about this build

when you start off the match start off by laning it is important that you dont start jungling off the bat because without the life steal your dead meat

around wtv level that you are when you finaly get wringles lanturn thats when you have the thumbs up for jungling because of the the effects and passive of the item your jungling will be alot easier and will progressivly become faster

Blue Buff: blue buff is going to be one of the most inportant things about your match, all tho you may not need it all the time it is important to have. Once the regular laning is over and the mid team fights start you will despretly need blue buff because with the use of only a few abitlitys your mana will be depleted so never forget about blue buff and make sure you have control over both of them on the map

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the runes that were used in this build were meant to help boust the items bought and to help with the over all base of the build.
the quentesse were chosen mainly for inproving your chasing and speed across the battlefeild but they also help with the addition of ghost for getting away from sticky situations.
the marks of alarcity were meant to help get the maximum ammount of attackspeed which with the support of items and life steal help you rip your enemys apart and heal yourself greatly at the same time.
the greater seals of might were meant to increase your overall dmg so that more health can be returned with your lifesteal
the glyphs were meant to increase you over all damedge output of your frequent critical stricks

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your masteries help you out in many different ways for example

with alarcity, sunder and wepond expertise you gain more armor penatration and also some nice extra attack speed
alot of the build will be offensive and the choices mad were important to increase overall champion 1v1 domination but also with things like vamparism and swiftness you get more surviveability

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the items are all exteramly based on attack speed, life steal and a little bit on mouvment speed and critical stricks.
the reason why wringles lanturn is rushed so fast is because of the life steal it gives and its wonderful passive which makes jungling a piece of cake.
boots were meant to that you can get around extreamly fast so you can go help your team or so you can travers the jungle quickly
starks fervor is meant for your life steal and because it also supports the rest of your team in team fights
bloodtheirster is all about its damedge boust
nashors tooth and phantom dancers are all about the attackspeed

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Skill sequence

unspeackable horror is meant because of its biutifal fear which helps get that first blood which will be the begining of your fed power leveling
then theres duskbringer which will be your nuke and needs to be maxed first for chasing and damedging ranged or low health enemys and because it has amazing harrasment
horror is the seconde thing you max because it is a very powerful dot and the lowerr the cooldown is on your fear the better it is for your jungling and ganking
your ult shoulb be upgreated whenever possible because of its shear power and it makes for the ultimate ganking against squishy champions
shrowd is also helpful but maxed last because it gives you the extra attack speed late game and becuase if used properly will be the end of all things

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Sommoner spells

exaust and ghost are your best friends for chasing and escaping enemys
exaust is the one abiblity the essentialy leaves your enemy dead in their tracks because with exaust dustbrinnger and horror your enemy is already dead

ghost is also very nice for chasing those ennoying kiters like sona and teemo and it is also very good when chasing enemys whily your exaust is on cooldown

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all in all this build was made for those people who like to be fast and love to be deadly. theres not much more to say either then i hope you guys enjoyed my build and please give me a good vote if you thought this was a good build (for a beginer or in general a good build)